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Muse – The Resistance (Album Review) September 24, 2009

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Album cover for Muse:  The Resistance

Album cover for Muse: The Resistance

This is a second review from a new guest poster BobOnPot.

Muse can’t decide who they are. That’s the conclusion I reached when I first gave the album The Resistance (2009) a listen. At different times, I thought I was listening to an array of different artists from Queen to Panic! at the Disco.

If you know about Muse, you would know they like trying new things musically, making each album sound different from the previous ones. Just compare the tracks from Black Holes to Showbiz, and you may realize their sound has clearly changed. If you really know Muse, you would know they like popping some shrooms and taking their listeners on interstellar journeys through time and space. Just look at the cover of the newest album.

Like many bands with enough artistic integrity to not ride out their entire fame on the same sound, Muse started out with harder, purer rock album (listen to tracks such as “Muscle Museum” or “Uno”) and moved to newer, more radio-friendly tracks which brought about their international fame (“Time is Running Out”). Unlike those many bands, the newly evolved Muse is actually able to go out of their element and create something good. In addition, they are willing to try less popular concepts.

Muse have created a modern-day rock opera concept album. Their influences by some old-timer bands can be heard in almost every track. Just the idea of a (successful) concept album has not really been heard of for a few decades. Each track has a different sound, but is held together by some commonalities. This album is political, not in the Rage Against the Machine, let’s burn Wall Street to the ground political, but more in the 1984, we’re being observed and brainwashed to be mindless zombies sense. In addition, as mentioned before, Muse are taking the listeners on a journey, with various different stops along the way.

The following is a review of each track individually.

1. Uprising

The song starts with a pretty catchy bass line and some kind of alien-like synth. sound.  The chorus, along with the mob chant towards the end, delivers a feeling of defiance and arouses the desire to start throwing rocks at riot police and march down to the capitol building. In my opinion, this song is the most Muse-like on the entire album. It picks up where Black Holes left off with “Knights of Cydonia,” with the message to stop letting others, be it the government or the popular kids or Big Brother, control our lives and stand up to the lies that are fed to us on a regular basis. Muse want their listeners to use their own intelligence to see the world for what it really is. This song seems to be critical towards the United States, in particular, and the Americans’ scarcity of intelligence and open-mindedness, and abundance of Prozac in their systems. With lines like “Flick the switch and open your third eye,” and “Rise up and take the power back, /it’s time that the fat cats had a heart attack,” their message is pretty clear: starting thinking for yourselves, and if you don’t like what you see, do something about it. Certainly, the song would have been a great addition to V for Vendetta’s soundtrack.

2. Resistance

The title track on the album also happens to be its strongest.  It begins with the ghoulish moaning of Bellamy, which creeps me out every time I think that that’s a living man making those sounds. It sounds almost exactly like in “Citizen Erased” right before the piano portion.  The song then breaks into a very catchy and melancholy piano bit. Technically, the band does not fully strut their stuff here. With no killer guitar or piano solos, the lyrics and vocals are what make this song so excellent, much like many songs out of other concept albums. Speaking of vocals, this song has one of the strongest, most emotionally charged choruses I have heard in recent memory. Following the mood of bold defiance in the previous track, this song kind of Mementos its way backwards in time to explain what brought about the outrage in Uprising.  The song begins eerily with an ambience of isolation and fear with words like, “Is your secret safe tonight? /And are we out of sight?” and “Will they find our hiding place? /Is this our last embrace? /Or will the walls start caving in?” but the chorus portrays a feeling of hope to correct said injustices. Listeners can feel hope, no matter how bleak the situation looks with lyrics like “If we live our lives in fear/ I’ll wait a thousand years/ Just to see you smile again.” Did I mention I really like this song, a lot?

3. Undisclosed Desires

The beginning of this song reminds me a bit of a Panic! at the Disco song, but quickly changes to something more familiar. This song is more romantic, which seemingly backtracks to explain the relationship between the subjects in the previous song. While this is another example of a song different from Muse’s regular stuff, overall, this song is very catchy and demonstrates Muse’s wide range of songwriting abilities.  My favorite lines are “You may be a sinner/ But your innocence is mine” showing their poetic ability through somewhat of an oxymoron.

4. United States of Eurasia

This song is one of the more unique songs the band has attempted. It reveals several classic rock-god bands’ obvious influence on Muse. The beginning is almost indistinguishable from Queen. It’s almost as if Freddy Mercury pulled a Tupac and is making songs from beyond the grave. Then it breaks into a very epic Middle-Eastern style orchestra that reminds me of a Led Zeppelin live version of “Kashmir”. The clincher for this song is Bellamy’s recital of Chopin’s Nocturne Opus 9, No.2 in E-flat towards the conclusion. The theme of the song has returned to defiance. The song demonstrates clear displeasure towards the United States (of America) and her perceived attempt to dominate the world, starting with Europe and Asia, specifically through the Iraq War. Lyrics like “And these wars, they can’t be won/ Does anyone know or care how they begun” give away their sentiments towards the current situation. The peaceful ending with Chopin ties in very well with the epic sounds of unrest in the rest of the song with the ironic effects of what sounds like jet planes followed by what I can imagine is an atomic bomb going off.

5. Guiding Light

This song somewhat deviates from the theme of the previous songs, going back to the more ambiguous but lovely sounds for which Muse is known.  Although not a standout track, there is a strong guitar solo that reminds me of something Slash would produce in a G’nR song.

6. Unnatural Selection

This track returns to the rest of the album as a riot song. There are parts of this song that reminds me a bit of songs from System of a Down’s Mesmerize. The guitar riff in the background is very powerful and energizing. Overall, the song would make an excellent part of a live performance. Having seen Muse live several times, I look forward to their next live performance of this song.

7. MK Ultra

This song is the closest thing to a filler song this album has. It doesn’t stand out but the guitar-work shows glimpses of old-school head-banging hard rock.

8. I Belong to You (Mon cœur s’ouvre à ta voix)

This features music from the original French opera. Like “Feeling Good”, Muse are able to take something from an older act and make it sound phenomenal. Not much else needs to be said except there is some French in there, which makes me mad. Criticize America then show some Frenchy love? Ridiculous.

9-11. Exogensis Symphony Parts 1-3

I’ve decided to combine the review for these three songs since they flow very well together as one piece. This symphony shows off Bellamy’s piano skills once again, as well as his androgynous eerie voice.  These songs are comparable to the purpose of Pink Floyd’s The Wall’s ending when all the dust and struggles have settled and the listener has been liberated. It is just an epic journey for the auditory sense. The final lyrics are a bit unsettling in that everything seems to be all well and done with, but the words, “Just let us start it over again/ And we’ll be good/ This time we’ll get it…/ We’ll get it right” seem to predict that we cannot learn from past mistakes and ending such turmoil still allows for such mistakes to occur again.

