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Two nights at the Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas June 21, 2009

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This post is R rated for raunchy behavior.  Read at your own risk.

Originally, I was going to keep this post private and just share it among friends, but I’ve decided to let the world in on my review of the Spearmint Rhino at Las Vegas.  This is more like a racy erotica story rather than a typical blog review.  I tried to put this together as accurately and as best as I could from memory.  I’ve never written anything like this before, and I thought it was a good idea for a post.

Your jaw will drop, your eyes will widen, and you may get a little hot because of how detailed this is.  However, I think it’s really good.  Just read to the end and you’ll know what’s possible at the Spearmint Rhino.  My first experience at a gentlemen’s club completely blew away all my expectations. I am being absolutely honest about what happened.



Until recently, I’ve never been to a “gentlemen’s club”.  I just got back from a 4 night 5 day trip to Vegas.  What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas…but this is too good to not share.  This past Thursday 6/18 and Friday 6/19, some of my friends and I rolled into the Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club which is right off the Las Vegas strip.  I heard amazing reviews from Yelp, and professional reviews have called it one of the best clubs in Las Vegas.  I’ve been told that celebrities go there often and it’s one of the classiest strip clubs you’ll ever go to.  People from David Beckham and his wife to Howard Stern have been there recently.  In fact, I believe Howard Stern hired some girls at the Rhino for his Vegas show.  The Spearmint Rhino girls have also been featured briefly in the movie 21.  You’ll never know who you’ll see, whether it’s a pornstar, a model, a celebrity, or other captains of industry visiting this place.  After seeing some pictures and a few reviews, I was sold.

When I arrived with my buddies, there were two bouncers outside, one with a metal detector, and another big guy who checked my id.  Cover charge is $40 (raised from $30 but it includes a paid drink) but you can supposedly get in for free if you schedule a complimentary limo ride from the club.  We went there by cab so we all paid the cover.

Combined, I think my friends and I spent about $2400 at this strip club.  I spent about $800 not including cover and drinks which is ridiculous, but I was prepared to ball hard.  By ball hard, I mean by average civilian standards, not rich millionaire standards of dropping 10 G’s in one night.  Here is a detailed account of my experience.

Spearmint Rhino from the outside

Spearmint Rhino from the outside

1st Night at the Rhino

Spearmint Rhino entrance

Spearmint Rhino entrance

During the first night and my first time at the Rhino, I wasn’t sure what to expect as I walked in there, but I knew what I was looking for.  We all walked past a group of beautiful girls who were standing by the entrance, and we made a beeline to the cashier.  As I waited in line to exchange a $100 bill for five $20 bills, I spotted a stage with 3 poles and some girls dancing.  There were three other things I noticed:  it was really dark, there seemed to be tons of nooks and crannies in this place, and there were at least 100 strippers in this place, almost all of them 8’s or above in looks.  On my scale, an average girl is a 5, a good looking girl is a 6, a pretty girl is a 7, a hot girl is an 8, and so on.  You can probably imagine just how high end this club is in terms of the quality of women.  They don’t just let any woman who can strip to work at the Spearmint Rhino.

While I was in line, a stripper approached me, and I had only been in the club for about 15 seconds.  I summoned my willpower and said “thanks but I’m ok”.  She cocks her head and asks, “Are you shy?”  I say “No, I don’t want a dance right now.”  After getting the money, we walk down and up a ramp, turn left into a nice lounge area, and get our drinks.  On the way to the bar, there are about 20 women all unaccompanied just staring at us.  It’s pretty intimidating, but you just have to learn how to say no and avoid eye contact no matter how hot they are.  When we get to the bar, there’s like another 50 women, some with clients and others just chilling with drinks trying to make eye contact.  I order a Redbull Vodka, find a table, and sit down on the comfy chairs with my friends.

30 seconds later, a tall sexy brunette taps me on my shoulder.  I look up at her and get a little flustered as would anyone else and I’m thinking…wow just let me relax for a bit and take in the scene.  She asks me “hey babe how’s it going?”  I slide her a $20 and ask her to give my friend a lap dance.  He has no idea what’s going on.  I’m just sitting there laughing a little.  Looks like the fun is about to start.  Within seconds, her top comes off and she’s sliding up and down my friend.  I don’t remember if my other friends had strippers approach them during this because 15 seconds later, a beautiful slim blonde comes up to me.  “Hi my name is Lena”  I shake her hand and tell her my name.  Yeah I’m not passing on this one.  I give her $20 for a lap dance that’s over way too soon.

Spearmint Rhino has strippers that look like this

Spearmint Rhino has an army of pretty strippers

This is the VIP lounge.  $200 for 30 minutes.  $400 for an hour.

This is the VIP lounge. $200 for 30 minutes. $400 for an hour.

1st stripper

Lena asks me if I’d like to go some place quieter.  I have to agree.  She tells me, “I love the tie” and drags me to the VIP lounge.  I think for a few seconds about how much this will hurt my wallet…then I think ehh fuck it, my first stripper experience needs to be awesome.  The lounge has an intimate feeling with square sofa booths and a tables in the middle.  It’s $200 for 30 minutes and $400 for an hour, but there is a drink minimum, tips, and I think some charges if you pay with a card.  I begin with the 30 minute deal.  We sit down and she asks me to remove my wallet, phone, and other stuff to make it more comfortable.  She asks me playfully “You look young, are you old enough to be in here?”  She has a very soft girly voice.  I say “Yeah, guess my age.”  She guesses “24?”  I reply “No, I’m 23.”  I guess most of the guys who visit the Rhino are like 30 years old or in their 40s if I’m considered young.  You need to be 21+ to visit the Rhino.  I figured most of the audience would be younger but young 20 year olds are typically broke ass dudes.

Lena asks me where I’m from and what I’m doing here.  I tell her I’m from NJ, and I’m just on a trip with some friends.  She’s originally from Ohio.  We move over into the corner.  In the other corner, there’s some guy with tits covering his face, and I just see flesh everywhere.  Lena asks me if it’s my first time at the Spearmint Rhino.  I say “Yeah, I’ve never been here before.”  She perks up and says, “Ooo it’s your first time, so you’re like a Rhino virgin!”  I nod uneasily.  This girl was young, hot, and it was kind of making me uncomfortable if that makes any sense at all.  She smiles at me and says “Mmm, you’re soooo cute, can I keep you forever?”  What happens next is kind of a blur.  She began her dance and her top came off.  She had smaller natural breasts that looked amazing.  At first, I had no idea where I could touch or what I could do.  I remember asking to cup her breasts, and I touched her nipples which she said felt really sensitive.  She told me I could go anywhere but down there (which are the strip club rules).  She asked me if I like blondes or brunettes.  I said “blondes are nice”, and she replied “I like brunettes”.  I  slowly massaged her sensitive breasts while she writhed around.  Then I ran my fingers down her back while she grinded into me.  I noticed an intricate bird tattoo on her back right above her ass, and I asked her about it.  She asked me “Do you have any ink?”  I told her no.  She said “Only get it if you’re completely sure about it.”  Her ass was really really nice even though she was so slim.  It was really tight and soft, with smooth slightly tanned skin, and a nice curve to the sides.  She slotted it perfectly into my lap, and I thought wow…she has one of the tightest nicest bodies I’ve ever seen.  I wanted to ask how many times strippers moisturize a day because she smelled so good and was so soft.

