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iPhone insanity! It deserves the hype. June 28, 2007

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iPhone collage

If you don’t know what the iPhone is…where the fuck have you been?  Here’s some short facts.

Biggest cellphone launch in history.  One of the biggest secrets Apple has kept.  Steve Jobs is giving all employees who have worked at least a year for the company free 8GB $600 iPhones.  Apple’s third leg is riding on the success of this product.  Overhyped and met early critical reviews with success.  Has spawned line sitters and crazy people.

His name is Greg Packer and he’s a professional line sitter.  Check Wikipedia.


People have their worries.  Oh it’s too big.  Oh it’s overhyped and not that great.  Oh the price isn’t subsidized (aka:  given the illusion that it’s free).  Oh it’s going to be very expensive for two years.

All of it completely debunked or made invalid. 

It’s actually thinner or as thin as the thinnest smartphones.  You can’t skimp on the length or else you physically can’t achieve a screen like that (except in plastic electronics).  They literally made it as small as they possibly could.

It’s a revolutionary cell phone.  It has features that will become the standard.  Very rich full fledged browser.  Visual voicemail.  Google Maps integration which is more than just a novelty if you actually saw the demonstration videos.  An Ipod Nano in a new form.  Runs the full version of Mac OSX.  More than enough said.

Reputable websites like Engadget have checked up on the fees.  It turns out that they are either cheaper or the same as smartphone fees.  So why are people making a big deal about spending a lot over two years?  Based on AT&T’s current pricing scheme, iPhone users are not getting a better or worse deal than if you bought a regular subsidized phone.  It scales accordingly and matches or in some cases is better than smartphone plans.  Consumers have been conditioned to think that phones are free or really cheap when they actually aren’t.

You should not be buying this phone if you don’t actually use the features.  It’s worth $500 or $600 once you use them.  If you want a regular phone, then go buy a RAZR, and problems solved!

The only bad thing about this phone is that it’s running EDGE instead of 3G.  Okay.  So what?  EDGE can achieve something like 200kb/s which isn’t super awesome but it’s doable until AT&T upgrades.  There’s no doubt that this phone is absolutely amazing.  People who want an incredible hand held device, here it is.

Leaked iPhone picture

Guy caught with iPhone in public

iPhone caught out in Cupertino

iPhone crowd at NYC Fifth Avenue flagship store

I am going to be at the 5th avenue flagship store tomorrow after I get off work at Simon & Schuster.  However, I doubt I’ll actually buy the iPhone due to a simple reason.  I still have a few months before I renew with AT&T so I can wait till then.  I’m usually an early adopter of things like this but September is not that far off.

The scene will probably be insane tomorrow, not like the PS3 or Wii but still…for a cellphone…just WOW.  This is after all Apple’s flagship store in NYC and the entrance is not exactly made to handle huge loads.  Of course there will be police and blockades and such…I’ll get some pictures and update this post tomorrow!

All photos from – the best tech blog out there.


Lewis Hamilton is annhilating F1 drivers June 17, 2007

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Lewis Hamilton F1 car

Lewis Hamilton was born in 1985.  This guy is just 1 year older than me, is the first black driver in F1, and he’s becoming a top driver in Formula 1 which is the most expensive sport in the world.  He is literally demolishing more experienced drivers and also setting records…in his DEBUT year?!

Of course, he had many many many victories in Karting, F3, GP2.  He has pure talent, but people didn’t expect him to rock the F1 scene so hard.  McLaren Mercedes certainly believed he could win since they broke their policy of not hiring novice drivers thus giving Hamilton his break.

So lets see what he’s accomplished recently.  He won F1 Montreal GP with relative ease.  Today he won F1 USGP Indy which was more difficult, as he came about 1.5s in front of his teammate and defending champion Fernando Alonso.  So that makes it the first time in F1 history that a rookie driver takes 2 consecutive pole positions and 2 wins.

Lewis Hamilton wins Montreal

Lewis Hamilton celebrating

Since the season started, HE’S ALWAYS BEEN ON THE PODIUM.  If not first, then second or third.

