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Rutgers vs WVU: 2007 Recap and Stats October 27, 2007

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Rutgers Scarlet Knights Logo

Rutgers basically got destroyed today, it was madness.  100% taken to school and back.  It was painful to watch because I knew if Rutgers completed just 2 or 3 key plays, they might have at least been 31-14 rather than 31-3.

The stadium wasn’t packed today because of several reasons, it’s an early day game, it was raining, and…well it was raining.  Personally, I was attending my Saturday class.  Don’t ask me why I have class senior year on a Saturday, there are too many reasons.  I’m already knee deep in 18 credits, no quitting now.

WVU Steve Slaton and Rutgers Ray Rice

Anyway, Ray Rice ran pretty hard making 142 yards against No. 6 West Virginia and became the first player in Rutgers history to rush for at least 1,000 yards in three seasons.  In addition, Jeremy Ito made the 70th field goal of his career and became one of the 19 players in NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision history to record 70 field goals.  Mike Teel actually played very well with lots of rather accurate passes despite a bad thumb.  However, WVU running back Steve Slaton and quarterback Pat White were practically unstoppable as they racked up the points and took Rutgers to school.  A lot of things went wrong.  Rutgers committed four turnovers, the tackling was shit, receivers dropped too many to count, Slaton made people look like they were standing still, it was raining, and the RU uniforms were the wrong color.  Yeah, that’s right…the uniforms were black instead of the usual red at home games.  It all added up to WVU defeating Rutgers for the 13th time in a row.

Coach Greg Schiano’s comments on this game:

“It is very obvious the things we did not do today. We did not tackle the way should and we did not catch the football. We dropped too many passes, and some of them were touchdown passes. We dropped three touchdown passes. Are they tough catches; some of them are; but they are catches we need to make. Tackling just wasn’t Rutgers-like today.  Certainly the two guys we were trying to tackle had something to do with that, those are as good athletes as there are in the country, but a lot of things went wrong today. At no point did I feel our football team gave in. It was me at the end starting to take guys out because we weren’t going to win the game and we have a long season ahead of us but there wasn’t an ounce of letdown in those guys. It just didn’t seem like anything could get done for us, whether it was we get down there inside the red zone after you force them to a three and out, and you get a holding penalty on fourth and one. You can’t do that against good football teams. We hold them once and they punt and the ball hits us in the back. Sometimes things happen, and unfortunately it snowballed on us today. The positives for the game were that not one player stopped playing their very hardest. That’s how we want to play when things are going against us.”

West Virginia definitely has a football team that is Top 5 quality.  When you’re facing an opponent like that, you can’t afford to make all these mistakes.  USF was tough but honestly not on the level of West Virginia.  Mike Teel said, “the thing about football is how good are you on that given day for that three or four hours.”  Rutgers still has a long way to go.


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