She rubbed my arms a lot and said, “Your arms are so smooth, I love it.”  Yeah, so I naturally have hairless arms.  It must be a good thing though because they get a lot of attention.  Girls have said that I have great arms and that they feel nice.  Anyway, enough about me, back to the action.  Lena lifts up my shirt and licks her lips, “Mmm boxers?”  I nod.  She asks if I’m ticklish.  I lie and say no.  She moves her hands around my stomach and slides them up my chest.  I try not to laugh.  Then she comes up and wraps her arms around my neck while straddling me.  I kiss her cheek and whisper in her ear “You’re so cute Lena.”  She thanks me and kneels on the ground.  Suddenly, she puts her throat against my cock and starts humming which has a pleasant vibrating effect.  It is really ridiculous.  She plays with my tie a little, sits on my lap and pumps up and down, and mostly grinds into me while singing a little to the music.  A few minutes later, she cuddles up against me and asks “Mmm, I love cuddling, do you?”  I blurt out numbly “uh yeah…”.  She cocks her head at me and asks “Really?  Or are you just saying that?”  I say “no really, it’s nice”.   I let her rest against me, and I stroke her for a bit.  Before I know it, 30 minutes is up.  Fuck…  I sigh and buy another 30 minutes.  We take a little break and chat while sipping our drinks.  I ask her if she goes to the gym.  She says, “No, I do Yoga.  I was into sports when I was kid.  I was a runner, played basketball, was on a soccer team…”  She trails off…  I thought well…no wonder she’s so lithe and hot.

In round 2, Lena asks me if I need to adjust my pants and if my crotch is ok.  I’m wearing slim jeans and there’s not much you can do for adjustment so I lie and say I’m ok.  She sees my sunglasses and asks about them.  I tell her they’re aviators.  “Ray bans?”  “Yeah”  She asks me to put them on.  I slip them on and she grins “You look like a cop”.  She says “they’re not so good on me because I have a narrow face”.  She puts them on and I tell her they still look nice.  All of a sudden, the dancing starts up again.  During the second 30 minutes, Lena lets me remove her panties (she’s wearing two pairs) and underneath is a very skimpy black thong.  As the panties slide down her leg, she says “Oops my panties are stuck on my heel.”  I slide my hand down her leg and remove them.  Lena lifts up my shirt, removes my belt, and then she says seductively, “Mmm these can be dangerous”.  She makes a snapping whip sound with it and puts it to the side.  She pouts at me and says “I’ve been really naughty” and forces me to slap her ass and slide a finger up and down the side of her thong.  She tells me to rub her ass while she’s feeling me up.  “Hey, feel my ass and how soft it is!”  I give it a little squeeze and stroke it a bit.  Yep, super soft and toned.  I explore her body with my hands from her back to her shoulders to her breasts to her thong.  She slides her hand into her pussy and rubs it while rubbing my crotch with her other hand.  Lena gives me a little mischievous smirk and tells me, “I don’t let people remove these panties very often.”  I grin at her, and I plant a kiss on her shoulders and rub her back.

Near the middle of the routine, she grinds into me softly, while I thrust into her softly.  She eventually sandwiches her ass right on top of my hard-on and sort of squeezes until I almost felt like cumming through my jeans.  Oh man, she’s good.  I inch back a little because the feeling is just too much.  If it’s possible to have sex through clothing, then Lena accomplished it with flying rainbow colors.  Five out of five stars.  Two thumbs up.  1st place.  If you’re laughing right now, so am I.  It’s crazy.

After the dance is over, I sign the bill and tip her.  She gives me a hug and kiss on the cheek, I thank her, and then I’m on my way back to the main floor.  I meet up with my friends and they’re all getting lap dances.  The club is crazy by this point at about 1am.

Spearmint Rhino pole girl

Spearmint Rhino pole girl

I have to note now what I was wearing.  I had on a white double pocket shirt with rolled up sleeves, dark slim straight jeans, GUESS wingtips, and a nice black silk skinny tie.  I also had non-reflective Ray-Ban aviators to complete the cop/pilot look.  Yeah, I wore these sunglasses into the club at NIGHT like a gigantic douche, because I knew it would get attention and ‘wtf, who is this guy?’ reactions from people.

As I sit back down to finish my other drink that I left at the table, a Hispanic chick with an accent comes up to me.  She asks me how I’m doing and if I’d like a dance.  I say “no I’m fine for now”.  Then randomly, she talks about how she met a gay dude earlier, and she wondered why they bother coming here.  I say, “ehhh, he probably just wanted to avoid dances”.  She says a few more things and that it was nice meeting me and she moved on.  About 30 seconds later, two Asian strippers and a brunette tap my shoulder.  I say no because I want a break.  About another 30 seconds later, a gorgeous blonde with a nice smile and pretty eyes comes up on my right side.  She asks me how I’m doing and if I remember right, her name is Sierra?

2nd stripper

I have to say this stripper and I meshed really well.  She’s quite good at what she does.  Anyway, I introduce myself to Sierra and where I’m from.  She says “Oooo a Jersey boy”.  I tell her I used to work in the financial industry for a bank, but I’m trying to find entertainment/media work like for tv or movie production.  I give her $20 and she starts a lap dance.  She had pretty large tits, probably fake, but they were really well done.  I’ve never seen anything like these in my life.  She slides up on me and tells me “Wow, you’re hella warm”.  She plays with my tie a little and tells me that she loves it.  The dance is really nice and I end up going to the 3 songs for $100 – private lap dance room.  Sierra playfully drags me by my tie to the room.  I tell her I need to go to the bathroom and she says ok and waits for me.  I visit the bathroom where there’s a “paper towel guy” and an ATM right by it.  The women’s bathroom door is open and there are tons of strippers in the bathroom readying themselves.  I come out, meet back up with Sierra, and I walk into the private lap dance room which isn’t really completely private.  It’s just a room with a bunch of booths next to each other and you can kind of see what’s going on in the other booths.  She laughs and says “wow it got hella dark in this room.  Oh God… are they really playing country music in here?”

