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Sony still sucking despite PS3 price drop July 10, 2007

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Sony Playstation 3 60 GB console

Sony recently cut the price of the Playstation 3 60GB model by $100 which brings it to $499.  Everyone is so happy about this that they don’t realize the major reason for the cut was that a better 80GB model is being rolled out for $599…WHICH NO ONE WILL BUY because it’s hardly worth $100 more.

The other reason for the cut which SCEA President Jack Tretton won’t bother to explain is the huge slump in PS3’s sales.  Despite the 2000% increase in Amazon PS3 sales after the price cut announcement, they are still trailing Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii by quite a lot.  If you check out this video below, you can see that he keeps bringing up PS2 sales to put a positive spin on this PS3 disaster.

I think the Playstation 3 is an amazing console.  I was a major advocate for its viability and success in the marketplace.  Then they fucked up.  No one wants to buy a console that has almost no good games.  Seriously, name one awesome game that’s out for it right now that is not on any other console.  It’s almost a crime that this superior hardware isn’t being put to good use.

Not only do the game choices suck, they’re also losing exclusives left and right.

It’s been rumored that they are losing Metal Gear Solid 4 as an exclusive due to “development costs”.  Sony has already lost Grand Theft Auto 4 and Devil May Cry 4 which was pretty much expected when they have NO EXCLUSIVITY PLAN.


2 Responses to “Sony still sucking despite PS3 price drop”

  1. Ihatechrisjenkins Says:

    Remember when I told you the PS3 would lose to the Wii. Before either came out officially. Good times.

  2. _lasterato Says:

    Sony are falling behind and they are just to shit scared to mention it to everywhere. The playstation sucks, it always has and always will. Back with PSx, graphics wise and game wise the N64 kicked its ass. It (N64) had games everyone could enjoy *goes off to play Super Smash Brothers*…and it’s graphics left the PSx behind for miles. The PS2…now, that was out before the X-Box, which also ended up kicking the PS2 off the scales with its Hard drive, and it’s power… But now its between PS3, Wii, and the 360. Now, in my opinion, sony has done what it should have with the last generations of consoles…the PS3 has the power, has the hard drive…but now its missing the titles, and the fun, and the envolvement with the games. Any real gamer will go out and buy a 360. Any gamer that wants a console to have fun on will buy a Wii (which i did myself), and any gamer that wants to own all the consoles, or doesnt know what they are doing, and wants to buy technology that is a lost cause…namely Blu-ray, they will going and buy a PS3. Seriously…what the fuck is sony thinking? They even held back the console for this sixaxis crap that they ripped from the Wii. Along with this, there is the stupid controller design that has been around for what…3 generations now? Seriously sony…stay away from consoles.

    i think im done now…

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