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David Beckham might be popular July 27, 2007

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David Beckham carrying his kid with Posh

Since coming to America to join the LA Galaxy team, David Beckham’s gotten quite a warm reception.

There are vague claims on various websites that Lindsay Lohan bets she can sleep with David Beckham.

Tom Cruise and Will Smith’s family threw a welcome party last weekend for the Beckhams with a guest list of like 300 VIPs.

David Beckham Welcome to America party

He used to be a high profile target for paparazzi in the UK.  Now he’s in America and it’s a completely different ball game.

It’s definitely over the top here in L.A. In London, if we’d go out to dinner there would be four or five cars following us,” USA today quoted him, as saying. “The other night we had 47 (cars of paparazzi following us). No joke. I get nervous. They run red lights and you’re just waiting for accidents to happen,” he added.

So…I wonder how much time it will take before David Beckham completely loses it like Britney Spears…one of the more tragic victims of paparazzi and USA fame.  One day you’ll just hear about Beckham attacking cars with an umbrella and attempting to strangle himself with a bedsheet.  That’s the day when people realize that if you become an American celebrity, you are 100% fucked.

I’m not really sure what’s going on in this picture below but it’s from a Beckham/Posh W Magazine photoshoot.

W Magazine photoshoot David Beckham and Posh on a car

And here’s Posh showing off her…real breasts or implants?  “We report.  You decide”.

Posh has implants maybe

Finally, here’s the David Beckham/Reggie Bush video.  Basically they try out the other’s sport.  Not really as bad as I thought it would be.


NASA gets drunk

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In one of the funnier stories I read today while fooling around at work, some drunken NASA astronauts were allowed to fly spacecraft.

“We don’t have enough data to call it alcohol abuse,” said U.S. Air Force Col. Richard Bachmann, panel chairman and commander of the Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine, who offered few details of the two incidents cited in the report.

Aren’t these astronauts responsible for handling billions of dollars of equipment?  Check the link below for more.

That’s it.  I wish I could be an astronaut.

Astronaut floating in outer space


Megan Fox still looks good without makeup July 17, 2007

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It seems like a lot of people are searching for “Megan Fox no makeup”.  It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to find a picture of Megan Fox without makeup.

However, there are a few pictures of her with very little makeup on, and she looks pretty natural.

Goto the BOTTOM of the post if you want to skip all the bullshit and get to the no makeup pictures.


Megan Fox and Shia Lebouf Photoshoot by Brian Bowen Smith Picture 2

Megan Fox and Shia Lebouf Photoshoot by Brian Bowen Smith Picture 1

Megan Fox with glasses on

Megan Fox really is a Transformer.  Sometimes she doesn’t look good with too much makeup.  Sometimes she looks amazing with makeup and for some reason, when she is all dirty in Transformers, she looks her absolute hottest.

Megan Fox covered in dirt in Transformers

Megan also has great MAXIM and FHM spreads, but that’s not how she looks like on a daily basis.  Luckily when you see her completely without *with a little* makeup out in the real world, you won’t be saying “omg holy shit wtf?”  She still looks good.

Megan Fox With No Makeup

Well…not completely but she doesn’t have much makeup on.  According to some people, she does have some on like the obvious lip gloss.  These are the best that I could find.  If there’s a stalker out there who can get pictures of her as soon as she wakes up, that would be nice.

Megan Fox applying lip gloss

Megan Fox getting nails doneMegan Fox standing prettyMegan Fox no makeup sittingMegan Fox no makeup

Megan Fox With Makeup

Megan Fox at Maxim Party

Megan Fox next to Maxim cakeMegan Fox at Maxim partyMegan Fox at MTV awardsMegan Fox cute at DisneyMegan Fox nice smile

Be on the lookout for more Megan Fox in the future…especially in Transformers 2 and Transformers 3.

Megan Fox and Shia Lebouf on Bumblebee


3 weeks left at Simon & Schuster July 16, 2007

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S&S logoI have about 3 weeks left at Simon & Schuster and so far it’s been a great experience.  My first project was pretty much a wrap about a week ago, and I’ve started on my second project which I’ll finish by Thursday.  Hopefully I can get a third project in.

The group project is also going well.  It’s a blog that will be turned into a book detailing the lives of people in my group.  Being the only male in the group is a little weird because it’s hard to get into a female dominated conversation…but I guess I’ll have to live with it. 

If in the rare case someone stumbles across this blog and wants to intern at Simon & Schuster…here’s some things you should know about the place.