Muse are able to successfully incorporate over 40 years of rock music and I don’t know how many years of music if you include that French stuff into less than one hour of work. They are not Queen; they are not Zeppelin; but they do a good job. In this day and age of crap rock, Muse gives the future of rock music a glimmer of hope. I recommend you listen to the entire album in one sitting. Some substance enhancements would not be discouraged. Enjoy.


Male body types and thoughts on getting cut up like a beast September 23, 2009

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Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci

This is a post in progress…I’ll add and change stuff as I find out more.


So I’ve been working out lately, quite often…  almost everyday.  I used to work out a lot in college, but I’ve never been as ripped as I am now.

I’ve been reminded how important sleep is and food when you’re lifting and running.  I need about 8-9 hours of sleep to perform well, and I am CONSTANTLY hungry now.  I’m not bulking either, I’m just getting really cut and defined, eating just enough to feel full.  When I’m in dress shirts, I look slim.  When I throw on the tank top, I look like an animal.  Lol, it’s becoming a problem.

I’m not a tall person or a big person, so I can’t exactly go bench 315 or anything like that.  That’s more than twice my body weight.  I just gotta work with what I got without going wild on supplements and becoming a meathead.  As an Asian dude, I’m genetically a skinny person, an ectomorph with a few mesomorph characteristics.  Most Asians fall into the ectomorph category.  This is characterized by a lean, lightly muscled, low body fat, flat chested,  small shouldered body that takes longer than normal to gain additional muscle.  However, Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are mostly ectomorphs and look at how ripped Pitt was in “Fight Club” and Norton in “American History X”.  I am built in essentially the same way, and I think I can get shredded easier than most people because of my high metabolism and low body fat.

Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in "Fight Club"

Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in "Fight Club"

The only mesomorph traits I have are that I tan well, have defined cheekbones, and that my torso tapers to a relatively narrow and low waist.  People who are mesomorphs are Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone.  Endomorphs are people who are round, soft, and have trouble losing weight.  Examples are Jack Black and Roseanne.  People usually don’t fit exclusively into one category though, they will have traits from two or all three.

I’m no expert.  Go here to find out more.


My body used to be a rectangular shape


Currently, it’s an inverted triangle or inverted v shape.  This is the ideal shape for most men and women.


My shoulder, arm, and chest muscles are well developed.  My waist and hips are really narrow.  My lower body is not very built in comparison.

I’m trying to get it to a trapezoid shape.  This is known as the perfect male body shape.


The other body shapes are a triangle and oval shape which are shown below.  This is a typical shape of endomorphs, or fat people for lack of a better description.


Got these pictures from this website.  Click to find out more.


My mother saw me the other day in a tank top, and she wants me to stop working out.  She thinks jacked bodies are ugly and that people don’t naturally look like that.  Well duhhh, obviously.  What I did was I just shrugged at her and said, “I’m not even a big person.” as I was drinking my nutritional protein shake.  Lmao.  My sister came back from University of Delaware for a weekend, looked at me and said wow Chris, what happened?  What’s with your arms and shoulders?  I have no idea what people are talking about.  Maybe it’s because I’m getting more defined since I haven’t gained any weight at all.  I still weigh about the same as before when I didn’t work out.  Like I mentioned before, I don’t want to get bulky.  I’m trying to get ripped.  To do that, you can’t eat a lot of processed foods or stuff that’s obviously junk.  Eat your vegetables, fruits, and get quality protein in.

I’ll be taking this gym thing slow.  No overdoing anything.  The last thing I want to do is be some toolbag meathead or some guido look-a-like in a tank top all the time.  I’m not trying to be Mr. Olympia, so I don’t want to give off that image.  You’ve seen those guys.  They look manufactured.  Dumb tribal or chinese character tattoos, large chains around their necks, maybe they have glittery earrings, perfectly shaped hair, gallons of hair gel, never smile, 24/7 tank tops or shirtless all the time, and they walk around with lat syndrome or imaginary lat syndrome.  That’s when you pretend you have huge lats and you keep your arms far out to your sides.  It looks ridiculous when you don’t actually have lats.  For some reason, girls…I mean sluts are attracted to these douchebags.  I have no idea why.

I don’t want to hate on all guidos or meatheads.  Not all of you are bitches.  You only become that assbag when you have the tough guy attitude.  Unless you’re some pro MMA fighter or a hardcore boxer, don’t front that image.  It’s so fake it makes me want to vomit.  You’re not Brock Lesner.  Always be humble.


Muse: The Resistance is an awesome album September 20, 2009

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Album cover for Muse:  The Resistance

Muse: The Resistance

I was a bit late to notice the sweet new album release by Muse, so I didn’t listen to it until September 18th.  It was released on September 15th to much praise, fanfare, and of course…torrents.  I listened to this album a few times over the past couple days, and I think it’s amazing.

The last time Muse released an album was back in 2006, “Black Holes and Revelations” which contained a flurry of heavy, progressive rock.  “The Resistance” blends classical influences into their rock sound and seamlessly weaves this together into some truly symphonic music.  It’s part symphony, part rock opera, and part Queen which kept me listening from beginning to end.  I usually skip around albums because either I have no patience to wait, or there’s like one good song.  This British rock group finally goes in a cool direction after showing hints of what they were capable of in previous albums.

Lead singer Matt Bellamy is awesome.  There’s “Resistance”, which is one of the top songs on this album.  There’s “Unnatural Selection” which begins with an organ that goes into some sweet guitar work.  Finally, you have to listen to “United States of Eurasia (+ Collateral Damage)”, a song that borrows from a classic and reminds me of Queen.  It begins with a soft piano that builds into an emphatic chorus of voices and guitars.  It ends with Bellamy playing Frédéric Chopin’s “Nocturne in E Minor” which puts a nice touch on this epic song.

The best part and most ambitious part of the album are the last three songs.  “Exogenesis” is a three part space rock symphony played out with a full orchestra and Bellamy’s operatic voice.  The orchestral elements of the song are arranged by Matthew Bellamy.  He stated he wanted to do this himself as he “never wanted to collaborate with a string arranger as they may make it theirs.”

I was half awake when I first heard this song, and I imagined some stuff.  The term exogenesis is the technical name for panspermia, the hypothesis that life is seeded across the universe from other sources.

Sunset in space over the Pacific Ocean

Sunset in space over the Pacific Ocean - shot by NASA

However,  I thought about a space opera and a futuristic war/romance.   There’s some ordinary guy.  He’s on vacation aboard some huge space cruise ship, and he’s at a space opera.  He sees a woman that intrigues him.  They meet.  A romance starts (insert some montage here).  Cut to a ballroom scene where he’s dancing with her underneath a huge glass dome with the stars shining down.  Suddenly, some alien space pirate ship attacks the cruise ship…lmao…and attempts to hijack it.  He runs with the girl to the escape pods as explosions happen all around them, and people die left and right.  There’s a message that broadcasts over the PA that the captain is dead, run for your lives.

