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Australia’s hottest supermodel: Miranda Kerr April 13, 2009

Miranda Kerr

"I was blessed with good genetics, but my essence is very happy and warm and I don't take my job too seriously.  I'm not saving lives here."

"I was blessed with good genetics, but my essence is very happy and warm and I don't take my job too seriously. I'm not saving lives here." - Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is a unique, untraditional kind of beauty in the Victoria’s Secret model lineup.  I remember very clearly the first time I saw this woman on television.  It was back in 2006, and I was in the family room in my house on a winter night watching the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  My sister made some remark about the model on TV, and I notice a non-Brazilian model with a cute dimpled face hamming it up and down the runway with a giant megaphone.  I searched for a bit on the internet but I couldn’t find out what her name was…that is until a few weeks later when I saw her again on TV and on the internet.

"I don’t look at myself as a sex symbol. I see it as a job, and I’m working for a company that I really love and enjoy working for." - Miranda Kerr

"I don’t look at myself as a sex symbol. I see it as a job, and I’m working for a company that I really love and enjoy working for." - Miranda Kerr

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person look similar to her.  Some people think she looks kind of weird like a baby faced doll.  I don’t disagree, she looks strange in some photos but so does every supermodel.  Miranda Kerr has a girl-next-door look most of the time but she can have a super hot look on a moment’s notice.  I think the Australian accent works well too.  When Alessandra Ambrosio or Adriana Lima try to speak in English, I’d rather they keep their mouth closed because they sound retarded.  When Miranda Kerr speaks, she’s understandable and her voice adds a pleasant touch to her persona.  It’s also kind of funny.  Listen to the way she says “wings”, “mystery”, and “push-up”.

For a post like this, I think it’s better to show pictures rather than go through a whole exhaustive list of biographical information.  However, here’s a summary background on this supermodel.


Miranda Kerr has very beautiful distinctive eyes.

Miranda Kerr is a 25 year old supermodel born Sydney, Australia but raised in the rural town of Gunnedah.  She was a tomboy when she was young; she was racing motorbikes, riding horses on her grandmother’s farm, and not afraid to get dirty with the guys.  “It was a very grounding thing to grow up in the country where there wasn’t any pretentiousness and no one really cared what you were wearing. You could just be you,” she says of her childhood.  Miranda entered the fashion industry in her mid-teens after winning a competition that sparked some controversy.

From the Daily Telegraph:

One of her friends entered her into the Dolly/Impulse Covergirl Competition by asking Kerr’s mother, Therese, for some photos from the family album and secretly posting them off.

“I didn’t want her to be a model, so I supplied photos of Miranda that showed her crooked teeth!” laughs Therese.  “She has gorgeous teeth now after years of wearing braces, but I thought it might put the judges off.”
It didn’t.   Kerr won the 1997 competition and flew to Sydney for the photoshoot, one week before her 14th birthday.  “There was some stiff competition, but Miranda’s photo was stunning. I’ve never forgotten it,” remembers Shonagh Walker, one of the judges and the beauty and lifestyle editor of Dolly.

But the win took a nasty turn when several media pundits declared Kerr too young to appear on a magazine cover, saying the photos might attract pedophiles and that the shoot was “pornographic”.
“I couldn’t understand the fuss.  It was a magazine for young girls, so why shouldn’t young girls be modelling in it?” says Kerr.  After the fuss died down, Kerr decided to finish high school before she started working in modelling seriously.

After receiving tons of commercial exposure through Australian surf clothing chain Billabong, Miranda cycled through agencies, runway and print campaigns for brands like Levi’s, Neiman Marcus, Rock and Republic, Roberto Cavalli, etc.  In 2006, she broke into the US market through a cosmetics contract with Maybelline New York.  That lead to better things as she became the first Australian model to be offered a contract with Victoria’s Secret.  In a short period of time she became the first Australian Victoria’s Secret Angel joining Gisele Bündchen, Alessandra Ambrosio, Karolína Kurková, Adriana Lima, Selita Ebanks, Izabel Goulart, and Heidi Klum.  She gained quite a bit of exposure as she appeared on the 2006, 2007, and 2008 fashion shows.  In addition to that, she’s the new face of Californian fashion retailer Arden B and Australian retailer David Jones.  In 2008, Miranda Kerr earned approximately $3.5 million which puts her on the top 10 highest paid models.


These shorts look hot on Miranda Kerr.

“The US has fallen in love with her,” says leading fashion, beauty and celebrity photographer Russell James from Los Angeles.  “We love her because she has the most incredible girl-next-door look and she’s also insanely beautiful.

“It means women are not intimidated by her looks and guys think they might be able to talk to her.  It’s a fantastic combination.”

There are three things that mark Miranda Kerr as something special in the modelling world.  Unlike some of her beautiful colleagues, she has an effervescent personality. People want to be around her; she’s fun on a shoot.

“And she’s not stupid, which can be a very annoying trait among some models” adds James, who recently shot Kerr for Victoria’s Secret.  “She’s outstandingly professional and she always turns up to the job in a great mood.  I’d place her in my Top 10 alongside Gisele and Heidi Klum.” Secondly, she really sells product.

“It’s all about the bottom line for the clients.  It’s as blunt as that,” says her Sydney agent, Ursula Hufnagl of Chic Management.  “The clients want to sell their product and Miranda has one of those very open personalities that the public relates to.”

Thirdly, she’s a Buddhist. And we’re not talking about that brand of celebrity feel-good Buddhism.  Kerr has rejected the fast-lane lifestyle of many of the top models.


She turns 26 on April 20th, but I easily thought she was younger.  Currently, she’s residing in New York and dating Orlando Bloom.  Her book is due to be released soon.  It’s an inspirational self-esteem self-help book called Treasure Yourself aimed at the female teenage demographic.  Miranda says, “Basically, it’s a whole lot of information that I’ve found, that has helped me.  If I can help one girl by doing this then I’ve completed my purpose.” I couldn’t help but laugh at that quote but I’m not sure I would have the patience to write a book, no matter how dumb or easy it sounds.  I don’t want to take anything away from her though.  Miranda Kerr is easily one of the more educated, humble, and charismatic models to come around in a long time.

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3 Responses to “Australia’s hottest supermodel: Miranda Kerr”

  1. Great discussion. And I REALLY like that you practice what you preach. Thats when you can tell a post has come together.
    And Im also fascinated by how fresh you made the routine [admit it: what you just shared has been regurgitated millions of time. ;-)].
    Ben Johnson said people dont need taught as much as they need reminding.
    Good work.

  2. Turned On Guy Says:

    I gotta say she is gorgeous in every way, and is unbelievably attractive. I only wish i knew her.

  3. Vegas Dancer Says:

    total cutie and a sweet girl too my friend modeled with her in ny.

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