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Megan Fox still looks good without makeup July 17, 2007

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It seems like a lot of people are searching for “Megan Fox no makeup”.  It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to find a picture of Megan Fox without makeup.

However, there are a few pictures of her with very little makeup on, and she looks pretty natural.

Goto the BOTTOM of the post if you want to skip all the bullshit and get to the no makeup pictures.


Megan Fox and Shia Lebouf Photoshoot by Brian Bowen Smith Picture 2

Megan Fox and Shia Lebouf Photoshoot by Brian Bowen Smith Picture 1

Megan Fox with glasses on

Megan Fox really is a Transformer.  Sometimes she doesn’t look good with too much makeup.  Sometimes she looks amazing with makeup and for some reason, when she is all dirty in Transformers, she looks her absolute hottest.

Megan Fox covered in dirt in Transformers

Megan also has great MAXIM and FHM spreads, but that’s not how she looks like on a daily basis.  Luckily when you see her completely without *with a little* makeup out in the real world, you won’t be saying “omg holy shit wtf?”  She still looks good.

Megan Fox With No Makeup

Well…not completely but she doesn’t have much makeup on.  According to some people, she does have some on like the obvious lip gloss.  These are the best that I could find.  If there’s a stalker out there who can get pictures of her as soon as she wakes up, that would be nice.

Megan Fox applying lip gloss

Megan Fox getting nails doneMegan Fox standing prettyMegan Fox no makeup sittingMegan Fox no makeup

Megan Fox With Makeup

Megan Fox at Maxim Party

Megan Fox next to Maxim cakeMegan Fox at Maxim partyMegan Fox at MTV awardsMegan Fox cute at DisneyMegan Fox nice smile

Be on the lookout for more Megan Fox in the future…especially in Transformers 2 and Transformers 3.

Megan Fox and Shia Lebouf on Bumblebee


138 Responses to “Megan Fox still looks good without makeup”

  1. kayla Says:

    megan fake beauty, it is not whorish to wear make up and there are lots of drop dead gorgeous girls out there that fall in love will not to hot guys some of those beauties just fall in love with personality not looks and some guys look for personality too

  2. elena Says:

    Everybody talks about her plastic surgery but nobody talks HER PLASTİC BRAİN 🙂

    Somebody says to her ‘We will make a movie and you will act as a whore.’ And she pretend to understand this person and she continues her life with bitch costume as a whore…. Hahaha 🙂

  3. Nameless Says:

    Wow jealousy is thick on here… 8-/

  4. Imena Says:

    I think Megan is a beautiful girl, eventhough she has made a lot of plastic surgeries, but this makes her unnatural, she is not natural, because everybody who can support plastic surgeries and to make all the things she has done would have been in a perfect shape, but still this doesn’t make her ugly, this only makes her no natural.

    • Sherrylee Says:

      same here! i sooo want 2 be her even though she is full of slagness! She is beautiful! Infact i only started lykin her cuz shes lyk now a mother!

  5. Don Says:

    She’s made entirely out of plastic. She may melt soon.

  6. pip Says:

    hi all 🙂
    I like megans look.
    I think its the long black hair extensions and thick black eyebrows make it so striking.
    if she had light brown or blonde hair she’d just blend in with the rest of Holly wood, thats the common look over there and megan stands out because she changed he hair to black.
    I used to die my hair black too, but I did have to wear more make up and pencil in my brows in all the time.
    It wasnt a natural look to maintain, I used sunbeds to keep my skin brown so I didnt look too gothic and white!
    I think its normal for hollywood actresses to have surgery, botox, getting there lips done etc, especially in that type of industry, looks are so important.
    I think megan went a little too far getting her lips done though.
    I do think its a little unfair in this blog to read how guys think she has a natural look. She doesnt guys!
    She’s had surgery and dies her hair, come on!
    Although calling her fake etc girls is just bitching, as Im sure if you had the chance to swap places with her tomorrow…you would!
    I think she has a hot look and good for her to work it!
    Girls get over it.
    Is it so hard to say that she does look hot?
    You cant be that jealous surely?
    Come on now.

