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Sarah Michelle Gellar is alive and in December 2007 Maxim November 13, 2007

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Sarah Michelle Gellar in Entertainment Weekly 1999

Wow…so Sarah Michelle Gellar comes back from a long hiatus…  Recently, she was photographed for the NEW December issue of Maxim Magazine.  So what if she’s like 30 and has faded out of the spotlight, she still has plenty of time for a comeback.  I remember when she used to be on a lot of magazine covers, hosted award shows, slayed vampires, and actually made movies (no matter how bad).  How exactly did she go from public obscurity to 2008 Woman of the Year?  Well, she does have three movies coming out:  The Air I Breathe, Possession, and Southland Tales.  I guess all the usual popular celebrities are too screwed up to make Woman of the Year (ie: Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton).  Sarah Michelle Gellar might be one of the only female celebrities that isn’t a loose cannon making all the wrong headlines.

Sarah Michelle Gellar on the December 2007 Maxim magazine cover

Why waste time with Maxim though when you can just get naked or follow Paris Hilton?  Well…give it time, she will come around soon enough.  Meanwhile, you can look at the new pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar in the December 2007 issue of Maxim magazine

I’d like to do a quick comparison.  Here’s a picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s last famous magazine photoshoot in UK Esquire 2004.

Sarah Michelle Gellar in December 2004 UK Esquire magazine

Now look at her in Maxim 2007.  Notice the general sluttiness, shady, myspace-angle, photoshopped look.  This is what makes a good magazine.

Sarah Michelle Gellar sexy pose in December 2007 Maxim magazine

Sarah Michelle Gellar intense pose in December 2007 Maxim magazine


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