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First day being an intern at Simon & Schuster June 4, 2007

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 Simon and Schuster present logo

Wow what a tiring and awesome day!

It was rainy as hell this morning, but I trudged through New York and got to orientation…late.  It wasn’t a big deal though because I didn’t miss anything.  I was greeted by a smiling receptionist and she directed me to the 4th floor conference room where I was met by like 40+ interns.  Absolutely insane.  I did not expect this many interns.

And guess what?  There were only about 5 guys…out of 40ish interns.  Hmm…that’s not a bad thing.

Anyways, the HR rep who interviewed me was in charge of the orientation program and started off with some videos and policies/procedures for the company.  They got to sexual harassment and at least half the orientation binder was about that.  The “informative” videos were ridiculously outdated and hilarious.  It took willpower to stop myself from laughing.

Well you know what, S&S is looking to be a great experience.  I spent the rest of the day just wandering around and taking about 3 hours to setup my workspace haha.  Oh and contrary to company policy, I hope I get sexually harassed as often as possible.  So much that I cry.

New York is awesome.


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