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Simon & Schuster launches June 14, 2007

Filed under: Business,Technology,Web 2.0 — allyouneediscourage @ 10:14 pm

S&S logo 

Today S&S launched BookVideos which is a site where authors give some insight on their writing and their books.

“We created to give readers the real story behind the story. It is the place where your favorite books and authors come to life, and it’s also where you can engage with the literary community on a whole new level.” 

Yet another Web 2.0 product to come out that somewhat imitates Facebook/YouTube.  I hope they know that web communities take some time to build up.  And…I’m not sure how many people still read books.  Well I am trying to get back into reading for fun, I just had an order placed yesterday for some free books.  It’s great working for a big media company, so many perks…


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