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Happy Halloween! No tricks, just the treats. October 31, 2007

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Scary Jack O’ Lantern

Actually, I hope you have a scary Halloween.  This isn’t Christmas.  There’s witches, goblins, and storm troopers running around outside.  Some costumes just amaze me, and I’m happy to present a list of 13 costumes I found that were good and bad.  By the way, if someone gives you fruit or office supplies when you Trick or Treat, just put it in their mailbox.

13 Good and Bad Halloween Costumes

“Shepherdess” – stick is useful for beating off rapists.

Shepherdess Halloween Costume

“Nurse” – among the typical Halloween outfits that women buy such as pirate girl, sailor girl, french maid, school girl, delivery girl, construction girl, police woman, cowgirl, angel, devil, bunny, and fairy.

Sexy Nurse Halloween Costume

“Ghost” – unoriginal, tells people that “I am an idiot.  I paid $50 for a white sheet.”

Ghost Halloween Costume

“Heidi” – I don’t believe it either, but the costume is called Heidi.  Wear this if you’re a flashy attention-whore.

Sexy Heidi Halloween Costume

“Rasta Man” – would this be insulting to people who actually look like this and say “Yeah mon”

Rasta Halloween Costume

“FatBat” – this costume says to people…”I have NO FRIENDS.  I’m also probably obese which is somehow worse”

FatBat Halloween Costume

“Queen of The Hearts” – if you want to go all out.  Anything Alice In Wonderland is classic.  Flamingo is required.

Sexy Queen Of The Hearts Halloween Costume

“Nerd” – some people already wear this outfit regularly.  Pull the pants up to chest level for maximum effect.

Nerd Halloween Costume

“Coffin Man” – just don’t ask, it’s too fucked up.  Anyone wearing this deserves to get their ass kicked.

Coffin Halloween Costume

“Horse…Man?” – such a toolbag outfit…wear it if you want to get your ass kicked and wallet stolen.

Horse Halloween Costume

“Barbie Doll” – wear this if you have little to no self respect

Barbie Doll Halloween Costume

“Christmas Elf” – bang for the buck since you can wear it on Christmas too

Sexy Christmas Elf Halloween Costume

“Ice Princess” – like Cinderella for adults.

Ice Princess Halloween Costume


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