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Merry Christmas December 23, 2007

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Izabel Goulart in Red Santa Outfit at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2006

Two more pictures of sexy supermodel Izabel at the bottom of the post.

I’ll be going away to NH for a week, and I’ll be checking out the new 75th Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall today so an early Merry Christmas to everyone.

Radio City Music Hall 75th Christmas Spectacular

There will be some negative people who come up with some weak reasons as to why they hate Christmas and the holiday season.  Some of these include materialism, commercialism, fake sincerity, mall overcrowding, terrible music, lying to children, and belligerent people.

All of those are mitigated by one reason…you have a day or two OFF…or if you’re a college student like me, you have over three weeks OFF.  If you still hate it, then you probably shouldn’t celebrate the holiday.  If you don’t celebrate the holiday, then all those reasons will disappear because they involve celebrating the holiday.  See?  Everybody wins.

Most wanted holiday gift of 2007?

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii

Without a doubt, the Nintendo Wii is the mosted wanted item of this year.  Last year, there was a struggle between the Sony Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii for dominance.  As 2007 began, the Nintendo Wii slowly began to gain its now massive lead, and it has brought the company firmly back into the console war.

Just how wanted is this console?  Well it’s still fetching decent premiums on Ebay.  WiiTracker is a way to get quick notification of where the Wii is in stock, but within 5 to 10 minutes, the status changes from ‘In Stock’ to ‘Sold Out’.  Consider yourself lucky if you happen to find one on a store shelf.  It doesn’t matter what age you are, this is a gift for everyone.

If a Nintendo Wii doesn’t fit the bill, perhaps this dick in a box will.

Dick in a Box Funny Ad Warehouse One

Remember to treat yourself with a candy cane this Christmas because they are delicious.

Izabel Goulart in Candy Cane outfit at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2006

Izabel Goulart nice ass in Candy Cane outfit at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2006


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