We sit down at a booth and I remove my wallet and other belongings just like before.  Sierra examines me for a few seconds and tells me “hmm you look hella young.”  She sure loves to use the word “hella”.  I ask her to guess my age.  She says “25?”  I laugh a little because 25 is not young to me.  I tell her I’m 23, and that I’m Asian so that when I’m 30 I’ll look 25.  She smiles and says yeah I have a little Asian in me and she tells me she’s a quarter Filipino and half German.  Well, she doesn’t look like she has much Asian in her at all.  Her eyes are kind of exotic but they are green/blue.  She guesses that I’m Japanese or maybe a little Filipino like her but nope…I tell her, “I’m Chinese”.  Sierra wrinkles her nose, “hmm really?”  I nod.  She tells me she’s 23 too, and that she generally doesn’t hang out with guys her age because they’re all assholes and immature.  She says, “but you’re nice, you don’t act like the guys I’ve met”.  I find out she lives in Las Vegas, NV.  “Yep, I’m one of those crazy ones that have lived here forever.  We chat about Cirque du Soleil shows, when she’s been to the east coast, and how awesome Florida is.  She says, “Yeah Florida is nice and I’d definitely be there instead of here but they don’t pay as much as they do here.”  Well…that’s no surprise haha.  She asks me if I’m ready and the dance begins.

She slides up on me and slowly removes her skimpy top.  She grabs my tie and tells me she has a tie fetish and loves it.  She tugs on it, laughs, and starts to act like a cowgirl hopping up and down.  This is going to be good.  Everything is a blur at this point, and I’m just enjoying myself.  I slide a finger from her neck, circle her breast and spiral inwards toward her nipple, and come back down to her belly button.  I think back to the first stripper…I point to her nipples and ask her “Are you sensitive there?”  She says “No, not really.  It feels really good.”  As she’s grinding into me facing forward, she tells me “You’re hella cute, I just want to take you back home with me.”  I thank her and tell her that she’s really cute too.  Pretty soon, the set is over and she asks me if I want to keep going.  Well obviously!

We take a break and she talks about how there’s an image of east coast people being rude and impatient.  I agree.  She tells me how nice I am and she asks me if I’m single.  I say yeah and she’s really surprised.  “Wow, that’s crazy that you don’t have a girlfriend.”  We chat a little more, she brings up sex and how she has yet to have sex with an Asian guy.  Uhhh..right…  Pretty soon, she starts her second set.

I try to be as sensual as I possibly can here for two reasons.  I am enjoying her immensely and Sierra clearly really enjoys the sensual touching.  As she moves on top of me this time, I take a chance to kiss her shoulder and her neck.  She goes “aww you’re so sweet” and kisses me on the face.  At this point, this dance starts to get really hot and sexual because I know she’ll allow me to really kiss and touch her.  She grabs my tie and yanks me towards her breasts.  I cup one and kiss her nipple and I kiss the top of the other one.  She grabs my hair and says “I love your hair, it’s nice and thick here.”  As she’s grinding in a circular pattern, I begin to kiss her at the V of her neck and I slide down and suck on a nipple.  I have to say she tasted amazing and smelled intoxicating.

Then she breathes hot air into my ear while fondling my hair and purring softly.  I’m moving my hands down her chest and around her belly button.  She leans her back against my chest and nuzzles her head right up against my right shoulder.  I slide her hair back a bit and kiss her on the side of her neck up to her ear and her cheek.  She says again “Mmm, you’re so sweet” and I sigh and tell her, “God, you’re so hot.”  She flips around and straddles me, I moan a little in her ear and she kisses me back on my ear, does a sexy purr, and bites it a little.  I kiss her on the mouth briefly before I start to work on her neck again.  I’m hugging her real tight and sliding my hands down her back.  At this point, we’re both hot and breathing heavily and we end up just resting a bit.  Before we know it, the set is over.  She says “I don’t know if that was the 3rd or 4th song, but I really like you so whatever, and I’m kind of high right now.”  I laugh and say ok (I’m pretty sure it was the 4th so I got a freebie).  In hindsight, I should have asked her for some weed for my friend.  She asks me if I want to take a break or keep going.  I’m okay with one more set because this is like one of the hottest dances ever.  She says, we’ll wait for the next song to start.  She lights up a cigarette and asks me if I want some.  I take a drag and give it back to her.  God this shit is hot.

When the next set of songs start, we resume our lap dancing.  This is crazy.  This stripper is passionate like no one else in the private room and this is my SECOND stripper ever.  We’re just ravishing each other like we can’t get enough.  Way too hot.  I kiss her starting at her ear all the way to her mouth.  She smiles, and says “oh God…everytime you do that…I just wanna…” and she trails off, growls and bites my ear, and kisses me on my neck.  I slide my hands around her breasts, push them together and kiss both of them at the same time.  She grabs them and shoves them into my nose.  I ask her how low I can go and she tells me “everything but the cookie jar.”  She knows the strict club rules, but I’m sure if the bouncer wasn’t looking in every now and then that I would have been able to give her some more action.  Anyway, I rub her thighs a bit while we press our noses against each other, and I’m just breathing in her scent.  I stroke her chin and kiss her on the nose.  She smiles affectionately and darts in for a kiss to my ear and mouth, and she runs her hands through my hair.  She says “You’re really cute and sweet and you’ll make a girl really happy one day.”   Lol, this girl is good.

The set ends and Sierra tells me that I can call her or get her on the pager instead of trying to find her in this big place.  She makes sure I have all my belongings and says “The couch almost swallowed your wallet.”  She asks me for a hug, and we walk out together.  I have the biggest smile on my face.  She hugs me again, I thank her, and I tell her I’m going to the bathroom.  I come back out and a blonde comes out of the bathroom.  She says “hey baby, wanna come with me?  I’ll rock your world!”  I decline even though she’s hot because I’ve already spent more than enough money for the night.

I’m walking back to where my friends are and damn!!!  I realize that I completely forgot to get Sierra’s number.  I wanted to see if she would come entertain me and my friends at the MGM Grand the next day.  Oh well, I didn’t bother to find her in the club since it was really crowded at this point.  Also, I wanted to stop spending money.  I get back to the table and my buddies say, “Wow where have you been, you disappeared for like 2 hours.”  Hahaha.  I decline a few other stripper advances as I sit down, and I wait for my friends to finish their dances.  We leave the club at like 2:30am with smiles on our faces and talk about it for the rest of the night into the next day.  Hell, we’re still talking about it even after we got back to the East coast.  Fun times.

2nd night at the Rhino

Spearmint Rhino main stage

Spearmint Rhino main stage

So on Friday night, I went back to the Spearmint Rhino with two friends.  As I stepped through the door, I noticed that it was 3 times more packed than yesterday.  There was barely room to walk and pretty much all the strippers were occupied.  Tons of guys were just standing around the pole area or by the bar looking completely lame.  Like 20 minutes pass and finally one of my friends is dragged away for an hour at the VIP lounge.  I walk around with my other buddy for a little bit and decide that if nothing happens, we’re just going to bounce in 30 minutes.

3rd stripper

Jana Jordan is a Rhino girl

Jana Jordan works for Spearmint Rhino too but she wasn't in Vegas.