He comes to the realization that if he doesn’t stay behind and distract them, no one will escape alive.  He knows he’s the only one who can do this, so he asks her to trust him, and she does.  They both stay behind and run toward the command bridge.  They steer the ship in a different direction from where the escape pods are shooting.  After everyone leaves, they check to see if they can escape.  There’s a ship left.  Before they make their escape, they set the ship on a collision course with the attacking ship.

It ends with them in the escape pod looking back and watching as the ships collide in a spectacular explosion.  They look at each other and realize they are still alive and still together.  I was not on any drugs when I thought about this.  Damn, this would TOTALLY make an interesting music video.


Two nights at the Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas June 21, 2009

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This post is R rated for raunchy behavior.  Read at your own risk.

Originally, I was going to keep this post private and just share it among friends, but I’ve decided to let the world in on my review of the Spearmint Rhino at Las Vegas.  This is more like a racy erotica story rather than a typical blog review.  I tried to put this together as accurately and as best as I could from memory.  I’ve never written anything like this before, and I thought it was a good idea for a post.

Your jaw will drop, your eyes will widen, and you may get a little hot because of how detailed this is.  However, I think it’s really good.  Just read to the end and you’ll know what’s possible at the Spearmint Rhino.  My first experience at a gentlemen’s club completely blew away all my expectations. I am being absolutely honest about what happened.



Until recently, I’ve never been to a “gentlemen’s club”.  I just got back from a 4 night 5 day trip to Vegas.  What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas…but this is too good to not share.  This past Thursday 6/18 and Friday 6/19, some of my friends and I rolled into the Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club which is right off the Las Vegas strip.  I heard amazing reviews from Yelp, and professional reviews have called it one of the best clubs in Las Vegas.  I’ve been told that celebrities go there often and it’s one of the classiest strip clubs you’ll ever go to.  People from David Beckham and his wife to Howard Stern have been there recently.  In fact, I believe Howard Stern hired some girls at the Rhino for his Vegas show.  The Spearmint Rhino girls have also been featured briefly in the movie 21.  You’ll never know who you’ll see, whether it’s a pornstar, a model, a celebrity, or other captains of industry visiting this place.  After seeing some pictures and a few reviews, I was sold.

When I arrived with my buddies, there were two bouncers outside, one with a metal detector, and another big guy who checked my id.  Cover charge is $40 (raised from $30 but it includes a paid drink) but you can supposedly get in for free if you schedule a complimentary limo ride from the club.  We went there by cab so we all paid the cover.

Combined, I think my friends and I spent about $2400 at this strip club.  I spent about $800 not including cover and drinks which is ridiculous, but I was prepared to ball hard.  By ball hard, I mean by average civilian standards, not rich millionaire standards of dropping 10 G’s in one night.  Here is a detailed account of my experience.

Spearmint Rhino from the outside

Spearmint Rhino from the outside

1st Night at the Rhino

Spearmint Rhino entrance

Spearmint Rhino entrance

During the first night and my first time at the Rhino, I wasn’t sure what to expect as I walked in there, but I knew what I was looking for.  We all walked past a group of beautiful girls who were standing by the entrance, and we made a beeline to the cashier.  As I waited in line to exchange a $100 bill for five $20 bills, I spotted a stage with 3 poles and some girls dancing.  There were three other things I noticed:  it was really dark, there seemed to be tons of nooks and crannies in this place, and there were at least 100 strippers in this place, almost all of them 8’s or above in looks.  On my scale, an average girl is a 5, a good looking girl is a 6, a pretty girl is a 7, a hot girl is an 8, and so on.  You can probably imagine just how high end this club is in terms of the quality of women.  They don’t just let any woman who can strip to work at the Spearmint Rhino.

While I was in line, a stripper approached me, and I had only been in the club for about 15 seconds.  I summoned my willpower and said “thanks but I’m ok”.  She cocks her head and asks, “Are you shy?”  I say “No, I don’t want a dance right now.”  After getting the money, we walk down and up a ramp, turn left into a nice lounge area, and get our drinks.  On the way to the bar, there are about 20 women all unaccompanied just staring at us.  It’s pretty intimidating, but you just have to learn how to say no and avoid eye contact no matter how hot they are.  When we get to the bar, there’s like another 50 women, some with clients and others just chilling with drinks trying to make eye contact.  I order a Redbull Vodka, find a table, and sit down on the comfy chairs with my friends.

30 seconds later, a tall sexy brunette taps me on my shoulder.  I look up at her and get a little flustered as would anyone else and I’m thinking…wow just let me relax for a bit and take in the scene.  She asks me “hey babe how’s it going?”  I slide her a $20 and ask her to give my friend a lap dance.  He has no idea what’s going on.  I’m just sitting there laughing a little.  Looks like the fun is about to start.  Within seconds, her top comes off and she’s sliding up and down my friend.  I don’t remember if my other friends had strippers approach them during this because 15 seconds later, a beautiful slim blonde comes up to me.  “Hi my name is Lena”  I shake her hand and tell her my name.  Yeah I’m not passing on this one.  I give her $20 for a lap dance that’s over way too soon.

Spearmint Rhino has strippers that look like this

Spearmint Rhino has an army of pretty strippers

This is the VIP lounge.  $200 for 30 minutes.  $400 for an hour.

This is the VIP lounge. $200 for 30 minutes. $400 for an hour.

1st stripper

Lena asks me if I’d like to go some place quieter.  I have to agree.  She tells me, “I love the tie” and drags me to the VIP lounge.  I think for a few seconds about how much this will hurt my wallet…then I think ehh fuck it, my first stripper experience needs to be awesome.  The lounge has an intimate feeling with square sofa booths and a tables in the middle.  It’s $200 for 30 minutes and $400 for an hour, but there is a drink minimum, tips, and I think some charges if you pay with a card.  I begin with the 30 minute deal.  We sit down and she asks me to remove my wallet, phone, and other stuff to make it more comfortable.  She asks me playfully “You look young, are you old enough to be in here?”  She has a very soft girly voice.  I say “Yeah, guess my age.”  She guesses “24?”  I reply “No, I’m 23.”  I guess most of the guys who visit the Rhino are like 30 years old or in their 40s if I’m considered young.  You need to be 21+ to visit the Rhino.  I figured most of the audience would be younger but young 20 year olds are typically broke ass dudes.

