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The Victoria’s Secret 2007 Fantasy Bra is 100% BALLER. October 12, 2007

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Victoria’s Secret 2007 Fantasy Bra Selita Ebanks

Every year Victoria’s Secret releases a new version of this excessive and lavishly designed bra.  This year they’re going for a much more Christmas white, red, and green look.  It’s not just a bra, it comes in a full gift set this year with thong, garter, cuff bracelet, and matching barrette.  They’re just missing a crown or a tiara…oh well maybe next year.

It’s designed by jeweler Mouawad and there’s 4.5 million dollars worth of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and apparently yellow sapphires that I can’t see embroidered into the bra.  Oh yeah, and there’s some soft padding now so that the diamonds and wires don’t cut into breasts UNLIKE last year’s bra pictured below.

Victoria’s Secret 2006 Fantasy Bra Karolina Kurkova

How baller is this thing?  Well Selita Ebanks who models it this year claims “I felt completely like a woman and so sexy…your confidence level immediately goes up.”  This is how I would feel if I had a Ferrari or an Aston Martin, and I was so baller that I would rip up money for fun.  I’d roll up in my piece knowing that I’m the shit, and I’d rev my engine excessively to anger people.  While doing that, I’d have my crew roll out a red carpet and sprinkle diamonds on it.  If anyone tried to speak to me, I’d snap my fingers and my bodyguard would be there ready to take people out with a diamond billy club.

So…yeah, I guess balling like that would come close to this fantasy bra and lingerie set.


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