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Alanna Kolette is a stunning hot model that you don’t know yet. June 8, 2009

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Alanna Kolette makes jean shorts look good

Alanna Kolette makes jean shorts look good

Alanna Kolette is a 21 year old, 5′ 7″ brunette model with a megawatt smile and a megasweet rack.  She was born in Oklahoma City, OK, is a mix between German, Irish, and Native American, started modeling in her teens, likes to watch movies and be lazy, and she uses her sex appeal to get into high-end clubs.  Sounds great, but there’s more.  Check out the interview at ->

A couple weeks ago, I debated whether or not to goto Englishtown, NJ for one of the HIN (Hot Import Nights) 2009 shows.  I didn’t go based on a past experience;  it’s like $35 to just look at terribly modded cars and experience mediocre entertainment.  That’s not to say all the cars are terrible, but seeing and speaking with some hot models is about the only thing that makes it a bearable show.  Even then, the sweaty throngs of obese Asian and Guido photographers mobbing me to get to the models isn’t fun.  At any rate, Alanna Kolette is probably worth half the admission price.  I didn’t notice this woman until I saw her on a flyer.  You might recognize her as Miss HIN 2009, the top model for the import car show circuit.  Her face is distinctive and that’s obviously important in a sea of attractive models.

Alanna Kolette radiates with hotness

Alanna Kolette radiates with hotness

Here are some of the best photos I could find.  Lots of credit to the photographers who took these pictures.

You need to see her face in high resolution to appreciate this woman.

Click these two for high-res.


Alanna Kolette has a megawatt smile!


Alanna Kolette shows her pearly whites




Click these for full size.

alannakolette_beauty alannakolette_commercial1
alannakolette_swimsuit3 alannakolette_swimsuit4
alannakolette_swimsuit5 alannakolette_jeans_nude

See more Alanna Kolette and most of these pics in high res at


Sara Jean Underwood is a pretty hot knockout May 28, 2009

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Sara Jean Underwood is too hot for clothes, she uses bandanas instead.

Sara Jean Underwood is too hot for clothes, she uses bandanas instead.

Sara Jean Underwood was Playmate of the Year back in 2007 and I think she’s one of the best looking girls I’ve ever seen.  It would be absurd to say she’s got that girl next door type of look since I’ve NEVER seen a girl next door quite like her, but that’s what many people think.  She has an approachable, likable quality about her.  I stumbled upon this photoshoot she did for Blackbelt TV, and I think she looks scorching hot.  So here are the photos.

Sara Jean Underwood makes pink boxing gloves look awesome.

Sara Jean Underwood makes pink boxing gloves look awesome.

Gallery of 12 more pictures.  Click to enlarge to high resolution pics.






Sara Jean Underwood will win any boxing fight with these gloves

Just how hot can Sara Jean Underwood get?  Too hot to show on WordPress.

This Sara Jean Underwood photo is too hot for this blog

This Sara Jean Underwood photo is too hot for this blog

I want some of Sara Jean Underwood's wheat

I want some of Sara Jean Underwood's wheat

Here are some videos of this babe.

Sara Jean Underwood teaches you Yoga.  Oh My God.

Here’s her speaking about the movie “Miss March”.

Sara Jean Underwood doing a photoshoot for Rockstar Promote

Finally, here’s a beautiful video of Sara Jean Underwood from Playboy Catalog.


Megan Fox burning hot in Esquire Magazine, Jonah Hex and Fathom. May 5, 2009

Megan Fox is stunning in a white dress for Transformers 2

Megan Fox is stunning in a white dress for Transformers 2

There’s always room for Megan Fox on this blog.  Her latest shenanigans involve a scorching hot video by Esquire Magazine, hamming it up on the Jonah Hex movie set, and being set to play a raven haired beauty in Fathom, a movie adaptation of a comic book by an artist I actually like.