Lena asks me where I’m from and what I’m doing here.  I tell her I’m from NJ, and I’m just on a trip with some friends.  She’s originally from Ohio.  We move over into the corner.  In the other corner, there’s some guy with tits covering his face, and I just see flesh everywhere.  Lena asks me if it’s my first time at the Spearmint Rhino.  I say “Yeah, I’ve never been here before.”  She perks up and says, “Ooo it’s your first time, so you’re like a Rhino virgin!”  I nod uneasily.  This girl was young, hot, and it was kind of making me uncomfortable if that makes any sense at all.  She smiles at me and says “Mmm, you’re soooo cute, can I keep you forever?”  What happens next is kind of a blur.  She began her dance and her top came off.  She had smaller natural breasts that looked amazing.  At first, I had no idea where I could touch or what I could do.  I remember asking to cup her breasts, and I touched her nipples which she said felt really sensitive.  She told me I could go anywhere but down there (which are the strip club rules).  She asked me if I like blondes or brunettes.  I said “blondes are nice”, and she replied “I like brunettes”.  I  slowly massaged her sensitive breasts while she writhed around.  Then I ran my fingers down her back while she grinded into me.  I noticed an intricate bird tattoo on her back right above her ass, and I asked her about it.  She asked me “Do you have any ink?”  I told her no.  She said “Only get it if you’re completely sure about it.”  Her ass was really really nice even though she was so slim.  It was really tight and soft, with smooth slightly tanned skin, and a nice curve to the sides.  She slotted it perfectly into my lap, and I thought wow…she has one of the tightest nicest bodies I’ve ever seen.  I wanted to ask how many times strippers moisturize a day because she smelled so good and was so soft.

She rubbed my arms a lot and said, “Your arms are so smooth, I love it.”  Yeah, so I naturally have hairless arms.  It must be a good thing though because they get a lot of attention.  Girls have said that I have great arms and that they feel nice.  Anyway, enough about me, back to the action.  Lena lifts up my shirt and licks her lips, “Mmm boxers?”  I nod.  She asks if I’m ticklish.  I lie and say no.  She moves her hands around my stomach and slides them up my chest.  I try not to laugh.  Then she comes up and wraps her arms around my neck while straddling me.  I kiss her cheek and whisper in her ear “You’re so cute Lena.”  She thanks me and kneels on the ground.  Suddenly, she puts her throat against my cock and starts humming which has a pleasant vibrating effect.  It is really ridiculous.  She plays with my tie a little, sits on my lap and pumps up and down, and mostly grinds into me while singing a little to the music.  A few minutes later, she cuddles up against me and asks “Mmm, I love cuddling, do you?”  I blurt out numbly “uh yeah…”.  She cocks her head at me and asks “Really?  Or are you just saying that?”  I say “no really, it’s nice”.   I let her rest against me, and I stroke her for a bit.  Before I know it, 30 minutes is up.  Fuck…  I sigh and buy another 30 minutes.  We take a little break and chat while sipping our drinks.  I ask her if she goes to the gym.  She says, “No, I do Yoga.  I was into sports when I was kid.  I was a runner, played basketball, was on a soccer team…”  She trails off…  I thought well…no wonder she’s so lithe and hot.

In round 2, Lena asks me if I need to adjust my pants and if my crotch is ok.  I’m wearing slim jeans and there’s not much you can do for adjustment so I lie and say I’m ok.  She sees my sunglasses and asks about them.  I tell her they’re aviators.  “Ray bans?”  “Yeah”  She asks me to put them on.  I slip them on and she grins “You look like a cop”.  She says “they’re not so good on me because I have a narrow face”.  She puts them on and I tell her they still look nice.  All of a sudden, the dancing starts up again.  During the second 30 minutes, Lena lets me remove her panties (she’s wearing two pairs) and underneath is a very skimpy black thong.  As the panties slide down her leg, she says “Oops my panties are stuck on my heel.”  I slide my hand down her leg and remove them.  Lena lifts up my shirt, removes my belt, and then she says seductively, “Mmm these can be dangerous”.  She makes a snapping whip sound with it and puts it to the side.  She pouts at me and says “I’ve been really naughty” and forces me to slap her ass and slide a finger up and down the side of her thong.  She tells me to rub her ass while she’s feeling me up.  “Hey, feel my ass and how soft it is!”  I give it a little squeeze and stroke it a bit.  Yep, super soft and toned.  I explore her body with my hands from her back to her shoulders to her breasts to her thong.  She slides her hand into her pussy and rubs it while rubbing my crotch with her other hand.  Lena gives me a little mischievous smirk and tells me, “I don’t let people remove these panties very often.”  I grin at her, and I plant a kiss on her shoulders and rub her back.

Near the middle of the routine, she grinds into me softly, while I thrust into her softly.  She eventually sandwiches her ass right on top of my hard-on and sort of squeezes until I almost felt like cumming through my jeans.  Oh man, she’s good.  I inch back a little because the feeling is just too much.  If it’s possible to have sex through clothing, then Lena accomplished it with flying rainbow colors.  Five out of five stars.  Two thumbs up.  1st place.  If you’re laughing right now, so am I.  It’s crazy.

After the dance is over, I sign the bill and tip her.  She gives me a hug and kiss on the cheek, I thank her, and then I’m on my way back to the main floor.  I meet up with my friends and they’re all getting lap dances.  The club is crazy by this point at about 1am.

Spearmint Rhino pole girl

Spearmint Rhino pole girl

I have to note now what I was wearing.  I had on a white double pocket shirt with rolled up sleeves, dark slim straight jeans, GUESS wingtips, and a nice black silk skinny tie.  I also had non-reflective Ray-Ban aviators to complete the cop/pilot look.  Yeah, I wore these sunglasses into the club at NIGHT like a gigantic douche, because I knew it would get attention and ‘wtf, who is this guy?’ reactions from people.

As I sit back down to finish my other drink that I left at the table, a Hispanic chick with an accent comes up to me.  She asks me how I’m doing and if I’d like a dance.  I say “no I’m fine for now”.  Then randomly, she talks about how she met a gay dude earlier, and she wondered why they bother coming here.  I say, “ehhh, he probably just wanted to avoid dances”.  She says a few more things and that it was nice meeting me and she moved on.  About 30 seconds later, two Asian strippers and a brunette tap my shoulder.  I say no because I want a break.  About another 30 seconds later, a gorgeous blonde with a nice smile and pretty eyes comes up on my right side.  She asks me how I’m doing and if I remember right, her name is Sierra?

2nd stripper

I have to say this stripper and I meshed really well.  She’s quite good at what she does.  Anyway, I introduce myself to Sierra and where I’m from.  She says “Oooo a Jersey boy”.  I tell her I used to work in the financial industry for a bank, but I’m trying to find entertainment/media work like for tv or movie production.  I give her $20 and she starts a lap dance.  She had pretty large tits, probably fake, but they were really well done.  I’ve never seen anything like these in my life.  She slides up on me and tells me “Wow, you’re hella warm”.  She plays with my tie a little and tells me that she loves it.  The dance is really nice and I end up going to the 3 songs for $100 – private lap dance room.  Sierra playfully drags me by my tie to the room.  I tell her I need to go to the bathroom and she says ok and waits for me.  I visit the bathroom where there’s a “paper towel guy” and an ATM right by it.  The women’s bathroom door is open and there are tons of strippers in the bathroom readying themselves.  I come out, meet back up with Sierra, and I walk into the private lap dance room which isn’t really completely private.  It’s just a room with a bunch of booths next to each other and you can kind of see what’s going on in the other booths.  She laughs and says “wow it got hella dark in this room.  Oh God… are they really playing country music in here?”

