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Lewis Hamilton is annhilating F1 drivers June 17, 2007

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Lewis Hamilton F1 car

Lewis Hamilton was born in 1985.  This guy is just 1 year older than me, is the first black driver in F1, and he’s becoming a top driver in Formula 1 which is the most expensive sport in the world.  He is literally demolishing more experienced drivers and also setting records…in his DEBUT year?!

Of course, he had many many many victories in Karting, F3, GP2.  He has pure talent, but people didn’t expect him to rock the F1 scene so hard.  McLaren Mercedes certainly believed he could win since they broke their policy of not hiring novice drivers thus giving Hamilton his break.

So lets see what he’s accomplished recently.  He won F1 Montreal GP with relative ease.  Today he won F1 USGP Indy which was more difficult, as he came about 1.5s in front of his teammate and defending champion Fernando Alonso.  So that makes it the first time in F1 history that a rookie driver takes 2 consecutive pole positions and 2 wins.

Lewis Hamilton wins Montreal

Lewis Hamilton celebrating

Since the season started, HE’S ALWAYS BEEN ON THE PODIUM.  If not first, then second or third.

So I’d really like to know what the fuck is wrong with Ferrari and Honda, they are doing horrible.  Jenson Button, WHAT THE HELL?  Kimi Raikkonen, goddamn it.  These drivers have the potential, but this year is just gone.

Lewis Hamilton with F1 women

Lewis Hamilton makes 99% of ppl out there feel shitty.  He’s like 22 and making lots of money and a big name for himself.  Meanwhile there are people out there planning trips to the beach and being shitty bums.


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