Megan Fox in ESQUIRE Magazine

Her recently popular magazine shoot is with Esquire Magazine.  They have an exclusive video capturing Megan Fox from the moment she wakes up to what she eats at lunch.  I don’t believe that many women can wake up writhing and arching their back, drink a beer, eat a fat burger and look as good as she does.  It’s a gift.

From the DailyMail:

Photographer Greg Williams shot the hottest actress with a hi-tech Red One camera, which meant he could grab stills of her at the end.  He recorded ten minutes of loosely scripted footage – getting out of bed, rolling around on a pool chair, lighting a barbecue.  “It allowed her to act,” Williams says.  “She could run scenes without being reminded by the sound of a shutter every four seconds that I was taking a picture.” Williams was then left with ten minutes of footage which he turned into a mini-film called ‘Good Morning, Megan Fox.’

Megan Fox sleeping and waking up

Megan Fox sleeping and waking up

Megan Fox jumps right into her clothes

Megan Fox jumps right into her clothes

Megan Fox lounges by the pool

Megan Fox lounges by the pool

Megan Fox chills by the pool with beer and barbecue

Megan Fox chills by the pool with beer and barbecue

Megan Fox fixing her makeup

Megan Fox fixing her makeup

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Click thumbnails to enlarge to 1280 x 736 screen caps.

megan_fox_esquire_magazine_1 megan_fox_esquire_magazine_2 megan_fox_esquire_magazine_3 megan_fox_esquire_magazine_4

megan_fox_esquire_magazine_5 megan_fox_esquire_magazine_6 megan_fox_esquire_magazine_7 megan_fox_esquire_magazine_8

megan_fox_esquire_magazine_9 megan_fox_esquire_magazine_10 megan_fox_esquire_magazine_11 megan_fox_esquire_magazine_12

Megan Fox in Jonah Hex

Megan Fox in a tight corset for the Jonah Hex movie

Megan Fox in a tight corset for the Jonah Hex movie

Megan has also been caught recently wearing a slinky costume with a tiny midsection on the Jonah Hex movie set.  She squeezed her 22in waist into an 18in corset meaning her waist is about 6 inches across.  That sounds like a reasonable torture to look hot.  She stars as Leila opposite Josh Brolin who plays Jonah Hex.  The movie is about some ridiculous bounty hunter fighting a voodoo practitioner that raises an undead army out in the wild west.

Megan Fox plays Leila, gun-wielding love interest of Jonah Hex

Megan Fox plays Leila, gun-wielding love interest of Jonah Hex

From the DailyMail:

“When Megan first slipped into it she almost couldn’t breathe,” said a source.  “It’s extremely tight – but I think you’ll all agree she looks sensational.”

“Megan’s got an intriguing role in the film,” said the source.  “By day she’s the epitome of respectability – by night she’s a man-eating vice girl.  And without giving too much away I can tell you she’s one hot ticket in some sizzling scenes.”

It’s been rumored that her character is a prostitute.  I heartily approve this decision.  Bravo!

Megan Fox in Fathom

Aspen Matthews is the main character in Michael Turner's Fathom

Aspen Matthews is the main character in Michael Turner's Fathom

Her next big project will be Fathom, a comic book series adapted for the big screen.  Megan Fox plays Aspen Matthews, a marine biologist who is the victim of an attack at an underwater research station.  Aspen finds that her anatomy is not quite human and eventually discovers that she’s part of an underwater race hiding from humanity called The Blue.  This race and their city is like Atlantis, very technologically advanced and apprehensive of humans.  Aspen is abducted and they attempt to use her as a weapon since certain members of the Blue can manipulate water and energy.  She finds that she’s more powerful than she could have ever imagined.  Chaos ensues.  She fights bad guys.  People die.  World is changed forever.  Sounds like it could be epic right?

She definitely has the looks to pull off Aspen Matthews.  I photoshopped these set of pictures together so you can see a side by side comparison.

