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Wall Street 2 in pre-production, Douglas and Stone are back April 30, 2009

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Wall Street came out in 1987, 22 years later a sequel is planned.

Wall Street came out in 1987, 22 years later a sequel is planned.

I just heard yesterday that Michael Douglas and Oliver Stone are coming back with a sequel to their 1987 hit “Wall Street”.

Michael Douglas is going to show us the money again as Gordon Gekko and Oliver Stone is set to direct.  Shia Labeouf is also rumored to be negotiating a stock trader role in this movie.

20th Century Fox spokesman Gregg Brilliant said the project is timely and relevant given the state of the world.  “We need to keep the story line under wraps, but it’s literally ripped from today’s headlines,” Brilliant said.  “It’s going to be very big and very cool.”

In the original film,  Bud Fox played by Charlie Sheen was a young and impatient stockbroker willing to do anything to get to the top, including trading on illegal inside information taken from a ruthless corporate raider.  Gordon Gekko was a symbol of Wall Street greed and corruption during the boom era of the 1980s.  Wall Street is a cult classic film like Boiler Room.  It’s a movie that I can just watch over and over again.


“Gekko has endured because audiences give him the “same kind of respect we’ve got for the great white shark,” Douglas said in an interview Friday with Associated Press Television News for his upcoming life-achievement award from the American Film Institute.

“He’s a villain. Gordon Gekko is a great, old-fashioned villain,” Douglas said.  “And, interestingly enough, if you look at most actors’ careers, their biggest achievement, not necessarily success, but (achievement), is playing a bad guy.”

Man, I am so excited for this movie, you guys have no idea.  I think the plot is going to be pretty epic but predictable.  With all the events that have happened in this financial collapse, they have so much material to work with for this movie.  Credit default swaps, mortgage backed securities, shady rating agencies anyone?  Haha.  I will update as news comes in for this.


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