About 10 minutes later, a young, pretty, tall girl with long blonde hair approaches me.  I hear a girl say “Hey…” directly behind me.  I look around at all the other guys just standing around.  Nope, she’s talking to me.  Nice!  She asks me about my drink and if I’m drunk.  It’s another Redbull Vodka, and I’m not at all drunk.  I smile at her and she checks me out for a bit then says, “hey… I think I like you.”  She tells me her name is Sayshelle (spelling?) like a spinoff of seashell.  I tell her that I can’t go with her anywhere until I get someone for my buddy.  I didn’t want to leave him standing around.  I thought oh well, there she goes.  Surprisingly, she didn’t move on to the other guys who were just standing around sipping their drinks waiting for strippers.  She says “ok, I’ll find a hot girl.  Blonde or brunette?”  I tell her it doesn’t matter.  About a minute passes, and she finds a brunette for him.  I suggest that we can start at the private room.  We walk over to the 3 songs for $100 – private lap dance room.  It’s extremely busy this night and there’s a line.

While we’re on line, Sayshelle asks me how old I am.  I ask her to guess and to keep in mind that I’m Asian so I might look younger than I am.  She says, “24?”  I say “Close, I’m 23.”  She says, “My next guess would have been 21, it’s hard to tell with Asians.”  I say, “Yeah, I’ll still look young and hot when I’m 30.”  She laughs and says “Well I’m 22, when’s your birthday?”  I tell her and she says “so you’re about 9 months older than me.”  My friend’s stripper behind us says something along the lines of “Mmm, I’m an oldie” but she doesn’t look too much older than us though.

Sayshelle tells me she’s from LA and a total valley girl.  I try not to roll my eyes because she does have a California girl accent.  It’s cute but also kind of annoying.  She mentions how she loves reality TV and that she likes trance music.  I ask her a question about trance, and I make some comments about Armin Van Buuren and DJ Tiesto.  She answers my questions correctly.  I ask her about how the club is on Saturday and she tells me that it’s actually not as busy and that some girls don’t bother showing up for work.  I find out she’s been working for about 2 weeks.  Nice, I got a newbie stripper.

The three song set starts and she starts to climb on me while I’m trying to get my wallet, phone, and other shit out of my pocket.  Haha, so eager.  She removes her top exposing some incredible looking breasts.  She starts to grind on me as I run my fingers down her neck around her breasts and to her belly button jewelry.  Going into the second song, I kiss her on the shoulder and she says “Aww” and laughs.  I slowly begin to kiss elsewhere to see if she would encourage it.  She does.  She moves her left breast in for a kiss and then her right breast in.  She tastes so good and smells like peaches.  I lean back and run my fingers up and down her body.  She seems to be really enjoying it at this point, just staring down at me and smiling.  I’m just enjoying her trim figure.  The set seems to be over way too fast.  She asks if I want to do another.  I say “ok one more would be nice”.

Going into the second set, she raises up on her toes, arches her back, and starts to bounce up and down on my cock which is now bulging up through my slim jeans.  I start to thrust upwards and lift up off the seat a few times.  LOL.  I have no idea if she wants me to do that but the dance is starting to get smoldering hot.  So, I stop after 30 seconds and she’s still slamming her pussy into my jeans.   She laughs, closes her eyes, and just has this sexy expression of lust.  Well now I know she really wants it.  She’s driving down as hard as she can until I could feel her pussy bone ramming my crotch.  We dry hump really hard for a little bit before I stop because it’s starting to hurt.  I interlock my fingers with her right hand and she hugs me really close and nuzzles my neck.  She moves my hand to her leg and I stroke her inner thigh for a bit.  I whisper in her ear, “You’re really really cute.”  She laughs and says “It takes one to know one!” and fondles the back of my head.

Now she’s just sliding back and forth on the bulge, and it looks like she really wants to jerk herself off on this.  She’s digging in and trying to push and mush our genitals as close as possible through clothes.  It kind of hurt, but I really can’t complain.  She turns around and leans her back on my chest, and puts her head against my shoulder.  She’s grinning at me so I stroke her chin, slowly kiss her neck multiple times, and play with the cross necklace that is draped between her breasts.  That kind of jewelry is super hot.  As I’m blowing hot and cold air into her ear, I’m drawing circles around her tits.  She closes her eyes going “mmmm” and leans in to kiss my ear.  By the end of the set, we’re both feeling hot and heavy, and I rub her body a bit more.  She giggles and asks me “Can I get a hug?  That’s always free.”  I give her a hug, a tip for being so good, and we walk out.  We smile at each other, wave goodbye, and I head to the bathroom.

After a quick piss, I join my friends who want to leave.  One of them had a lame experience because his stripper brushed his hands away when he tried to feel up her breasts.  I guess they didn’t connect too well?  The other had a really good time spending an hour at the VIP lounge.  He said there was ice involved…that’s cool haha.

We jump into a cab and I spend the last night in Vegas at the MGM Grand gambling in roulette.  The past two days were so MONEY, that I didn’t even realize how awesome it was until I got off the plane in Philadelphia and all the glitz and glamour were gone.

In Hindsight


Lena Nicole is a Rhino girl (not the same Lena I had)

Jana Jordan

Jana Jordan is a Rhino girl. Imagine if she gave lap dances.

Jana Jordan at a Spearmint Rhino booth at AVN 2008.

Jana Jordan at a Spearmint Rhino booth at AVN 2008.

It was pretty awesome that I managed to get three different amazing strippers who approached me and gave me an amazing set of dances.  They were young, able to speak to me like a normal human being, and they didn’t just try to hustle me for more and more money.

How do you know if a stripper is not just an emotionless shell trying to use you like an ATM?  How do you know if a stripper picks you because she likes you?  How do you know if a stripper thinks you’re a good patron?  Well shit I don’t really know, and I don’t really care but these questions may cross your mind briefly.  I guess if you had my experience, then you’ll know that the stripper probably likes you enough to open up a bit more.  Either that, or they’re really good actresses.

Ultimately, there’s really no point in reading too much into how strippers behave.  Keep in mind that you’re paying money for an experience and you should get what you pay for.  If you get anything extra and above and beyond what you expect, then good for you.  Make sure you look rich, or at least nice and approachable.  Sure they’ll try whatever it takes to make as much money as possible, but they’ll also stay away from drunken, shitty, ugly, or sleazy assbags when they can.  They will not hesitate to complain and get a bouncer to remove you if they don’t like you.  This is important to note on busy nights when there’s way too many guys available to handle.  If they come to you over a group of other guys, then there’s something about you that attracted their attention.  Just be happy about it and have fun.

When I used to think “strip club”, I thought about sad women who’ve made some very wrong choices in their life.  I thought about whether or not some of these women have morals.  I wondered what happened in their life to get them into this kind of job?  I thought about how they justify it by saying it’s a way to make a living, or that they got sucked into a world of stuntin’, or they do it to get themselves through schooling, or because they’re just nymphos.  I questioned the validity of the profession, and now I’m astonished at how much money these women can potentially make.  I thought it was a waste to just spend the rest of your life stripping and then spending that money on dumb shit.  I thought about the abusive and/or horrified fathers out there and whether they still love their daughter, or the crazy fathers who know but feel absolutely fine.  I wondered about the regular who goes week after week, night after night, lap dance after lap dance, hoping that the stripper he sees will take a genuine interest in him.

