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Black Friday is the most ridiculous day of the year November 22, 2007

Hayden Panettiere Crazy Swirls

Just look at this crazy picture of Hayden Panettiere.  If you shop on Black Friday which is always the day after Thanksgiving, you’ll be stabbing toasters with cutlery.


People getting trampled on a Black Friday Line Rush

There is no other day of the year where a guy can knock an old lady down, and then not even bother to help her because he’s trying to get to that $299 laptop.  Meanwhile a surging crowd of shoppers are running for the same item and then trample the old lady to death.  She’s in tears.  Kids are staring.  Some people point and laugh.  Boxes are flying.  Cases are getting torn open.  Two people are playing tug of war with a printer.  Another lady is shoved into a display rack.  There’s thirty people waiting for a store associate to open the case containing memory sticks.  People are stealing shit left and right.  Shopping carts are being filled to the brim with useless stuff.  The lines are atrocious.  Some people leave in tears after waiting hours for a deal and then not getting it.

A lot of that stuff happened last year, and I fully expect it to happen again.  It is glorious.

Black Friday Line Crazy People

Black Friday is widely publicized as the biggest shopping day of the year.  The day historically represents when retailers are back in the black or become very profitable.  Although being the biggest shopping day might be true in terms of the volume of shoppers, the amount of sales still doesn’t equal the sales made on the crucial days before Christmas (22nd, 23rd, 24th…mainly the Saturday before Christmas).  However, Black Friday still averages about a #7 rank in terms of sales.

You can either join the most insane day of the year where you’ll see greed and mass consumerism at work, OR you can join the social activists for Buy Nothing Day.  I have found some more pictures that accurately depict this “special” day.  Enjoy.

Black Friday Line at Walmart

Black Friday Line at Target

Crazy Black Friday Crowd Lining Up

Black Friday Line at Toys R Us

Black Friday Line inside Times Square Toys R Us

The BEST places to look at ALL Black Friday deals are…

I would hope that you’ll have fun and safe shopping, but we all know that’s not gonna happen.


One Response to “Black Friday is the most ridiculous day of the year”

  1. I live next door Says:

    You should buy a PS3 this black friday. There’s no sale on it, but it’s not like that’s stopped you from buying stuff before.

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