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Who are those people in the movie Cloverfield? January 25, 2008

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Cloverfield movie poster

After watching Cloverfield last week, I was left wondering…who were the actors and actresses in the movie?  None of them were properly developed, and a few of them just seemed like arbitrary characters who could have easily been left out of the movie.  Then there’s the shaky camera which further hampered character development.  You can’t really focus on their faces when the screen looks like a whirlwind of colors.

The movie is like a Blairwitch meets Godzilla.  It wasn’t as frightening as I thought it would be, but at least the action made me feel like I was there.  Aside from the excellent gritty and realistic looking footage, Cloverfield doesn’t offer much else.  I don’t even remember the names of the characters.  That’s how forgettable they are.  It’s difficult not to roll your eyes at how dumb the characters are as they make one stupid decision after another.  By the end of the movie, you’re left confused and dizzy.

I went and looked up the cast and came up with these pictures.  Just the women though.  No one cares about the guys.

The lead actor in Cloverfield is

Michael Stahl-David as (Rob Hawkins) – Leads people to their death.  Constantly in the wrong.

The names of the three main women in Cloverfield are

Odette Yustman (Beth McIntyre) – Unrealistically hotter than the rest of the cast.

Cloverfield Odette Yustman is pretty

 Cloverfield Odette Yustman is really hot

Click thumbnails for full size pictures of Odette Yustman

Cloverfield Odette Yustman smiling  Cloverfield Odette Yustman is beautiful sexy hot pretty  Cloverfield Odette Yustman sexy  Cloverfield Odette Yustman is beautiful

Jessica Lucas as (Lily Ford) – Half Pakistani, half Black…possibly crazy.

Cloverfield Jessica Lucas

Lizzy Caplan as (Marlena Diamond) – Expendable stoned chick who looks 40 but is around 26.

Cloverfield Lizzy Caplan

The camera guy for most of the movie is

T.J. Miller as (Hud Platt) – Idiot who can’t hold a camera still.  Fucks the entire movie up.

I hope there is a sequel made because there are too many unanswered questions.  This wasn’t a bad movie, it was just unfulfilling.  Hopefully they’ll find a better camera guy next time.


5 Responses to “Who are those people in the movie Cloverfield?”

  1. Says:

    Man you are either crazy or smoking crack if you don’t think Jessica was just as fine as that odette chick.

  2. dee Says:

    Jessica Lucas was just as fine as that Odette chick, so I can’t really agree with that comment saying she was unbelievably finer than the rest of the females. Finer than the lizzy chick I could believe, but not jessica lucas. They were about a tie.

  3. Leland Says:

    Interesting perspective but far from mine and everyone else I have talked to. Developed characters? They were developed enough for what the movie was. The camera was shaky because it was a handycam being carried around by the “actors”, the premise of the movie. Odette unrealisticlly hotter? That doesn’t even make sense, besides her being average. I guess Lizzy could look 40 just as much as she could look 20, 40’s not that old but if I saw her at my college I wouldn’t give it a second thought. The movie isn’t great, it is what it is, and it’s cool to watch for the first time.

  4. Say waht?? Says:

    Hey shut up, Lizzy Caplan does not look 40!! She’s the f*****g coolest and hottest out of all of them… geezus

  5. Paige Says:

    yeah, everything that was written i agree with except one thing odette isn’t the prettiest, jessica lucas is, no offense. the guys should have been on here, because they were so hott!!!

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