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General Motors proposal to compete with Tata Motors January 14, 2008

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General Motors Logo

General Motors has recently been getting back into making cars instead of boxes with wheels.  They’ve been doing a pretty good job.  The new Malibu and the future Camaro offer much promise for GM’s future.  Now because of Tata Motors in India, GM has decided to work on a car that costs below $4, 000 to compete with Tata’s $2, 500 car.  How would a car like this be made?  Well check out this schematic from the NYTimes.

Tata Motors discount car schematic

I found this quote in a MONEY article “Detroit’s ‘new’ idea: Cars Americans want

“If your goal is to grow your business, you have to get serious about the small car market,” said George Pipas, sales analyst for Ford Motor (F, Fortune 500). “The steady decline in the Big 3 share can be traced directly to the lack of interest in the small car market.”

No George, I think the steady decline of the the Big 3 can be traced directly to absolutely shitty cars with a laundry list of shitty qualities.  You really don’t need a sales analyst to figure out why an American buyer will go for a Japanese or German car over an American car.  When I think GM cars, I think overweight, clumsy design, raspy engines, horrifying interiors, doors that rattle at 20 mph, front axles that break off at 60 mph, throttle cables that snap suddenly, and pretty much cars that couldn’t handle well even if they were helped along on rails.

Chevrolet Aveo Crash European Test

Until recently, GM couldn’t build their way out of a paper bag.  Last week, I drove a rental Chevrolet Aveo because a girl had rear ended my Acura, and the damages were severe enough to put the car in the shop for a week.  I didn’t want the Aveo, but it was reimbursed and it was all Enterprise had at the time.  Needless to say, the car was terrible.  They try to make it look all fun, spunky, and youthful.  EPIC FAIL.  If they can’t build a decent car for $13, 000, there’s no way they can build a decent car at $4, 500.  However, I guess anyone who’s buying cars priced this low have little to no concern for quality or safety for that matter.  Buy these moving coffins at your own risk.  It’s your funeral.



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