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Avril Lavigne is HOT…she’s the best damn thing. October 7, 2007

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Avril Lavigne cute sitting 

Avril Lavigne has this song called “Hot” on her third album The Best Damn Thing and the newly released video for it is pretty sweet.  I don’t care about her music really, just her looks.  She’s this burlesque dancer in her new video and it is damn hot…and if not hot, then at least cute.  Check it out.

Avril Lavigne Hot Music Video Screen Cap

*Too bad this is low quality* (Use a service like LAUNCH to view a higher quality version)

Yeah you might have cringed when you saw the video and heard the lyrics to “Girlfriend” or you might have thought that it’s an interesting change from her previous music.  After getting married, Avril Lavigne has pretty much gone crazy, not like Britney Spears though.  In any case, this Canadian girl looks pretty good sometimes.  Extensive amount of pictures below…

Avril Lavigne Blender June 2007 Cover

Avril Lavigne is pretty

Black and White Avril Lavigne Pictures

(I really like the last one)

Avril Lavigne in Black and White

Avril Lavigne is hot in Black and White

Avril Lavigne sitting pretty in Black and White

Avril Lavigne sexy intense staring in Black and White

Avril Lavigne beautiful sexy hot

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6 Responses to “Avril Lavigne is HOT…she’s the best damn thing.”

  1. timmy 9911 Says:

    omg i want to cum in her tight pussy phwaaarrrrr!!!!
    she can be my nob jockey any day

  2. matman Says:

    she is a sexy hot woman. i love to get between her legs and lick and fuck her tight hole. i want her cum ajj over my cock

  3. Sarah Says:

    Your a sexist bastard!! she has become a fucking slut. and if you think thats sexier than her old look then you dont know what sexy is, shes become a trashy ugly airhead. who need’s a good slap. I bet your some 40 year old pervert, who desperatly wants someone to fuck, get a life you cunt!!!

  4. Jenny Says:

    I live next door — I bet she does, but I bet she likes it between my legs better.

  5. ivanna Says:

    i am a big fan of arvil she rocks!!!

  6. I live next door Says:

    She looks like she gives good head

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