Well you know what?  Fuck all that.  My presumptuous attitude about these places is regrettable.  Don’t knock something till you’ve tried it, right?  The girls at the Spearmint Rhino just want to have fun and so should the guys that go there.  I can’t stress that enough.  Know that a gentleman’s club is way different from a strip club, and these classier joints seem to be springing up all around the country.  It’s your American duty to support these women who put on a fantastic show and prove that the female form is art.  Help change the world into a sexier place $20 at a time.

On a final note, if you don’t have at least $140 to spend, don’t bother going to this club.  Ideally, you should go in ballin’ or don’t go in at all.  To sum up the menu:  $20 for regular lap dances, $100 for private 3 song dances, $200 for 30 minutes in the VIP, $400 for an hour in the VIP.  Don’t forget about drink minimums and extra charges.  Use their limo service to avoid cover.  Women can’t really get into this club unless they work there, do some bribing, or have an entourage of guys.  In fact, I don’t think I saw any woman in this club that wasn’t a stripper.  My only regret is that I wanted to make it rain in the VIP, but sadly I didn’t have enough cash.

Occasionally I’ll let my mind wander back to those two nights and how surreal it was.

Just remember not to fall in love, remember that you’re paying for an experience, wear a sexy tie, and you’ll definitely have fun at the Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas.

Club rating – 9/10 – really dark spaces but seating is good, overall scene is good, staff is mostly polite, can get extremely crowded

Dancer rating – 10/10 – too many girls to count, a lot of variety, a lot of talent, a lot of beauty

Value rating – 8/10 – can get expensive, cover is a lot, but there’s even more expensive clubs out there that don’t provide the same experience



71 Responses to “Two nights at the Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas”

  1. Nathan Garton Says:

    I went to club and immediately found a girl willing to give me a dance for $200. She was incredibly hot however I didn’t have cash for the service. They did not accept my credit card for some bizarre reason so had to use the ATM. The girl said she would help me get the money out. Because I was extremely intoxicated she and an accomplice noted my PIN number on card. When the dance in the private room commenced she said it would be more comfortable to remove wallet and phone. During the dance they took my wallet and wiped out all the saving on my card (approximately $1500 US). As this was deducted on ATM with PIN impossible to lodge Fraud case. Needless to say wallet was sitting there after dance so I had no idea of this until next day.

    Never, ever, ever go this to this up corrupt evil place. Seriously in Australia where I am from you can get hotter girls in legal brothels at way cheaper prices! Forget Vegas! I am never returning USA. Visit and decide yourself.

    If you do go to this club please do not take any debit or credit card. Do not make my mistake!

  2. jones Says:

    Strippers will tell you what ever they need to.. It’s there job . They are there to work and take your money. They are all damaged goods, some more than others. This is just the plain simple truth.

  3. Sofia Says:

    I danced there since 2009 I enjoyed your review and reading your experience I love the Rhino ❤

  4. magnum Says:

    The rhino is awesome!

  5. J Says:

    I am replying to your question to SJ. It varies by club probably more than by city as any city can have various clubs, topless or nude, each with their own “rules”. Each can then have their informal rules of allowances that the dancers interpret that can range from full contact including even genital and in some cases actual sex. There are some Internet sites where people can comment on clubs in an area to give you a hint of what goes at any club. The individual dancers and what they are willing to do and for what price you just have to discover or get to know from other customers.

  6. S J Says:

    I have had similar experiences with girls in Detroit who work you and create the experience. I always dance with them with the idea that they have as much fun as I, the disadvantage on my side is that they get paid for having fun while we have to pay!!
    Has anyone run into a girl named Essence at the Rhino?

    • Francis Says:

      So S J did you had the type of experince in detroit how chris hgad as he has posted here..And is it the same way it happens in every strip club where girls work on you and we enjoy?

    • Francis Says:

      I will be visiting spearmint rhino in 7 days S j …So if possible reply at the earliest what happens there in detail and tell about the id they ask in the entrance and all as i dont know about it

  7. Mike Says:

    vegas dancer is definitely a man

  8. Francis Says:

    Can anybody who went to spearmint recently share your experience?

  9. Francis Says:

    Hi guys if there is anyone who has went to spearmint rhino recently please tell what all happens inside as i and my friend are planning to celebrate new years eve in vegas spearmint rhino.Thanx in advance.reply as soon as possible.

  10. Francis Says:

    Hello Chris your review about spearmint rhino is really wonderful.I really got educated what happens there …Thanks a lot for writing your experience there…I recently saw in a comment that these days in spearmint rhino we are not allowed to to touch females ..Am francis from India here..I and my friend want to celebrate this new years eve and am planning to go to a strip club .So i just wanted to ask you whether even these days the things you have experienced will also happen or not .And what are the rules that we have to follow to go there like the type of dress we wear and all.And what should we show them in the entrance to allow us inside..Please reply as soon as possible dude…

  11. elliott Says:

