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Rutgers falls short against Cincinnati October 7, 2007

Filed under: Cincinnati,College Football,Football,Rutgers — allyouneediscourage @ 12:20 am

Some quick thoughts on the Rutgers versus Cincinnati game…

WTF we had the opportunity tonight…  Mike Teel misread with precious time left and our narrow chances of winning was effectively crushed.  There were way too many interceptions in this game…and Ray Rice didn’t do a whole lot of running.  Rutgers had to win these games to show that we’re actually for real.  Our first 3 games were easy as shit.  Going 11-2 last year spoiled a lot of people.  Now Cincinnati is where we were last year with a “Cinderella story”.  I’m glad I didn’t go to the stadium this time because it was a collective soul crusher tonight.

If Rutgers can’t beat Cincinnati, how are they going to beat South Florida and West Virginia?  Those are the next two huge games coming up and chopping wood probably won’t cut it anymore.


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