  1. The intern program isn’t a rotation.  You stay in your department.  This might be good or bad depending on how many interns are actually in your department.
  2. You get a group project with other interns that must be completed by the last week.
  3. You get a discount card for the Rockefeller Center area.
  4. Besides having free beverages, you also can get free books.
  5. Managers are generally pretty nice and let you roam.  I’ve had two to three hour lunches before.
  6. There are several intern events that are informative for the job or just for fun.
  7. Based on what I’ve seen, interns are 85% women with most of them in publicity, marketing, adults publishing, and childrens publishing.

Emma Watson (Hermione) is pretty popular July 10, 2007

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Harry Potter cast in Teen Vogue left sideHarry Potter cast in Teen Vogue right side

Emma Watson who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films is more popular than Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry Potter.  You’d think it would be the other way around.

What do I mean by more popular?  Well, for starters she has more Google hits than her sidekick and more Youtube hits as well.  Those are the only sites that matter.  This is not just in the USA either, UK searches are also unsurprisingly soaring.  And to be honest, no one cares about Daniel Radcliffe.  He had a spike in fame when he decided to go nude in that Equus play and do a three way with a horse and a blonde girl but other than that, he’s not as cool or as funny as someone like…Shia Lebouf or Charles Barkley.

Emma is also popular because of the jailbait factorTHAT MEANS SHE’S 17 AT THE MOMENT EVERYBODY.  You can call her pretty and that’s about it.  She kind of has the same appeal as Hayden Panetierre who plays Claire Bennet in HEROES except she doesn’t go around licking thingsThey were both on FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2007 List.

Emma Watson is pretty

Emma Watson is cute

Emma Watson at HP Order of the Phoenix France Premiere

Hayden got 6th place and Emma got 98th place in FHM’s 100 List.  That’s a really big gap but lets face it, everyone on that list is a winner.  I don’t know…but wouldn’t you have to NOT be a teenager to be certified as a “Sexy Woman“?  FHM apparently doesn’t think so.  Then again, they are a UK mag so everything that doesn’t seem ok in the states is pretty chill there.  Those crazy Brits, what will they do next?

The 17-year-old actress has made about $23.4 million mostly from the Harry Potter franchise.

Daniel Radcliffe is slightly ahead in the bank but that’s because he’s Harry Potter.  He’s also signed a $58 million dollar deal to appear in the next two films.  I don’t know about you but that’s a significant jump in salary.  However, I wouldn’t know how it’s like to spend nearly my entire life shooting one Harry Potter movie after another.,23663,22054737-5013179,00.html

By the time they finish off the series, they’ll be like 21.  Well I guess they could pull it off if they still look really young but English people aren’t Asian people.  You won’t mistaken a 21 year old for a teenager or a teenager for a baby… or a baby for a fetus.  Yeah, they still look kind of young sometimes but as you can see in the pictures below, they’re not kids anymore.

Emma Watson shocked at Daniel Radcliffe’s Details magazine photos

Harry Potter cast in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

Emma Watson with Harry Potter cast

Oh, and anyone who hangs out with Maria Menounos is cool in my book.

Emma Watson shopping with Maria Menounos in Hollywood

Emma Watson Official Website – (If you need to know more, try the official site.  It’s by Lightmaker which is my 2nd favorite web production house out there, they have some really nice stuff.)

Check them out too.


Sony still sucking despite PS3 price drop

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Sony Playstation 3 60 GB console

Sony recently cut the price of the Playstation 3 60GB model by $100 which brings it to $499.  Everyone is so happy about this that they don’t realize the major reason for the cut was that a better 80GB model is being rolled out for $599…WHICH NO ONE WILL BUY because it’s hardly worth $100 more.

The other reason for the cut which SCEA President Jack Tretton won’t bother to explain is the huge slump in PS3’s sales.  Despite the 2000% increase in Amazon PS3 sales after the price cut announcement, they are still trailing Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii by quite a lot.  If you check out this video below, you can see that he keeps bringing up PS2 sales to put a positive spin on this PS3 disaster.

I think the Playstation 3 is an amazing console.  I was a major advocate for its viability and success in the marketplace.  Then they fucked up.  No one wants to buy a console that has almost no good games.  Seriously, name one awesome game that’s out for it right now that is not on any other console.  It’s almost a crime that this superior hardware isn’t being put to good use.

Not only do the game choices suck, they’re also losing exclusives left and right.

It’s been rumored that they are losing Metal Gear Solid 4 as an exclusive due to “development costs”.  Sony has already lost Grand Theft Auto 4 and Devil May Cry 4 which was pretty much expected when they have NO EXCLUSIVITY PLAN.