We sit down at a booth and I remove my wallet and other belongings just like before.  Sierra examines me for a few seconds and tells me “hmm you look hella young.”  She sure loves to use the word “hella”.  I ask her to guess my age.  She says “25?”  I laugh a little because 25 is not young to me.  I tell her I’m 23, and that I’m Asian so that when I’m 30 I’ll look 25.  She smiles and says yeah I have a little Asian in me and she tells me she’s a quarter Filipino and half German.  Well, she doesn’t look like she has much Asian in her at all.  Her eyes are kind of exotic but they are green/blue.  She guesses that I’m Japanese or maybe a little Filipino like her but nope…I tell her, “I’m Chinese”.  Sierra wrinkles her nose, “hmm really?”  I nod.  She tells me she’s 23 too, and that she generally doesn’t hang out with guys her age because they’re all assholes and immature.  She says, “but you’re nice, you don’t act like the guys I’ve met”.  I find out she lives in Las Vegas, NV.  “Yep, I’m one of those crazy ones that have lived here forever.  We chat about Cirque du Soleil shows, when she’s been to the east coast, and how awesome Florida is.  She says, “Yeah Florida is nice and I’d definitely be there instead of here but they don’t pay as much as they do here.”  Well…that’s no surprise haha.  She asks me if I’m ready and the dance begins.

She slides up on me and slowly removes her skimpy top.  She grabs my tie and tells me she has a tie fetish and loves it.  She tugs on it, laughs, and starts to act like a cowgirl hopping up and down.  This is going to be good.  Everything is a blur at this point, and I’m just enjoying myself.  I slide a finger from her neck, circle her breast and spiral inwards toward her nipple, and come back down to her belly button.  I think back to the first stripper…I point to her nipples and ask her “Are you sensitive there?”  She says “No, not really.  It feels really good.”  As she’s grinding into me facing forward, she tells me “You’re hella cute, I just want to take you back home with me.”  I thank her and tell her that she’s really cute too.  Pretty soon, the set is over and she asks me if I want to keep going.  Well obviously!

We take a break and she talks about how there’s an image of east coast people being rude and impatient.  I agree.  She tells me how nice I am and she asks me if I’m single.  I say yeah and she’s really surprised.  “Wow, that’s crazy that you don’t have a girlfriend.”  We chat a little more, she brings up sex and how she has yet to have sex with an Asian guy.  Uhhh..right…  Pretty soon, she starts her second set.

I try to be as sensual as I possibly can here for two reasons.  I am enjoying her immensely and Sierra clearly really enjoys the sensual touching.  As she moves on top of me this time, I take a chance to kiss her shoulder and her neck.  She goes “aww you’re so sweet” and kisses me on the face.  At this point, this dance starts to get really hot and sexual because I know she’ll allow me to really kiss and touch her.  She grabs my tie and yanks me towards her breasts.  I cup one and kiss her nipple and I kiss the top of the other one.  She grabs my hair and says “I love your hair, it’s nice and thick here.”  As she’s grinding in a circular pattern, I begin to kiss her at the V of her neck and I slide down and suck on a nipple.  I have to say she tasted amazing and smelled intoxicating.

Then she breathes hot air into my ear while fondling my hair and purring softly.  I’m moving my hands down her chest and around her belly button.  She leans her back against my chest and nuzzles her head right up against my right shoulder.  I slide her hair back a bit and kiss her on the side of her neck up to her ear and her cheek.  She says again “Mmm, you’re so sweet” and I sigh and tell her, “God, you’re so hot.”  She flips around and straddles me, I moan a little in her ear and she kisses me back on my ear, does a sexy purr, and bites it a little.  I kiss her on the mouth briefly before I start to work on her neck again.  I’m hugging her real tight and sliding my hands down her back.  At this point, we’re both hot and breathing heavily and we end up just resting a bit.  Before we know it, the set is over.  She says “I don’t know if that was the 3rd or 4th song, but I really like you so whatever, and I’m kind of high right now.”  I laugh and say ok (I’m pretty sure it was the 4th so I got a freebie).  In hindsight, I should have asked her for some weed for my friend.  She asks me if I want to take a break or keep going.  I’m okay with one more set because this is like one of the hottest dances ever.  She says, we’ll wait for the next song to start.  She lights up a cigarette and asks me if I want some.  I take a drag and give it back to her.  God this shit is hot.

When the next set of songs start, we resume our lap dancing.  This is crazy.  This stripper is passionate like no one else in the private room and this is my SECOND stripper ever.  We’re just ravishing each other like we can’t get enough.  Way too hot.  I kiss her starting at her ear all the way to her mouth.  She smiles, and says “oh God…everytime you do that…I just wanna…” and she trails off, growls and bites my ear, and kisses me on my neck.  I slide my hands around her breasts, push them together and kiss both of them at the same time.  She grabs them and shoves them into my nose.  I ask her how low I can go and she tells me “everything but the cookie jar.”  She knows the strict club rules, but I’m sure if the bouncer wasn’t looking in every now and then that I would have been able to give her some more action.  Anyway, I rub her thighs a bit while we press our noses against each other, and I’m just breathing in her scent.  I stroke her chin and kiss her on the nose.  She smiles affectionately and darts in for a kiss to my ear and mouth, and she runs her hands through my hair.  She says “You’re really cute and sweet and you’ll make a girl really happy one day.”   Lol, this girl is good.

The set ends and Sierra tells me that I can call her or get her on the pager instead of trying to find her in this big place.  She makes sure I have all my belongings and says “The couch almost swallowed your wallet.”  She asks me for a hug, and we walk out together.  I have the biggest smile on my face.  She hugs me again, I thank her, and I tell her I’m going to the bathroom.  I come back out and a blonde comes out of the bathroom.  She says “hey baby, wanna come with me?  I’ll rock your world!”  I decline even though she’s hot because I’ve already spent more than enough money for the night.

I’m walking back to where my friends are and damn!!!  I realize that I completely forgot to get Sierra’s number.  I wanted to see if she would come entertain me and my friends at the MGM Grand the next day.  Oh well, I didn’t bother to find her in the club since it was really crowded at this point.  Also, I wanted to stop spending money.  I get back to the table and my buddies say, “Wow where have you been, you disappeared for like 2 hours.”  Hahaha.  I decline a few other stripper advances as I sit down, and I wait for my friends to finish their dances.  We leave the club at like 2:30am with smiles on our faces and talk about it for the rest of the night into the next day.  Hell, we’re still talking about it even after we got back to the East coast.  Fun times.