  7. Tash Says:

    She had 6 plastic surgerys: chin. cheek-bones. upper-lip. teeth. boobs. and her NOSE (so damn much!).
    this is so not beauty! every girl with that kind of money could look that cheap and unnatural like megan fox.
    she ‘s only 23 and already on botox.
    she have so unbelievable oily skin with all that pimples and scars.
    she’s anorexic and just eats in the morning. after transformers 2 she stopped eating for a month, just to get skinny for jennifers body. she really said that without shame or something.
    i just hate her. and i don’t get why boys like her. she’s maybe a good jerk-off material, but that’s it. she donÄt have any talent at all!

    • kayla Says:

      she is beautiful even if she isnt all that natural ur just jelous that not everybody can be that hot! im not all to bad myself but she is off the charts gorgeous! if she wants plastic surgeries that is her choice! she dont need all those people judging her because she will most likely think the surgeries didnt do a good enough jod and get another one! and she does have talent i bet she is better than most people including all those hating bitches out there that have nothing better to do but hate on people and make people feel bad and all that shit if ur gonna hate on somebody hate on urself cuz ur not doing any good by telling people off and just saying hatefull things!!!nobody deserves that !!! just keep all ur hatefull comments to urself cuz nobody wants to hear it!

    • kayla Says:

      oh yea and i only eat in the morning also!!!!! and i say that with confidence because nobody needs to eat all day and get themselves FAT!!! thats why america is the leading country in OBESITY!!!!!because people EAT TOO MUCH!!!! so yea its good to be skinny and she has a beautiful models body its flat and gorgeous and im sure that all those hating bitches out there would gladly trade places with her any day any time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. maddie Says:

    ahemm cough cough the only reason she has nice skin is because she can afford to get theses very exspensive treatments ALLOVEER her and she has had so much plastic surgery she has fish lips tiny eyes and evil eye brows and i really hope she reads this and will realize she ISNT the hottest thig around i have seen a picture of her before the surgery and alll i can say is well EWW

    • london rocker Says:

      Maddie, granted she has had surgery, but she still looked hot b4. Like I said, she has a very sexy, alluring smile, she smile is still the same as it was b4 all the surgery. And I think that she is the hottest Hollywood star at the moment, if u can name another, please do name her. I am not saying she is the hottest woman on the planet, but certainly she is the hottest in Hollywood. A woman’s smile is very sensual, and Megan had and still has it, now I am not sure if she had her teeth done, but she has beautiful teeth, and lips and mouth, in my opinion she had very beautiful mouth b4 the surgery, in fact possibly better than after the surgery. Nonetheless I think she is a very sexy girl even without make-up and there are many pictures of her without make-up.

      Check out this video/picture

      She is a very sexy girl, there are plenty of Hollywood stars that have had surgery and she is still the hottest. With or without make-up 🙂

  9. london rocker Says:

    has anyone else checked out this band called Galactic Shadow? They do amazing music inspired by Megan Fox, check them out

    man she is sooo exquisite in these!!! man i wish i was Brian green, what a lucky! he gets to sleep with Megan every night, and wake up with her besides him!!! some guys have all the luck lol…

  10. Makeup DIY Says:

    Hey hun, great blog! I genuinely like this blog post.. I was curious about this for a while now. This cleared a lot up for me! Do you have a rss feed that I can add?

  11. This article is really the freshest on this noteworthy topic. I concur with your points of view and will hungrily look forward to your upcoming updates. Saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the great clarity in your writing. I will instantly grab your rss feed to stay up to date of any updates. Fabulous work and good luck in your blogging endeavors!