    This story is good but i like it even more because i had a much more ridiculous experience that cost me less and i will never forget. I came to vegas for my cousins bachelor at 23 years old when the last time i came i was 15 with my family which made these two trips completely opposite. This is not the first time I’ve been to a gentlemans club but not strip club. After dinner I come with 10 of his boys with the limo and free admission which is absolutely crucial. Right when I walk in Im mesmerized by all of the unbelievable women that seemed to never end. We walk past the bar and before I see the stage a fellow patron shoves me and realizes from my dropped jaw this is my first experience here and says, “Just wait it gets way better, I’ve been to many clubs and not one is even close to the rhino” I nod, take a deep breath and walk into heaven. I walk in and the first lap dance i see the stripper is on another girl then i look beyond them and see the stage where i saw moves i couldn’t even image were possible. So this beautiful blonde stripper with a pink thong climbs all the way to the top of the pole, wraps her legs around it and drops upside down and then lets go and rotates while falling not sliding down the pole straight into a split. Are you kidding me? Before I know it I’m getting shoved by my boys to get out of the way in the middle of the pathway. After being propositioned by every girl i looked at in the eyes, and having numerous come up to me, i resist until we all get in the VIP. My cousin/bachelor gets his girl and then finds one for me. She was a beautiful short fake blonde with broken english which was an unbelievable turn on. So of course i said yes, paid the $200/half hour and find a booth. She pushes me down and gets on top of me playing with my long brown hair saying, “your hair i love, so cute” and she takes her top off. Her breasts are fake but fit her tiny body perfectly and i have never felt fake tits so i was pretty stoked. She’s grinding me and we order drinks, she gets a water and i get a $35 gin and tonic, seems way to expensive but i took advantage of the condensation of the ice cold glass. We take sips and then i start caressing her nipples with the cold glass while she is tugging my hair and then i suck on her cold hard nipples to warm them back up. She seems like she’s loving the vip more than me and starts really getting into it by straddling even harder while unbuttoning my shirts and licking me from my belly button to my lips. I can barely handle myself when i hear my name and i look in front of me and its my boy cheersing me and laughing and then 5min later i hear my name again but completely butchered in broken english and i look to my left and its my cousin ecstatic and enjoying every minute. My girl tells me she can’t believe how cute i am and gets my number and calls me so ill have hers. Then we continue and she asking why i don’t have a girlfriend and if she could be mine. I laugh and say of course. I notice my cousin leaves and we’re there for at least another 15 minutes until the bouncer motions i need to pay for more time. she wants me to stay but i say i have to find my cousin. She tells me to find her or she’ll find me. i get to a table where all of our boys are including my wasted brother who is arguing with a stripper about politics when my friend says seriously, “what are they even allowed to vote?” then i start talking to everyone about their girls and we all have exotic island girls from cuba to dominica to puerto rico. I love this. its about 3am on a saturday night and we decide we need to go back to the casino and win back the money we just spent which for me was $200 for vip $80 for two drinks and $20 tip. So we go back and have an amazing two more days. That wasn’t the best part. so we all go to the airport to fly out at 11pm and since it is our last night we are pretty wasted ready to sleep on plane and get home. So everyone checks in fine and then I’m last. i slide my card and wait, ERROR. I ask the employee what the deal was and he says hmmm oh well your flight is actually tomorrow at this time. FUUUCKK they all leave, no hotel room and I’m too drunk to stay up all night and gamble. so i get on my computer and try to see rates for flights which would be $275 the next day and i didn’t like this. so on a whim i think hmm lets see what the island girl is up to. she had left me a text the day before asking why i left her. i responded at the airport saying i didn’t mean to but now all my friends left me and I’m stuck trying to bid on a hotel room. she immediately texts back, “do you want to sleep with me?” uhh what? i send her “hmm since that seems to be my best option, yes” i wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg so i say “its not going to cost me my plane ticket back is it?” she replies “what do you mean, come over and drink wine” so she sends me her address, i get a taxi into her gated community and beautiful home and we immediately pop a bottle of champagne, i pick out the movie layer cake to watch on her massive plasma screen and after another bottle of champagne and well lets say we fell asleep at sunrise then i took a shower and left after she tells me its her turn to visit me back on the east coast. It was unbelievable and she seemed just like any regular girl I’ve hooked up with back home but way hotter, had a nice home and was actually sincere. I will never forget that and when all the boys asked me what i ended up doing for that night i just get the biggest grin and just say you just won’t believe me.

  12. SK Says:

    I just came back from conference in Vegas and my buddies took me to this club.
    I had no idea what to expect, i though it was just like any other strip club but boy, was i wrong!
    We got limo from our hotel and called our contact at the club for VIP. We got in, no charge and immediately got the table.
    As we were walking in, i noticed a lot of girls and it wasn’t clear to me why so many anyway, i felt someone touching my head with fingers and i turn around and there was beautiful blond, petite, said hi to me, introduced herself, grabbed my hand and started walking with me toward the table.
    She sat in my lap and introduced her self as Yuna, she had an accent but i couldn’t tell from where. She was very giggly and sweet! but she had to leave quickly as she was called to dance.
    Anyway, one of the girls that was with my friend called another girl, Chantel who came over, introduced her self and sat next to me, blonde, petite, bubbly, pretty. We quickly went into the VIP booth, behind the curtains for one hour.
    We got our bottle of vodka and mixes and started drinking, she took her bra off and there were pair of beautiful, natural breast B cup, she had the nicest body and she was really passionate with me as she was really into me. She was rubbing her crotch on my pants as i was running out of space in my tight jeans and i’m glad that they were tight, if i had slacks…
    Anyway, she was very friendly, we had nice conversation, she was talking about her future, etc. Nice girl but i could not get the first girl, Yuna, out of my mind! When we got back to the table, another hottie, brunette this time, sat next to me and got close to me and introduced her self as Tawny, she had the most beautiful eyes, petite, hot body, b cup breasts, we started talking and after while, she convinced me to go and get 3 for 100.
    She took me back and we ordered drinks, she took her bra off and there they were, just beautiful, perfect breast, she started grinding her self on my crotch and boy i was quickly running out of space in my jeans once again!
    Shes also very nice, you can definitely have nice conversation with her plus the way she was all over me it was just, wow, made me feel really special!
    After i got back to the table, within few minutes, who showed up, Yuna! asked me where i was and i replied, looking for you!
    Now, this girl was beautiful too, hot body, beautiful face and eyes but she was different than the other two.
    For some reason its like we connected, it was weird, she asked where i was from, because of my name, and when i found out where she was from i figured out that we have things in common.
    Once again she was giggly and sweet, very friendly, very natural! After a while, she took me back for 30 min. She also had b cup breasts that were just beautiful, her body, amazing and she was so passionate, the other two girls were great too but this one was different, she kissed me everywhere, her hands wrapped around me, if she could get closer to me she would of!
    At the end she did ask me for a business card but i didn’t have them on me which i regret!
    Anyway, my experience with the club and the girls was all positive!
    Most girls are beautiful, polite, nice, sweet, always introduce themselves and asked where you are from, what are you doing in vegas, etc.
    It is expensive as we did spend 1500 each but, we did have a great time and i cannot wait ti go back.
    From now, my trips to vegas are going to consist of, nice hotels, nice restaurants, spa, Spearmint Rhino! No more gambling!

  13. Bluebonnet0617 Says:

    The next “wrong kind of guy” who reads this post is going to take this as how every stripper in every strip club acts and is going to wind up sexually assaulting a girl. She will be traumatized for life and probably have no repercussions.

    • chris Says:

      Now you’re just trolling. You have no idea. I suggest you read my reply below to know how things really are. If a guy is too dumb to realize a dancer isn’t giving anything more than a regular dance, and actually commits something like sexual assault, that really isn’t my problem. They’re going to get their ass kicked by the bouncers and possibly thrown in jail for the night.

  14. Bluebonnet0617 Says:

    If you did all these things you said you did, you turned these women into prostitutes. There are reasons there are laws against prostitution in the city of Las Vegas. They may have willfully participated but you still took advantage and sexually molested these girls. You actually are admiting to breaking the law and you should be arrested. The reason the second stripper promised her number to you and then walked away without giving it was because she was hustling you just like the rest of them. She wasn’t interested in you, she just wanted to get more money out of your pocket. Stripping can be a profitable but dangerous job for women but it’s men like you and this post this, that allow men to put women at risk for sexual assault, thinking that women are having so much fun and are so into it. What an idiotic misconception. these women may have volunteered these actions but the hundreds if not, thousands of men who will read this will think that this behavior is totally socially acceptable and put women at risk of being assaulted.