2nd night at the Rhino

Spearmint Rhino main stage

Spearmint Rhino main stage

So on Friday night, I went back to the Spearmint Rhino with two friends.  As I stepped through the door, I noticed that it was 3 times more packed than yesterday.  There was barely room to walk and pretty much all the strippers were occupied.  Tons of guys were just standing around the pole area or by the bar looking completely lame.  Like 20 minutes pass and finally one of my friends is dragged away for an hour at the VIP lounge.  I walk around with my other buddy for a little bit and decide that if nothing happens, we’re just going to bounce in 30 minutes.

3rd stripper

Jana Jordan is a Rhino girl

Jana Jordan works for Spearmint Rhino too but she wasn't in Vegas.

About 10 minutes later, a young, pretty, tall girl with long blonde hair approaches me.  I hear a girl say “Hey…” directly behind me.  I look around at all the other guys just standing around.  Nope, she’s talking to me.  Nice!  She asks me about my drink and if I’m drunk.  It’s another Redbull Vodka, and I’m not at all drunk.  I smile at her and she checks me out for a bit then says, “hey… I think I like you.”  She tells me her name is Sayshelle (spelling?) like a spinoff of seashell.  I tell her that I can’t go with her anywhere until I get someone for my buddy.  I didn’t want to leave him standing around.  I thought oh well, there she goes.  Surprisingly, she didn’t move on to the other guys who were just standing around sipping their drinks waiting for strippers.  She says “ok, I’ll find a hot girl.  Blonde or brunette?”  I tell her it doesn’t matter.  About a minute passes, and she finds a brunette for him.  I suggest that we can start at the private room.  We walk over to the 3 songs for $100 – private lap dance room.  It’s extremely busy this night and there’s a line.

While we’re on line, Sayshelle asks me how old I am.  I ask her to guess and to keep in mind that I’m Asian so I might look younger than I am.  She says, “24?”  I say “Close, I’m 23.”  She says, “My next guess would have been 21, it’s hard to tell with Asians.”  I say, “Yeah, I’ll still look young and hot when I’m 30.”  She laughs and says “Well I’m 22, when’s your birthday?”  I tell her and she says “so you’re about 9 months older than me.”  My friend’s stripper behind us says something along the lines of “Mmm, I’m an oldie” but she doesn’t look too much older than us though.

Sayshelle tells me she’s from LA and a total valley girl.  I try not to roll my eyes because she does have a California girl accent.  It’s cute but also kind of annoying.  She mentions how she loves reality TV and that she likes trance music.  I ask her a question about trance, and I make some comments about Armin Van Buuren and DJ Tiesto.  She answers my questions correctly.  I ask her about how the club is on Saturday and she tells me that it’s actually not as busy and that some girls don’t bother showing up for work.  I find out she’s been working for about 2 weeks.  Nice, I got a newbie stripper.

The three song set starts and she starts to climb on me while I’m trying to get my wallet, phone, and other shit out of my pocket.  Haha, so eager.  She removes her top exposing some incredible looking breasts.  She starts to grind on me as I run my fingers down her neck around her breasts and to her belly button jewelry.  Going into the second song, I kiss her on the shoulder and she says “Aww” and laughs.  I slowly begin to kiss elsewhere to see if she would encourage it.  She does.  She moves her left breast in for a kiss and then her right breast in.  She tastes so good and smells like peaches.  I lean back and run my fingers up and down her body.  She seems to be really enjoying it at this point, just staring down at me and smiling.  I’m just enjoying her trim figure.  The set seems to be over way too fast.  She asks if I want to do another.  I say “ok one more would be nice”.

Going into the second set, she raises up on her toes, arches her back, and starts to bounce up and down on my cock which is now bulging up through my slim jeans.  I start to thrust upwards and lift up off the seat a few times.  LOL.  I have no idea if she wants me to do that but the dance is starting to get smoldering hot.  So, I stop after 30 seconds and she’s still slamming her pussy into my jeans.   She laughs, closes her eyes, and just has this sexy expression of lust.  Well now I know she really wants it.  She’s driving down as hard as she can until I could feel her pussy bone ramming my crotch.  We dry hump really hard for a little bit before I stop because it’s starting to hurt.  I interlock my fingers with her right hand and she hugs me really close and nuzzles my neck.  She moves my hand to her leg and I stroke her inner thigh for a bit.  I whisper in her ear, “You’re really really cute.”  She laughs and says “It takes one to know one!” and fondles the back of my head.

Now she’s just sliding back and forth on the bulge, and it looks like she really wants to jerk herself off on this.  She’s digging in and trying to push and mush our genitals as close as possible through clothes.  It kind of hurt, but I really can’t complain.  She turns around and leans her back on my chest, and puts her head against my shoulder.  She’s grinning at me so I stroke her chin, slowly kiss her neck multiple times, and play with the cross necklace that is draped between her breasts.  That kind of jewelry is super hot.  As I’m blowing hot and cold air into her ear, I’m drawing circles around her tits.  She closes her eyes going “mmmm” and leans in to kiss my ear.  By the end of the set, we’re both feeling hot and heavy, and I rub her body a bit more.  She giggles and asks me “Can I get a hug?  That’s always free.”  I give her a hug, a tip for being so good, and we walk out.  We smile at each other, wave goodbye, and I head to the bathroom.

After a quick piss, I join my friends who want to leave.  One of them had a lame experience because his stripper brushed his hands away when he tried to feel up her breasts.  I guess they didn’t connect too well?  The other had a really good time spending an hour at the VIP lounge.  He said there was ice involved…that’s cool haha.

We jump into a cab and I spend the last night in Vegas at the MGM Grand gambling in roulette.  The past two days were so MONEY, that I didn’t even realize how awesome it was until I got off the plane in Philadelphia and all the glitz and glamour were gone.

In Hindsight


Lena Nicole is a Rhino girl (not the same Lena I had)

Jana Jordan

Jana Jordan is a Rhino girl. Imagine if she gave lap dances.

Jana Jordan at a Spearmint Rhino booth at AVN 2008.

Jana Jordan at a Spearmint Rhino booth at AVN 2008.

It was pretty awesome that I managed to get three different amazing strippers who approached me and gave me an amazing set of dances.  They were young, able to speak to me like a normal human being, and they didn’t just try to hustle me for more and more money.

How do you know if a stripper is not just an emotionless shell trying to use you like an ATM?  How do you know if a stripper picks you because she likes you?  How do you know if a stripper thinks you’re a good patron?  Well shit I don’t really know, and I don’t really care but these questions may cross your mind briefly.  I guess if you had my experience, then you’ll know that the stripper probably likes you enough to open up a bit more.  Either that, or they’re really good actresses.

