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iPhone insanity! It deserves the hype. June 28, 2007

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iPhone collage

If you don’t know what the iPhone is…where the fuck have you been?  Here’s some short facts.

Biggest cellphone launch in history.  One of the biggest secrets Apple has kept.  Steve Jobs is giving all employees who have worked at least a year for the company free 8GB $600 iPhones.  Apple’s third leg is riding on the success of this product.  Overhyped and met early critical reviews with success.  Has spawned line sitters and crazy people.

His name is Greg Packer and he’s a professional line sitter.  Check Wikipedia.


People have their worries.  Oh it’s too big.  Oh it’s overhyped and not that great.  Oh the price isn’t subsidized (aka:  given the illusion that it’s free).  Oh it’s going to be very expensive for two years.

All of it completely debunked or made invalid. 

It’s actually thinner or as thin as the thinnest smartphones.  You can’t skimp on the length or else you physically can’t achieve a screen like that (except in plastic electronics).  They literally made it as small as they possibly could.

It’s a revolutionary cell phone.  It has features that will become the standard.  Very rich full fledged browser.  Visual voicemail.  Google Maps integration which is more than just a novelty if you actually saw the demonstration videos.  An Ipod Nano in a new form.  Runs the full version of Mac OSX.  More than enough said.

Reputable websites like Engadget have checked up on the fees.  It turns out that they are either cheaper or the same as smartphone fees.  So why are people making a big deal about spending a lot over two years?  Based on AT&T’s current pricing scheme, iPhone users are not getting a better or worse deal than if you bought a regular subsidized phone.  It scales accordingly and matches or in some cases is better than smartphone plans.  Consumers have been conditioned to think that phones are free or really cheap when they actually aren’t.

You should not be buying this phone if you don’t actually use the features.  It’s worth $500 or $600 once you use them.  If you want a regular phone, then go buy a RAZR, and problems solved!

The only bad thing about this phone is that it’s running EDGE instead of 3G.  Okay.  So what?  EDGE can achieve something like 200kb/s which isn’t super awesome but it’s doable until AT&T upgrades.  There’s no doubt that this phone is absolutely amazing.  People who want an incredible hand held device, here it is.

Leaked iPhone picture

Guy caught with iPhone in public

iPhone caught out in Cupertino

iPhone crowd at NYC Fifth Avenue flagship store

I am going to be at the 5th avenue flagship store tomorrow after I get off work at Simon & Schuster.  However, I doubt I’ll actually buy the iPhone due to a simple reason.  I still have a few months before I renew with AT&T so I can wait till then.  I’m usually an early adopter of things like this but September is not that far off.

The scene will probably be insane tomorrow, not like the PS3 or Wii but still…for a cellphone…just WOW.  This is after all Apple’s flagship store in NYC and the entrance is not exactly made to handle huge loads.  Of course there will be police and blockades and such…I’ll get some pictures and update this post tomorrow!

All photos from – the best tech blog out there.


4 Responses to “iPhone insanity! It deserves the hype.”

  1. chris Says:

    For future readers, if you look at the above comments, these are examples of what trolling is. I approved it so you all can see it. Don’t be like this person.

    Everybody uses the the word Fuck unless you’re from some sheltered world. I would have named this blog FuckingFuckityFuckers if I could.

  2. heythere Says:

    moderate this…

    ( | )

  3. heythere Says:

    Why do you have to use the F word, you just made yourself appear to have an IQ of < 70

    As for the iphone, most of your comments/statements are false, and a few words typed into google’s search box, about cost, pricing plans, ROI Vs Features, will show thats your “logic” is faulty.

    wont be back to this site, so flame all you want.

  4. sunpar Says:

    I hate you Christopher L. Jen

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