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Allison Stokke still getting people stoked June 7, 2007

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So I checked that internet sensation Allison Stokke today.  I got over a million hits on Google.  Wow, wtf.  It’s only been about a month since she was discovered by the sports blog WithLeather.  For people who don’t read that, it’s a very popular sports blog filled with satire and good commentary on all kinds of sports.  So anyway, Allison Stokke is a relatively normal athletic senior in high school getting a search statistics graph that looks like Mount Everest.  Well I guess it helps if you have a great body and a nice face for an athlete…and that you can break national records…and that you’re from California.

Allison and her dad are somewhat upset about all this strange fame, mostly because something like 98% of searches for her are by males…many of them more than twice her senior, and many of them who freak me out more than her.

Allison Stokke might be Wonder Woman.  If she can clear 14 feet, how long before she starts flying?

The following pictures are from WithLeather and/or from sports photographers.  The first picture is the one that started the searching frenzy on Google.

Allison Stokke stroking her hair

The Allison Stokke image that started it all

Allison Stokke taking a breather

Allison Stokke examining pole

Allison Stokke on the track



Wow.  Allison Stokke has a pretty sexy backside.  Really.

Wow. Allison Stokke has a pretty sexy backside. Really.

Allison Stokke links and videos – Watch her speak out about her fame and watch the news anchors not really give a shit.  They are creepy. – What the Washington Post thinks.  Oh they are so smart about this.


5 Responses to “Allison Stokke still getting people stoked”

  1. One Turner Says:

    Very well put Loki.

    She is absolutely beautiful though. Props to the guy who’s calling her wifey.

  2. Loki Says:

    Err, Todd, that’s not love or lust, that’s just irrational infatuation/borderline obsessive.

    Those of us in the lust camp have two requirements:

    1. Random human female
    2. Low body fat %

    We may be horn dogs, but at least we’re not creepy obsessives who fling around words like love and think we actually mean it. =P

  3. Todd Says:

    I’m in love (note: didn’t say lust, and I’m only 25 btw). I died a little bit when I realized that not only will I never ever meet this girl, but she can no doubt find a much better man from the million or so suitors, and deservedly so. She is perfect. *swoon*

  4. Don Says:

    Beautiful girl. And I’d be upset if 36 year old guys were gawkin’ at her, too.

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