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3 weeks left at Simon & Schuster July 16, 2007

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S&S logoI have about 3 weeks left at Simon & Schuster and so far it’s been a great experience.  My first project was pretty much a wrap about a week ago, and I’ve started on my second project which I’ll finish by Thursday.  Hopefully I can get a third project in.

The group project is also going well.  It’s a blog that will be turned into a book detailing the lives of people in my group.  Being the only male in the group is a little weird because it’s hard to get into a female dominated conversation…but I guess I’ll have to live with it. 

If in the rare case someone stumbles across this blog and wants to intern at Simon & Schuster…here’s some things you should know about the place.

  1. The intern program isn’t a rotation.  You stay in your department.  This might be good or bad depending on how many interns are actually in your department.
  2. You get a group project with other interns that must be completed by the last week.
  3. You get a discount card for the Rockefeller Center area.
  4. Besides having free beverages, you also can get free books.
  5. Managers are generally pretty nice and let you roam.  I’ve had two to three hour lunches before.
  6. There are several intern events that are informative for the job or just for fun.
  7. Based on what I’ve seen, interns are 85% women with most of them in publicity, marketing, adults publishing, and childrens publishing.

2 Responses to “3 weeks left at Simon & Schuster”

  1. chris Says:

    If you have Facebook, send me a message and I’ll reply. If not, I’ll shoot you an email assuming the one you put down works.

  2. Samantha Steven Says:

    Hey–I am looking into interning in Editorial at Simon and Schuster next summer and after going through my google results, I found your blog. What department did you intern in and what did you get to do? What kind of project did you have to do with the other interns?

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