    • chris Says:

      I haven’t posted on this blog for years or gone back to this club since then, but I approved this comment because you took the time to write all of that. I think you really have no idea what goes on at the Spearmint Rhino and Vegas in general. The fun I had during at Spearmint Rhino is something that would be rated PG and hardly something I can get arrested for compared to some of the stuff I witnessed. There are prostitutes roaming the club secretly all the time trying to proposition guys. A friend of mine got an “offer”, and he turned it down.

      Sexual assault doesn’t happen at this club, because it isn’t some shady club in some back alley. The bouncers keep a tight watch on what guests are doing. If anything illegal goes down or dancers complain, they’ll do their job. A lot of the dancers aren’t career strippers either. You do realize some of them actually have fun too, not just the guys.

      In fact, there were instances at a club where I got almost a dozen free dances over a few visits. Yes, FREE…because I treated her nicely, she let me know she was attracted to me, I was attracted to her, and sometimes there’s real chemistry. This dancer became a friend of mine, and interacted with me plenty outside of the club through Facebook, texts, in person, etc. Dancers having fun and being open to getting to know you for real is not an “idiotic misconception”; I would definitely know since I’ve experienced it. I’m hardly responsible for someone who reads this post and takes it the wrong way. If some of these Vegas dancers want to hang out, and some actually do, they’ll meet you at a casino or a nightclub.

      • Mary Says:

        I work at rhino and do not allow these things. I am very clear upfront with customers and I have still been sexually abused here.

  15. bsyarob Says:

    Hm. I think I met Sierra recently, but I think she goes by a different name now. Also had a great talk and wanted to keep in touch, but my friends wanted to bounce. Bummer.

  16. Nancy Says:

    My boyfriend went to the Rhino with his friends from night until sunrise. I consider it to be cheating. How would you guys like it if us girlfriends or wives were out for the night getting our vaginas rubbed by another guy? Isn’t that the same as cheating? I am interested in opinions.

    • chris Says:

      I don’t consider it cheating unless kissing or more is involved. If your boyfriend is doing that, then I think it would be ok for you to go to a male strip club. Sometimes you need a boys night out or girls night out.

    • Alex Says:

      depends on what he does there. when i’m in a serious relationship, i don’t get any lap dances at a club but doesn’t mean i won’t go hang out with my boys for as long as they want to stay there.

      would take a lot of willpower and highly unlikely for most guys i know but it’s not impossible. depends on if you trust him to or not.

      but yes, i wouldn’t like it if my girl gave some guy a lap dance so i wouldn’t do the same to her.

  17. david Says:

    i live in vegas,,,,,funny to hear u spend hundreds and thousandas of dollars on those girls for dry humping,,,,i usuall y go after 1 am ,,,as the night girls already have spend from 9 pm till 1 am,,,squeezing those customers,,,,,after 2 am they r tired ,,,though new shift vcomes at 2.30 am,,,,rhino busy till 7 am,,,,,,its 24 hrs ,,,like walmart any ways i spend only $1 each time i use the bath room(tip the bathroom guy)…i dont drink at all so in night i spend may b $3 literally 3 dollars,,,,,and alwayi would say 95% of time i pick up a dancer,,,either she needs a ride or a RIDE. any way if u spend money on those girls,,,they use u like an atm,,,if u dont spend money u not a customer but just a friend,,,who can ge t lucky…if u go before 10 pm they squeeze u dry……….dry humping not worth it,,,they laugh at u when they go dressing room,,,,some of my friends told me that ,,,the girls who work there….good luck

  18. brilliant. fuckin brilliant.

  19. vegas Says:

    your a loser, you dont know how to talk to them. You got hustled, you need to think like vegas, not a tourist…. chunmp

  20. Mike Says:

    Just got back from the Rhino. Did the 3 song private room dance with a girl name “Sunny” WOW! she was amazing and the full touch no rules were great. I’ve been to strip clubs in my town and the Rhino blows it away. I came to visit my friends who are locals so I didn’t have to pay any cover since I was with them. We just got to walk straight in. My buddy who I was visiting has actually been hooking up with one of the girls for about 6 months now so I had him ask her if she knew Sunny so we could all party the next day…sadly, she didn’t know her though.

    • Says:

      yes mikey the plkey true true- tell him how it is – hes been mugged an happy- fair play- but if thats where he wants to start no wonder they took his pants down an smacked his bum like the naughty boy- get some experience before hitting RHINO

  21. nonya Says:

    you people are fucking retards, especially the poster. you pay 500 bucks to a stupid hooker to *not* get laid? isn’t that like paying a housepainter 500 bucks to drink your beer and steal your ladder???

    idiotic. i wish this shit was illegal. mind u i don’t think it’s my right to tell anybody what to do, or pass judgment on the confused, lonely, desperate, and psychotic, but for fuck sakes, there are NICE girls who are not WHORES with real jobs who can hold REAL CONVERSATIONS who WILL FUCK you without asking for money, just because you are the kind of guy who can see through the LIES of the stripper industry and are smart enough not to waste their money on it.

    and girls. you’re human vomit. if it weren’t for you taking this money these guys would be at home with their wives and girlfriends, or out looking for nice REAL women. you are the perpetrators the men are the victims. you will regret someday not spending your time looking for dudes with more to offer you than a little cash and no commitment or compassion


    • chris Says:

      This is the best reply to this post yet.

      Good points but you’re taking it too seriously…at the end of the day this is just a story about having fun in Vegas that I wrote because a review like this for the Spearmint Rhino doesn’t exist anywhere.

      500 bucks in the context of Vegas is not that much. Next time I go, I’m going to do between $5000 to $7500. Panoramic suite, more shows, and every goddamn club will be hit up.

    • jeff Says:

      “…mind u i don’t think it’s my right to tell anybody what to do, or pass judgment on the confused, lonely, desperate, and psychotic, but for fuck sakes, there are NICE girls who are not WHORES with real jobs who can hold REAL CONVERSATIONS who WILL FUCK you without asking for money…MORONS. ALL OF YOU… MORONS…” – nonya

      LOL…Don’t you LOVE these type of post…

    • bsyarob Says:

      wow someone like you needs to recognize that the people you’re blindly hating are people too. stripping isn’t just grinding and taking your clothes off. the most ‘successful’ and appealing strippers sell you an illusion – that they are attracted to and totally enthralled by you, in ways that you dont necessarily see in relationships.

      in some ways, its not too different than people who break up once they’re out of the honeymoon phase – in the end, they were only in it for the rush/initial attraction.

    • Sparkle Says:

      Lol. You are hilarious.

  22. Mike Says:

    I just got back from Vegas and met a hot blond with glasses named “Mariposa/Butterfly” I guess, she was the coolest Stripper I have ever met. Seriously, every time I go to Vegas from now on I am bringing a couple grand cause it is worth a night in VIP with her, she is bad ass.

  23. hank Says:

    Great post. I met Lena too and fell in love as well.