Ultimately, there’s really no point in reading too much into how strippers behave.  Keep in mind that you’re paying money for an experience and you should get what you pay for.  If you get anything extra and above and beyond what you expect, then good for you.  Make sure you look rich, or at least nice and approachable.  Sure they’ll try whatever it takes to make as much money as possible, but they’ll also stay away from drunken, shitty, ugly, or sleazy assbags when they can.  They will not hesitate to complain and get a bouncer to remove you if they don’t like you.  This is important to note on busy nights when there’s way too many guys available to handle.  If they come to you over a group of other guys, then there’s something about you that attracted their attention.  Just be happy about it and have fun.

When I used to think “strip club”, I thought about sad women who’ve made some very wrong choices in their life.  I thought about whether or not some of these women have morals.  I wondered what happened in their life to get them into this kind of job?  I thought about how they justify it by saying it’s a way to make a living, or that they got sucked into a world of stuntin’, or they do it to get themselves through schooling, or because they’re just nymphos.  I questioned the validity of the profession, and now I’m astonished at how much money these women can potentially make.  I thought it was a waste to just spend the rest of your life stripping and then spending that money on dumb shit.  I thought about the abusive and/or horrified fathers out there and whether they still love their daughter, or the crazy fathers who know but feel absolutely fine.  I wondered about the regular who goes week after week, night after night, lap dance after lap dance, hoping that the stripper he sees will take a genuine interest in him.

Well you know what?  Fuck all that.  My presumptuous attitude about these places is regrettable.  Don’t knock something till you’ve tried it, right?  The girls at the Spearmint Rhino just want to have fun and so should the guys that go there.  I can’t stress that enough.  Know that a gentleman’s club is way different from a strip club, and these classier joints seem to be springing up all around the country.  It’s your American duty to support these women who put on a fantastic show and prove that the female form is art.  Help change the world into a sexier place $20 at a time.

On a final note, if you don’t have at least $140 to spend, don’t bother going to this club.  Ideally, you should go in ballin’ or don’t go in at all.  To sum up the menu:  $20 for regular lap dances, $100 for private 3 song dances, $200 for 30 minutes in the VIP, $400 for an hour in the VIP.  Don’t forget about drink minimums and extra charges.  Use their limo service to avoid cover.  Women can’t really get into this club unless they work there, do some bribing, or have an entourage of guys.  In fact, I don’t think I saw any woman in this club that wasn’t a stripper.  My only regret is that I wanted to make it rain in the VIP, but sadly I didn’t have enough cash.

Occasionally I’ll let my mind wander back to those two nights and how surreal it was.

Just remember not to fall in love, remember that you’re paying for an experience, wear a sexy tie, and you’ll definitely have fun at the Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas.

Club rating – 9/10 – really dark spaces but seating is good, overall scene is good, staff is mostly polite, can get extremely crowded

Dancer rating – 10/10 – too many girls to count, a lot of variety, a lot of talent, a lot of beauty

Value rating – 8/10 – can get expensive, cover is a lot, but there’s even more expensive clubs out there that don’t provide the same experience



Barack Obama Demotivational Poster June 14, 2009

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LOL, this is the funniest political demotivational poster of Barack Obama that I’ve ever seen.  Yea… that’s his daughter hahaha.


Obama with daughter in a bumper car.

NOT PHOTOSHOPPED, that’s actually Obama!  These two links below confirm it.


Rising stars: Get to know AnnaSophia Robb – Part 2 of 3 June 10, 2009

Go here for Part 1 of this post -> Rising stars:  Get to know AnnaSophia Robb – Part 1 of 3



AnnaSophia Robb has starred in a few independent films that haven’t received much attention.  I’m going to comment mostly on Have Dreams, Will Travel and Sleepwalking.

There are movie spoilers below.

Have Dreams, Will Travel (2007)


Have Dreams, Will Travel was originally called West Texas Children’s Story.  It’s a bittersweet drama set in the 1960s starring Cayden Boyd and AnnaSophia Robb.  Cayden plays Ben Reynolds who narrates the story and begins by explaining his situation; a neglecting bisexual mother, and an indifferent father obsessed with cleaning his boat in the desert.  On a rainy night, there’s a car that crashes outside the family diner, and surprise surprise, the only survivor is Cassie Kensington played by AnnaSophia.  They take her in until she can get better so that she may live with her grandmother.  She decides to take matters into her own hands and tells Ben that there’s nothing here for her, and convinces Ben that there’s nothing here for him either.  They decide to just randomly take off to her aunt and uncle’s house in Baltimore, and a long road trip takes up almost 80% of the movie.  Along the way they sleep in a barn, get married at Cassie’s suggestion, are detained by the police, ride in a flower power hippie bus, and so on.  Yes, two 12 year old kids get married.


AnnaSophia Robb on set with her dog Bella

AnnaSophia Robb’s character in this movie  is certifiably insane and talks like no one you’ve ever heard before.  There’s this theme about how “everyone needs a plan” that she stresses throughout the entire length of the movie.  When Ben and Cassie arrive at her aunt’s house, she undergoes a mental breakdown and is admitted to a psychiatric ward.  Apparently her father was an alcoholic and also abused her, and she caused the accident that killed her parents by attacking her father while he was driving.  Ben helps her escape the ward at the end of the movie and they live a fulfilling life, accomplishing the goals that were set in “the plan” they made as 12 year old kids.

This movie was a little deeper than I expected.  After the credits rolled, I felt like I just watched something really bland but also really original at the same time.

Spy School (2008)


Her expression just about sums up the movie

This movie was really really really terrible.  Thomas Miller (Forrest Landis) is a loner and a compulsive liar at a school.  He has zero friends but somehow manages to capture the attention of cute skater girl Jackie Hoffman played by AnnaSophia Robb.  It was excruciating to watch the pathetic romance unfold.  Thomas foolishly goes for a British girl named Madison played by Taylor Momsen who is about a foot taller than everyone else.  AnnaSophia Robb apparently has her first on-screen kiss in this movie and it is completely awkward because she cries afterwards.

Spy School was just borderline unwatchable because it was incredibly cheesy, the plot was lame, and the acting was terrible…but I guess that is what I should expect for a TV/DVD release movie.  The only good part of the movie was probably all the scenes when AnnaSophia does a funny accent mimicking Taylor Momsen’s character Madison.  If I could buy back the time I lost watching this movie, I probably would.