Transformers Review – Made for Generation Y July 4, 2007

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Contains a few spoilers…not like it matters.  No surprises in this movie.  Only balls to the walls action.

Transformers Movie Poster


Generation Y is a term that is designated to the group of people born after Generation X.  It is also known as “The Internet Generation”.  This group typically includes people born from the 1970s to the 1990s.

As a member of Generation Y, I grew up with Transformers.  For the most part, younger people get this movie.  I walked into Transformers and got exactly what I wanted like when I walked into 300.  I got crazy action, a dramatic score, overused special effects, disregard to character/plot development, cheesy moments, and Megan Fox.  Sometimes it’s nice to see an action movie that isn’t in the same vein as Die Hard, Batman Begins, or Minority Report.

Megan Fox and Shia Lebouf as Mikaela and Sam

The movie starts like a typical teen movie with the lead character Sam who gets bullied and chases after a girl named Mikaela who never really notices him.  Later on, he does the bullying and calls the shots and unsurprisingly nabs the girl.  He does this with the help of a Camaro who turns out to be BumbleBee, the robot hero of the film.  There’s lots of military action as the US government tries to figure out what’s going on.  There are typical dramatic gunfights and gorgeous air strikes to get my pulse racing.  It really all leads up to the whole point of the movie, which is to see Autobots and Decepticons fight each other.  Your attention may begin to wander here for two reasons, either because the movie is 144 minutes, or that you’ve seen too much of this kind of action.  Lots of room is left open for a sequel as it kind of trails off.

Maybe for the sequel, Michael Bay will fix a couple of things I found wrong with the movie.  I wish that Transformers could have been more focused.  You see, the movie is really about a boy and his car.  This was somewhat established in the beginning before they chucked it and decided to do a feature commercial for the American military.  I wonder what the rest of the world is doing in the movie and if there are anymore threats hiding on Earth.  I wish they fleshed out the robots some more because everybody wants a bunch of characters they can care about, not just one or two.  They hardly introduced any of the robots, and the Decepticons got about 5 second introductions.  You’re left thinking that if 20% of the action was cut for 20% more story, the movie could have been so much better.  Even though there are faults, there are things to appreciate too.

Optimus Prime versus Bonecrusher

I appreciate the CGI in the movie even in a time when these kinds of effects have become commonplace.  I loved the way Megan Fox proved she’s more than a pretty face when it comes down to the nitty gritty.  I loved Shia Lebouf’s acting.  I loved that this movie didn’t try to be an epic action drama like LOTR.  They kept it simple and flashy like the toys.

In the end, many viewers will be left wanting more and picking at faults, but many more viewers will be left satisfied knowing that this movie was exactly what they wanted.

Megan Fox in a sexy red dress

Some thoughts

“The whole process of watching a film requires thought and analysis. When you are presented with information whether it be visual or sound on the screen you piece it together. Thats how you’re able to understand the plot as the film unfolds.” – said by a random person on IMDB forums

He couldn’t have a better point there.  Except it makes no sense in the context of Transformers.  The plot of the movie was basically described by Optimus Prime in the movie.  There’s a cube that two robot factions want.  Good guys versus bad guys.  That’s it.  What is there to understand?  People who are looking for a deeper plot, what are you DOING?!

I don’t understand how people can expect so much from a movie like Transformers.  You walk into this movie and you have to expect EVERYTHING to take a backseat to the action.  If that’s not what they expected, then why did they even consider watching this movie?  Oh I know why, so they can complain about it and say how mindless it was.  In fact, it’s mindless to go see a movie you’re not excited about and you don’t think you’ll come out of it smiling.

Michael Bay is generally criticized for putting out lots of “stuff” with little substance.  Critical people are aware that his movies usually have poor plot and character development, yet they still go see his movies.  To be honest, this is the best movie he’s created so far.

Roger Ebert said “It’s goofy fun with a lot of stuff that blows up real good, and it has the grace not only to realize how preposterous it is, but to make that into an asset.”

Critics average it out to a B- movie.  I think it’s a B movie.  It lacks all the elements to make it a Spiderman or Batman Begins yet it’s mostly entertaining.

This movie is old pop culture brought to the big screen.  It’s great in its own right.  You don’t get a chance to stop and think about anything illogical or absurd.  There’s relentless action until the end.  For some people, it might be too much action, but you don’t walk into a Michael Bay movie and expect anything else.

I think this movie can be summed up with…there were explosions and giant robots.

:::Score Card Summary:::

Pros:  Megan Fox, Strong Shia Lebouf lead, Non-stop action sequences, Incredible CGI, 1980s pop culture

Cons:  Excessive product placement.  Weak plot.  Little to no character development.