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Funny cartoon of Michael Vick. Whoopi Goldberg defends him. September 6, 2007

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Great cartoon here of the Michael Vick issue.  I forgot where I found it but full credit to the artist.

Cartoon Michael Vick faces an all dog jury

Yesterday I saw this video, and it can be reasonably interpreted that Whoopi Goldberg is defending Michael Vick and not looking at him with the disdain that she should.

Here’s the quote from Whoopi Goldberg… 

“He’s from the South, from the Deep South … This is part of his cultural upbringing,”
“For a lot of people, dogs are sport,” Goldberg said on the show. “Instead of just saying (Vick) is a beast and he’s a monster, this is a kid who comes from a culture where this is not questioned.”

So what if there was a probability Michael Vick didn’t know it was wrong, it’s such a garbage excuse. That’s like saying I didn’t know it was wrong to go out and end someone’s life on Wednesday nights because in my hometown that’s culturally acceptable. Yeah dogfighting is probably still culturally acceptable down there but it’s not acceptable to the rest of society. They used to hang and own black people and that was acceptable in some areas, but it was not acceptable to the rest of the United States. Point being…Majority rules. The law rules. Case fuckin closed.

Michael Vick is getting such a hard rap because he’s supposed to be this nice football player that most people held in high regard. There might be some killers out there not getting the same kind of disdain and that’s because they are NOBODY. No one cares about them but people used to care about Michael Vick. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

After that video spread like wildfire, Whoopi realizes she just made a mistake and tries to rectify it by being completely unintelligible in this explanation video.

“…no one takes a minute to say…ok what exactly did you say?  Because no one’s written what I actually said.  You can’t go online and hear what I actually said.  People edited our…our uhhh clips” – Whoopi Goldberg making absolutely no sense.

“It’s very crafty of them,” says some random speaker on The View.

“There are people who hate blacks.  There are people who hate Jews.” – Barbara Walters

Nice one Barbara, I have no rebuttal to that.


One Response to “Funny cartoon of Michael Vick. Whoopi Goldberg defends him.”

  1. countramblings Says:

    “The law rules. Case fuckin closed.”


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