  12. london rocker Says:

    she is amazing, and she has one of the most amazing smiles, i mean i defiy anyone (guy or girl) not top melt when she smiles, i mean in the 1st transformer movie when she and shia were in the car with that special agent guy, at one point shia is saying that his car is a robot and it came back by itself and she was trying to cover for him, and smiles nervously. WOW it took my breath away, she has amazing teeh, mouth, lips and smile! Megan looked amazing before all the surgury and looks amazing now too. wow what a smile!!!! I LOVE “the Vixen” MEGAN! XXXXXX

  13. Passssssby Says:

    in Jennifer’s Body, there’s scenes of Megan with a “bare”look.
    The basics to form a “pretty” look involves having nice skin – and most girls achieve it with makeup. Imagine Fox having naturally nice skin… her facial features are hot! Even with her hair all up Megan looks hot.
    Megan ❤

  14. Lauren Says:

    Ya I know……Plastic sergery works for most people…’s easy to look good…..

  15. Just me Says:

    Just beacause she looks “natural” doesn’t means she isn’t wearing tons of make-up. Guys are too stupid to realize this. Newsflash for you stupid guys out there: the more “natural” a girl looks, the more make-up she is wearing. To achieve the so-called nude look it takes tons of products.

  16. Kim Yoyo Says:

    Apparently Nice Collection, Keep It up ….I Find one good Blog ….keep It up. I have found Megan Fox collection of hot wallpapers.

    Cheers, [Just Googled]

  17. sandra Says:

    well i dont know it does get on my nerves to how they say megan fox is the most beautiful woman alive she has the perfect body and the most beautiful face around better then any other girl ; nd shes so natural and wears no makeup.
    But she does i mean you could tell if you look closley ! A girl Knows these kind of things and she is wearing it. And shes so not the only greatest good looking natural girl around if she was natural she wouldint of gotten her nose done or anything there are many beautiful women out there ; and she doesint have the greatest body shes pretty much skinny skinny she may have some boobs but she got those dont prob too . CURVY IS Wayyyyy better ; i mean i gotta admittt shes pretty muchh good looking but shes not the best so girls when you hear your boyfriends say hwo hot she is dont wish to be her or feel like your not good enough you look awesome too im sure [: there are many wonderful girls out there ! In many different shapes and sizes & were all awesomeee !!! xD

    • Lauren Says:

      I totally agree with you’re comment. Lately guys are saying Megan Fox is “The Hottest” affecting my confidence, making me feel like her look is the “only” look. The influence from how Fox’s image is potrayed, has made me consider plastic sergery. On the other hand why? I would rather look like myself, anyone can look like her if they wear that much makup, and go under plastic changes. A person like her with so much fame should be promoting natural beauty, not how to look fake.Megan Fox was a beautiful girl, why would she want to change anything…..

  18. megan fake beauty Says:

    okay girls, listen up. dont believe your loser boyfriends when they say they like girls without make up. Guys perception of beauty on Megan Fox is the PERFECT example of this. Just go ahead and put on that concealer, foundation, eyeliner, contact lenses, hair color, mascara, blush, primer, contouring powder, shimmers and lipstick on- because THAT is natural beauty. Russian girls know this rule TOO well. Dont trust the idiot. Just wear the goddamn make up. He will kiss the ground you’re walking on

  19. megan fake beauty Says:

    ok megan is beautiful. but dont call her a NATURAL beauty, because she is NOT. that’s what’s get on the nerves of us girls. it seems like its OKAY for megan to have boobs and nose and lips done, color her hair and wear INCH THICK make up and pass as beautiful or God forbid, “natural” beauty (my ass!). but for the rest of us women, even if the girl is REALLY beautiful WITHOUT makeup, you will not admit it.

    some guys, no, most guys are just born liars……… AND that is why the cheating beauty Fox appeals to them (liars and cheaters match perfectly). You guys know you guys can never touch a REAL beauty even if you try. ugly/average girl with surgery and piles of make up, just to LOOK natural plus act whorish- is the best you can get

  20. Pinki Says:

    She looks absolutely amazing, the shape of her face and lips and everything is super natural, doesnt matter if she’s got no eyeliner on, she would still look really good.

  21. Clare Says:

    This is obviously a guys blog, you can tell because in that photo is is apparentley ‘not’ wearing make up.. she obviously is wearing foundation, mascara and some blusher or bronzer.

    • chris Says:

      no kidding clare. that’s why the avatar for the blog is a picture of a guy. also the name of the blog is chrisonrails.

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