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Transformers Review – Made for Generation Y July 4, 2007

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Contains a few spoilers…not like it matters.  No surprises in this movie.  Only balls to the walls action.

Transformers Movie Poster


Generation Y is a term that is designated to the group of people born after Generation X.  It is also known as “The Internet Generation”.  This group typically includes people born from the 1970s to the 1990s.

As a member of Generation Y, I grew up with Transformers.  For the most part, younger people get this movie.  I walked into Transformers and got exactly what I wanted like when I walked into 300.  I got crazy action, a dramatic score, overused special effects, disregard to character/plot development, cheesy moments, and Megan Fox.  Sometimes it’s nice to see an action movie that isn’t in the same vein as Die Hard, Batman Begins, or Minority Report.

Megan Fox and Shia Lebouf as Mikaela and Sam

The movie starts like a typical teen movie with the lead character Sam who gets bullied and chases after a girl named Mikaela who never really notices him.  Later on, he does the bullying and calls the shots and unsurprisingly nabs the girl.  He does this with the help of a Camaro who turns out to be BumbleBee, the robot hero of the film.  There’s lots of military action as the US government tries to figure out what’s going on.  There are typical dramatic gunfights and gorgeous air strikes to get my pulse racing.  It really all leads up to the whole point of the movie, which is to see Autobots and Decepticons fight each other.  Your attention may begin to wander here for two reasons, either because the movie is 144 minutes, or that you’ve seen too much of this kind of action.  Lots of room is left open for a sequel as it kind of trails off.

Maybe for the sequel, Michael Bay will fix a couple of things I found wrong with the movie.  I wish that Transformers could have been more focused.  You see, the movie is really about a boy and his car.  This was somewhat established in the beginning before they chucked it and decided to do a feature commercial for the American military.  I wonder what the rest of the world is doing in the movie and if there are anymore threats hiding on Earth.  I wish they fleshed out the robots some more because everybody wants a bunch of characters they can care about, not just one or two.  They hardly introduced any of the robots, and the Decepticons got about 5 second introductions.  You’re left thinking that if 20% of the action was cut for 20% more story, the movie could have been so much better.  Even though there are faults, there are things to appreciate too.

Optimus Prime versus Bonecrusher

I appreciate the CGI in the movie even in a time when these kinds of effects have become commonplace.  I loved the way Megan Fox proved she’s more than a pretty face when it comes down to the nitty gritty.  I loved Shia Lebouf’s acting.  I loved that this movie didn’t try to be an epic action drama like LOTR.  They kept it simple and flashy like the toys.

In the end, many viewers will be left wanting more and picking at faults, but many more viewers will be left satisfied knowing that this movie was exactly what they wanted.

Megan Fox in a sexy red dress

Some thoughts

“The whole process of watching a film requires thought and analysis. When you are presented with information whether it be visual or sound on the screen you piece it together. Thats how you’re able to understand the plot as the film unfolds.” – said by a random person on IMDB forums

He couldn’t have a better point there.  Except it makes no sense in the context of Transformers.  The plot of the movie was basically described by Optimus Prime in the movie.  There’s a cube that two robot factions want.  Good guys versus bad guys.  That’s it.  What is there to understand?  People who are looking for a deeper plot, what are you DOING?!

I don’t understand how people can expect so much from a movie like Transformers.  You walk into this movie and you have to expect EVERYTHING to take a backseat to the action.  If that’s not what they expected, then why did they even consider watching this movie?  Oh I know why, so they can complain about it and say how mindless it was.  In fact, it’s mindless to go see a movie you’re not excited about and you don’t think you’ll come out of it smiling.

Michael Bay is generally criticized for putting out lots of “stuff” with little substance.  Critical people are aware that his movies usually have poor plot and character development, yet they still go see his movies.  To be honest, this is the best movie he’s created so far.

Roger Ebert said “It’s goofy fun with a lot of stuff that blows up real good, and it has the grace not only to realize how preposterous it is, but to make that into an asset.”

Critics average it out to a B- movie.  I think it’s a B movie.  It lacks all the elements to make it a Spiderman or Batman Begins yet it’s mostly entertaining.

This movie is old pop culture brought to the big screen.  It’s great in its own right.  You don’t get a chance to stop and think about anything illogical or absurd.  There’s relentless action until the end.  For some people, it might be too much action, but you don’t walk into a Michael Bay movie and expect anything else.

I think this movie can be summed up with…there were explosions and giant robots.

:::Score Card Summary:::

Pros:  Megan Fox, Strong Shia Lebouf lead, Non-stop action sequences, Incredible CGI, 1980s pop culture

Cons:  Excessive product placement.  Weak plot.  Little to no character development.


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  1. chrisonrails Says:

    Thanks Derek. I generally don’t take the time to proofread my posts.

  2. marginofsafety Says:

    “There’s no surprises in this movie.”

    There’s is the contraction for there is. Ergo you’re saying, “there is no surprises in this movie.”

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