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Alanna Kolette is a stunning hot model that you don’t know yet. June 8, 2009

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Alanna Kolette makes jean shorts look good

Alanna Kolette makes jean shorts look good

Alanna Kolette is a 21 year old, 5′ 7″ brunette model with a megawatt smile and a megasweet rack.  She was born in Oklahoma City, OK, is a mix between German, Irish, and Native American, started modeling in her teens, likes to watch movies and be lazy, and she uses her sex appeal to get into high-end clubs.  Sounds great, but there’s more.  Check out the interview at ->

A couple weeks ago, I debated whether or not to goto Englishtown, NJ for one of the HIN (Hot Import Nights) 2009 shows.  I didn’t go based on a past experience;  it’s like $35 to just look at terribly modded cars and experience mediocre entertainment.  That’s not to say all the cars are terrible, but seeing and speaking with some hot models is about the only thing that makes it a bearable show.  Even then, the sweaty throngs of obese Asian and Guido photographers mobbing me to get to the models isn’t fun.  At any rate, Alanna Kolette is probably worth half the admission price.  I didn’t notice this woman until I saw her on a flyer.  You might recognize her as Miss HIN 2009, the top model for the import car show circuit.  Her face is distinctive and that’s obviously important in a sea of attractive models.

Alanna Kolette radiates with hotness

Alanna Kolette radiates with hotness

Here are some of the best photos I could find.  Lots of credit to the photographers who took these pictures.

You need to see her face in high resolution to appreciate this woman.

Click these two for high-res.


Alanna Kolette has a megawatt smile!


Alanna Kolette shows her pearly whites




Click these for full size.

alannakolette_beauty alannakolette_commercial1
alannakolette_swimsuit3 alannakolette_swimsuit4
alannakolette_swimsuit5 alannakolette_jeans_nude

See more Alanna Kolette and most of these pics in high res at


5 Responses to “Alanna Kolette is a stunning hot model that you don’t know yet.”

  1. barry Says:

    She is a stripper @ the NY strip in Pompano Beach! dirrtyyy

  2. Vegas Dancer Says:

    I love her face. She is a little too tan for me though I like them pale as can be but overall I would say an 8 I would totally date her, seems like a sweet girl.

  3. gianluca Says:

    Dear Alanna Kolette, you’re very fantastic, and Miami is it a beatiful town for live, I know many models in this town and many friends, Alex-Horley, Kristal Richardson, Stacy E. Walker, very nice jknow they, please if you can sent to me a picture to :
    Gianluca Pirrotta “the clown”
    Multitienda 7/24 calle o’donell 42
    MADRID 28009 España-Spain
    a lot of kiss to you and don’t forget best of U.S.A. Keysiville very nice , kiss to you baby !!!!

  4. JahBen Says:

    BEautifull girl

  5. braga Says:

    she’s hot.

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