So I’d really like to know what the fuck is wrong with Ferrari and Honda, they are doing horrible.  Jenson Button, WHAT THE HELL?  Kimi Raikkonen, goddamn it.  These drivers have the potential, but this year is just gone.

Lewis Hamilton with F1 women

Lewis Hamilton makes 99% of ppl out there feel shitty.  He’s like 22 and making lots of money and a big name for himself.  Meanwhile there are people out there planning trips to the beach and being shitty bums.


Chicken Dinosaur actually exists June 14, 2007

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Well, not exactly a chicken dinosaur.  It’s called a Gigantoraptor.

GigantoraptorGigantoraptor Height

Several times the height of an average human, the five-metre-tall Gigantoraptor presents a conundrum; some of its features have never been seen before in any dinosaur, said scientists from Beijing, China, who describe the find today in the U.K. journal Nature.

Crazy scientists, what will they find next?


Simon & Schuster launches

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S&S logo 

Today S&S launched BookVideos which is a site where authors give some insight on their writing and their books.

“We created to give readers the real story behind the story. It is the place where your favorite books and authors come to life, and it’s also where you can engage with the literary community on a whole new level.” 

Yet another Web 2.0 product to come out that somewhat imitates Facebook/YouTube.  I hope they know that web communities take some time to build up.  And…I’m not sure how many people still read books.  Well I am trying to get back into reading for fun, I just had an order placed yesterday for some free books.  It’s great working for a big media company, so many perks…


Allison Stokke still getting people stoked June 7, 2007

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So I checked that internet sensation Allison Stokke today.  I got over a million hits on Google.  Wow, wtf.  It’s only been about a month since she was discovered by the sports blog WithLeather.  For people who don’t read that, it’s a very popular sports blog filled with satire and good commentary on all kinds of sports.  So anyway, Allison Stokke is a relatively normal athletic senior in high school getting a search statistics graph that looks like Mount Everest.  Well I guess it helps if you have a great body and a nice face for an athlete…and that you can break national records…and that you’re from California.

Allison and her dad are somewhat upset about all this strange fame, mostly because something like 98% of searches for her are by males…many of them more than twice her senior, and many of them who freak me out more than her.

Allison Stokke might be Wonder Woman.  If she can clear 14 feet, how long before she starts flying?

The following pictures are from WithLeather and/or from sports photographers.  The first picture is the one that started the searching frenzy on Google.

Allison Stokke stroking her hair

The Allison Stokke image that started it all

Allison Stokke taking a breather

Allison Stokke examining pole

Allison Stokke on the track



Wow.  Allison Stokke has a pretty sexy backside.  Really.

Wow. Allison Stokke has a pretty sexy backside. Really.

Allison Stokke links and videos – Watch her speak out about her fame and watch the news anchors not really give a shit.  They are creepy. – What the Washington Post thinks.  Oh they are so smart about this.


First day being an intern at Simon & Schuster June 4, 2007

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 Simon and Schuster present logo

Wow what a tiring and awesome day!

It was rainy as hell this morning, but I trudged through New York and got to orientation…late.  It wasn’t a big deal though because I didn’t miss anything.  I was greeted by a smiling receptionist and she directed me to the 4th floor conference room where I was met by like 40+ interns.  Absolutely insane.  I did not expect this many interns.

And guess what?  There were only about 5 guys…out of 40ish interns.  Hmm…that’s not a bad thing.

Anyways, the HR rep who interviewed me was in charge of the orientation program and started off with some videos and policies/procedures for the company.  They got to sexual harassment and at least half the orientation binder was about that.  The “informative” videos were ridiculously outdated and hilarious.  It took willpower to stop myself from laughing.

Well you know what, S&S is looking to be a great experience.  I spent the rest of the day just wandering around and taking about 3 hours to setup my workspace haha.  Oh and contrary to company policy, I hope I get sexually harassed as often as possible.  So much that I cry.

New York is awesome.