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There are actually things to do in Washington D.C. August 23, 2007

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Wow I haven’t had any updates since the beginning of August.  I’ve been doing things like going on a resume blitz for fall 2007 employers.  Gotta get that full time offer, better sooner than later.

Last week I went to Washington D.C. for a quick trip…it’s been like 10 years.  I was bleeding red, white, and blue for a few days.  I don’t remember having to stand so far away from the White House.  I also don’t remember Washington D.C. looking so nice.  If you ever go, here are 5 things you should go check out and 5 things you shouldn’t.

US Capitol in Washington D.C.

5 Things You Should See in D.C.

1.  Lincoln Memorial – pay a visit to this famous leader and his ridiculously large statue.  You’ll stand there and Lincoln’s wise words will flash before your eyes.  You can quickly head over to the Vietnam Veterans and Korean Veterans memorial afterwards.

2.  US Capitol – looks glorious on the outside and if you can get inside it should be pretty nice.  You can look down the mall and see the Washington Monument.  After you’re done, you can hop over to the botanical garden or walk around the general area because it just looks very nice.

3.  Chinatown – Not grimy like the NYC Chinatown, this place is very “white”.  In fact, I don’t think anything in this Chinatown is what you would call genuine, but that might be a good thing.  Check out Clyde’s when you’re there or the clubs.

4.  Smithsonian Air & Space Museum – free museum with cool things to look at.  Lots of IMAX shows, check out the space film.  It’s very educational…it’s Smithsonian.

5.  The National Zoo – they have capybaras and more exhibits than you can handle.  Go see the gorilla exhibit.  It’s a lot of fun to make them fight each other.

Looking out onto the Washington Mall from the Lincoln Memorial

5 Things You Shouldn’t See in D.C.

1.  White House – biggest waste of time ever.  It looks far better in photographs since you can actually see it in all its glory.  If you’re content with looking through a black metal fence, a minefield of bushes, and have binocular vision, you’ll catch a glimpse of a rather lifeless house.  This is all due to those pesky terrorists.

2.  Spy Museum – advertised as really good.  If by good they mean a good place to bore you to tears, then yeah it’s really good.  They should have more interactivity and puzzles that you can solve.  If you like looking at outdated spy gadgets from the 1940s or earlier, then go here for $16.

3.  Washington Monument – it’s an obelisk.  You could probably see it from your hotel.  You can definitely see it from the Lincoln Memorial which is the ideal spot to view the structure.  No need to get closer and be disappointed.

4.  National Building Museum – big snorefest.  It’s in the process of renovation so don’t bother until they actually have something to see in there.

5.  Bureau of Engraving & Printing – the only place I like to see money is in my wallet.

There are lots of other things to do in D.C.  You can always goto theme parks.  You also want to stay at a place like the Hyatt.

Washington D.C. Hyatt hotel

As for my next post….recently I’ve been playing Bioshock for Xbox 360 and I’ll have a review by tomorrow.  Don’t wait for my word though, Bioshock has the highest game critic aggregate score in recent history.


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