Sleepwalking (2008)


AnnaSophia Robb as Tara Reedy and Nick Stahl as James Reedy

Sleepwalking was originally called Ferris Wheel, and I figured out why.  There’s nothing but depressing characters, themes, and imagery that just go round and round.  Try not to sleepwalk through this movie even though it was one of the slowest movies I’ve ever seen in my life.  I watched it with some friends, and they all fell asleep.  I had to watch it a second time to see if I missed anything.  AnnaSophia Robb plays Tara Reedy, the daughter of Joleen Reedy played by Charlize Theron.  Tara is a troubled and bitter kid because her mother completely fails at life and randomly leaves Tara for a short period of time.  This forces her uncle James Reedy played by Nick Stahl to take responsibility and be her guardian.  Basically, the movie slowly builds up to a hellish “vacation” to a farm run by Tara’s grandfather played by Dennis Hopper.  On that farm, they experience some mind-numbingly brutal work and quite a lot of physical, emotional, and mental abuse.  I thought most of the characters in the movie did a decent job.  However, I thought Charlize Theron’s character seemed half assed because they never did explain where she went or why she came back.  Absolutely no closure there but James and Tara have some genuine cathartic experiences by the end of the movie.


Strangest scene in the whole movie

I think the best scene in this movie is when Tara is smoking by the motel pool and just roller skating around.  It’s very lolita-like as she just lounges on a pool chair and gazes back at the young boys in the jacuzzi.  When she jumps in the pool, it’s her way of saying that she has control over her life and that she won’t take the path her mother took.  I think all the bonding scenes with her uncle were also pretty good.  By the end of the movie, James realizes that his involvement in taking care of Tara has mostly changed has life for the better.  To enjoy this movie or at least watch it with an open mind, I think you need to be able to sit through really slow moving material, and sift through the crap to get to the good stuff (if there is any).  Most people I know are typically the kind with the patience to only watch action movies or comedies.  Also, most people just want to watch a movie and not spend too much time analyzing what happens, and that’s why this movie is indie film material.

Jumper (2008)


AnnaSophia Robb looks like Natalie Portman here


AnnaSophia Robb plays Young Millie in "Jumper"

This is not an independent or low budget film, but she had a really small almost unnoticed role in this movie.  If you want to see AnnaSophia Robb as a brunette, Samuel L Jackson play his typical badass character, and some absolutely ridiculous but inventive action scenes, then here you go.  The only issue I have with this movie is that it leaves way too many unanswered questions by the end.  For example, where did the jumping power come from?

Dear Eleanor (2009)


AnnaSophia Robb plays Ellie Potter in "Dear Eleanor"

What can we expect for her next movie?  She was supposed to do a movie called The White Giraffe with Gabor Csupo, the director of Bridge to Terabithia.  It has an interesting story.  The story tells of Martine, an orphaned young girl emigrating to South Africa to live with her grandmother on a game preserve.  The tale is filled with African magic and mystery as Martine searches for the truth behind the legend of the white giraffe. This is exactly the kind of movie that AnnaSophia likes to do, something with a good story to tell.  Unfortunately, the project is apparently dead in the water, and we probably won’t see it get the green light.  Anyway, AnnaSophia Robb will be starring in Dear Eleanor.

This movie is still in pre-production as of 6/10/2009.

IMDB Synopsis:

The story of two fourteen year old girls, Ellie and Max the Wax, who travel across America in 1962 during the chaos of the Cuban missile crisis in search of Eleanor Roosevelt and Ellie’s late mother.  Their secret journey begins in their hometown of Manteca, California (The Pumpkin Capital of the World).  Their final destination: New York City (The Big Apple).  Along the way they’re robbed by a guy who looks like Warren Beatty and helped out by Max’s Aunt Daisy, a vaudevillian contortionist who can fold herself into a bag.  When Ellie loses all hope of ever finding her mother, Aunt Daisy pushes her onward to discover just what is waiting for her at Eleanor Roosevelt’s house, and why this adventure will not be the end of her journey, but just the beginning.

Charity Work


AnnaSophia Robb interviews with TC Magazine

So what else does she do?  Well she is involved in volunteering and giving back through charity work.  AnnaSophia is an activist in the Dalit Freedom Network, an organization that essentially helps poverty stricken people (specifically Indians in the lowest caste) across the world from the United States.

Read her essay on her life changing trip to India ->

“So why would a girl who already has so many things going want to take the time to help children halfway around the world?  For AnnaSophia, the answer is simple — you never know what kind of difference you can make.  [My family and I] sponsor a couple of children in India and you never know, if those children get a good education and grow up, they could become the prime minister of India.  They could create a cure for cancer,” AnnaSophia said.  “Who knows what the potential of our world is, but we all need to help each other.” – excerpt from AnnaSophia’s interview with TC Magazine


“All her hard work is paying off and everyone from producers and critics to fans and moviegoers are starting to take notice.  AnnaSophia has been nominated for several awards and won the Young Artist Award for Best Leading Actress in 2008.  But while it may be her big smile that captivates people on the silver screen, it’s AnnaSophia’s big heart that really stands out.” – TC Magazine

AnnaSophia Robb has accomplished quite a bit at such a  young age, but there’s much more on the horizon for this young actress.  Most of her movies usually have a decent depth and a memorable character, and I hope she continues starring in such films.  As long as she stays grounded, avoids the stereotypical Hollywood life, and picks the right films, we might see an Academy award winning actress one day.

Recent Interviews


AnnaSophia Robb interviews with Nylon Magazine


AnnaSophia Robb interviews at 14th Annual Palm Beach Film Festival


AnnaSophia Robb dances at Zlin Film Festival



AnnaSophia Robb interviews at Zlin Film Festival


Alanna Kolette is a stunning hot model that you don’t know yet. June 8, 2009

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Alanna Kolette makes jean shorts look good

Alanna Kolette makes jean shorts look good

Alanna Kolette is a 21 year old, 5′ 7″ brunette model with a megawatt smile and a megasweet rack.  She was born in Oklahoma City, OK, is a mix between German, Irish, and Native American, started modeling in her teens, likes to watch movies and be lazy, and she uses her sex appeal to get into high-end clubs.  Sounds great, but there’s more.  Check out the interview at ->

A couple weeks ago, I debated whether or not to goto Englishtown, NJ for one of the HIN (Hot Import Nights) 2009 shows.  I didn’t go based on a past experience;  it’s like $35 to just look at terribly modded cars and experience mediocre entertainment.  That’s not to say all the cars are terrible, but seeing and speaking with some hot models is about the only thing that makes it a bearable show.  Even then, the sweaty throngs of obese Asian and Guido photographers mobbing me to get to the models isn’t fun.  At any rate, Alanna Kolette is probably worth half the admission price.  I didn’t notice this woman until I saw her on a flyer.  You might recognize her as Miss HIN 2009, the top model for the import car show circuit.  Her face is distinctive and that’s obviously important in a sea of attractive models.

Alanna Kolette radiates with hotness

Alanna Kolette radiates with hotness

Here are some of the best photos I could find.  Lots of credit to the photographers who took these pictures.

You need to see her face in high resolution to appreciate this woman.

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Alanna Kolette has a megawatt smile!


Alanna Kolette shows her pearly whites




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alannakolette_swimsuit5 alannakolette_jeans_nude

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