  24. BRIAN Says:

    Just got back from Vegas. Got to the Rhino at midnight we left at 5 am. Don’t bother going to any other strip club in Vegas. I refuse to believe there are women more attractive or cool. Get ready to spend money and have one outrageous time. Say hi to Harley and Angela.

  25. Scott Says:

    I had the same great experience you did at this club. These women are pros and know how to extract cash from you. I had a great time though. Walked out of there with her phone number and email address. We still keep in touch. I can’t wait for my next trip.

  26. Vegas Dancer Says:

    Seriously this story of the first “dancer” borders on prostitution. If you did any of that in most clubs in Vegas the girl would be fired for hooking. Only at the rhino. That is so gross do you ever think of how many other cocks she’s “humming” on? I am SO glad I work at a no-touch 40 a song club!!!

    • chris Says:

      Lol, the humming is not gross…it’s not like my pants are off and she’s going all out. It’s a stripper trick that’s not only done at the Rhino.

      I respect your dancing choice, but guys partying in Vegas don’t pass up a good strip club to goto no-touch clubs. I don’t know any guy who is going to pay $40 a song for no touching. I mean I can do that at the beach or just goto a nightclub. The Rhino delivers spontaneous fun and debauchery.

      • Vegas Dancer Says:

        I get guys who pay me 500 an hour to talk hun.

        • braga Says:

          There’s no way someone who has any common sense would pay $500/hour just to talk.

          • Vegas Dancer Says:

            my regulars do it ALL the time hun. some guys are lonely and simply want good conversation with a topless women

            • Vegas Dancer Says:

              Everyone has different expectations when they enter a club. Some guys want raunchy dances from numerous girls, others want the gf experience where I sit and talk with them for a set period of time, some want a girl to dance for there wife, some want a fantasy it varies. You can have a good time without being slutty. A girl who gives me a seductive strip tease will always be someone I spend time with where as a girl who lets me touch like crazy and does a slutty dance is someone I might see once or twice.

              class is always valued higher than just someone dancing you go to be entertained.

              • chris Says:

                I like conversation too, but c’mon those $500/hr guys don’t need a stripper. They need a therapist.

                They aren’t ballers either because rich people don’t have the time to be regulars that go just to talk. I would know. I’m a Wall Streeter. I wonder how long those guys can keep up that irrational behavior? You know the saying, “a fool and his money are soon parted.” In any case, I’d take them to the bank too.

                I enjoy the seductive striptease also! I prefer slow and sensual to raunchy/slutty.

                Hey you should submit a guest post about a couple of your dancer sessions and what the interactions are like… whether it’s disgusting or awesome. I’ve been looking for someone to post anonymously from a dancer’s point of view.

                Next time I’m in Vegas (maybe 1st half of 2010), I need to go check you out Vegas Dancer. I’m curious as to where you work at. Seems like a lap with you…would be interesting.

                • Vegas Dancer Says:

                  I work at Glitter Gulch in Las Vegas. I am there Thursday-Sunday. Ask for Kristine

                  • Vegas Dancer Says:

                    I am a topless therapist lol seriously though it’s rare to have the 500/hr guys these days but I always love when they do show up. Had a guy last night gave me 200 for some drinks, two dances and a nice conversation totally made my day considering how slow it was. It was a nice change from the previous girl who wanted to know how much money we make a night then refused to tip because she doesn’t like dirty strippers and would rather waste money on gambling. Hey ya can’t please them all.

                    • Vegas Dancer Says:

                      Depends on if I am your type hun. I have a myspace and facebook you can check out.

                    • chris Says:

                      No you can’t…tag em and bag em hahaha. How do I check those out Vegas Dancer? Post the links here or send you an email?

                    • Vegas Dancer Says:

                      so you never told me if you checked out my facebook and what ya thought. talk to you soon hun.

                    • Vegas Dancer Says:

                      So Chris when can I expect to meet you in person?

                    • chris Says:

                      Yea I checked it out. No arguments here… I knew you’d be a quirky brunette! Something tells me you’re a tall lady too.

                      I have no idea when you can meet me… I don’t know what’s a good time to go . I’ve been so busy lately getting started as a broker, reading/studying, and working on my Wall St blog. Things are starting to explode right now. My friends and I would love to hit up Vegas again in the near future. Nice to know I have another contact there.

                • Vegas Dancer Says:

                  Thanks hun. feel free to add me as a friend. yes i am 6 foot without heels how did you guess?

    • braga Says:

      Are you boomerang worthy Vegas Dancer?

  27. So Cal Boy Says:

    Right on dude i had so much fun reading what you had to say about SR. I was lol all the way through b/c its just so true. I was there a couple of days ago and i had a great time. I was buzzed at the end and i forgot to give her my # b/c supposedly shes gonna hang out in So Cal soon. Some might say that she just made that up just to get some more money out of me but heck you never now. Bummer. Anyways i had a great time and lastly i agree, dont be a cheap ass and “go ballin”

  28. Need $500 Says:

    If you go with expectations of taking some lady(ies) back to your hotel, you won’t be disappointed. $500 is pretty hefty though.

  29. Lena Says:

    Thanks for the flattering words Chris! i remember exactly who you are and I hope you remember me next time you visit vegas!
    Until Next Time!

    • chris Says:

      Lol…if this is really you, I never thought you’d find and read this. You’re welcome. Sent you a message to the email you left here. Hope you get it!

    • Dean and Bonnie Says:

      Hi Lena,

      Bonnie and I had a fantastic time with you this weekend! Thnaks for everything. Can we keep in touch via facebook or email? Next time we are in Vegas, we would love to hook up again. (We will be there in May) We’ve tried to find you on facebook, but to no avail. For the first time experience you gave my lovely wife…I thank you.

  30. schuey Says:

    thx for the great review. We will visit SR for sure…

  31. Edgar W Says:

    Was there last summer and had a great time also. This guy’s review is pretty much right on. If you’re not a slob, look like you actually care about your appearance and are nice to the dancers you and your hands will both have a great night here. Also, don’t be a cheap-ass. Go for the $100/3 songs deal or head straight for the VIP room. Once she knows you’re packing some $ and you’re a nice guy, you’ll get your money’s worth. She’d rather be with you then the sweaty fat slob in a VEGAS t-shirt waiting outside.

    One last thing: tip the VIP room or private lap dance room bouncer on the way out, especially if you think you might be heading back in there sometime later. Remember that he’s the dude who let you get away with all that touching: he could have thrown your ass out.

    • glynn-johns Says:

      Tip the bouncer at the door???Are you kidding?? Those meat heads shake down the strippers, and make 2 o 3 times the money the dancer do. Let me guess, the dancer you had convinced you to do it.

  32. m Says:

    Nice. Had a kick ass experience at the Rhino a couple of days ago and totally agree with your review. The girls are AMAZING and if you arrive earlier (say, 10:30pm) on a weekday you will get your pick of an amazing selection of beautiful women. Be nice to them and they will treat you well. The VIP dances are expensive but most definitely worth it if you pick the right girl.

  33. braga Says:

    i give up.
    you win.

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