Megan Fox will be Aspen Matthews in Fathom

Megan Fox will look scorching hot as Aspen Matthews in Fathom

Aspen Matthews from Fathom and Megan Fox

Aspen Matthews from Fathom and Megan Fox

From MTV:

The 22-year-old actress claims to have been a lifelong comic reader with a penchant for the late Michael Turner’s artwork — which is why her upcoming turn as the lead character in “Fathom” is nothing short of a dream come true.  “[‘Fathom’ is] a comic book property by my favorite artist, Michael Turner,” Fox told USA Weekend during a photo shoot with herself and soon-to-be “Green Hornet” star Seth Rogen.  “It’s about this underwater race of people, and it’s plausible, really, because so much of the ocean is unexplored.  We don’t really know what’s under there.  It could be happening, which I like.”

Aspen Matthews in Fathom uses her powers to dissolve in water

Aspen Matthews in Fathom uses her powers to dissolve in water

Like Megan Fox, I also like Michael Turner’s creative work, he does some fantastic and unique looking art.  I’ve been following his work since I was in high school.  The Fathom movie was planned to be directed by James Cameron back in the late 90s, but that obviously never happened.  I’m glad it didn’t happen until now because there wasn’t a suitable brunette to play this role back in the 90s.  Megan Fox saves the day again.  It must be a tough life being a heroine all the time.

Megan Fox wearing motorcycle leathers for Transformers 2

Megan Fox wearing motorcycle leathers for Transformers 2


Australia’s hottest supermodel: Miranda Kerr April 13, 2009

Miranda Kerr

"I was blessed with good genetics, but my essence is very happy and warm and I don't take my job too seriously.  I'm not saving lives here."

"I was blessed with good genetics, but my essence is very happy and warm and I don't take my job too seriously. I'm not saving lives here." - Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is a unique, untraditional kind of beauty in the Victoria’s Secret model lineup.  I remember very clearly the first time I saw this woman on television.  It was back in 2006, and I was in the family room in my house on a winter night watching the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  My sister made some remark about the model on TV, and I notice a non-Brazilian model with a cute dimpled face hamming it up and down the runway with a giant megaphone.  I searched for a bit on the internet but I couldn’t find out what her name was…that is until a few weeks later when I saw her again on TV and on the internet.

"I don’t look at myself as a sex symbol. I see it as a job, and I’m working for a company that I really love and enjoy working for." - Miranda Kerr

"I don’t look at myself as a sex symbol. I see it as a job, and I’m working for a company that I really love and enjoy working for." - Miranda Kerr

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person look similar to her.  Some people think she looks kind of weird like a baby faced doll.  I don’t disagree, she looks strange in some photos but so does every supermodel.  Miranda Kerr has a girl-next-door look most of the time but she can have a super hot look on a moment’s notice.  I think the Australian accent works well too.  When Alessandra Ambrosio or Adriana Lima try to speak in English, I’d rather they keep their mouth closed because they sound retarded.  When Miranda Kerr speaks, she’s understandable and her voice adds a pleasant touch to her persona.  It’s also kind of funny.  Listen to the way she says “wings”, “mystery”, and “push-up”.

For a post like this, I think it’s better to show pictures rather than go through a whole exhaustive list of biographical information.  However, here’s a summary background on this supermodel.


Miranda Kerr has very beautiful distinctive eyes.

Miranda Kerr is a 25 year old supermodel born Sydney, Australia but raised in the rural town of Gunnedah.  She was a tomboy when she was young; she was racing motorbikes, riding horses on her grandmother’s farm, and not afraid to get dirty with the guys.  “It was a very grounding thing to grow up in the country where there wasn’t any pretentiousness and no one really cared what you were wearing. You could just be you,” she says of her childhood.  Miranda entered the fashion industry in her mid-teens after winning a competition that sparked some controversy.

From the Daily Telegraph:

One of her friends entered her into the Dolly/Impulse Covergirl Competition by asking Kerr’s mother, Therese, for some photos from the family album and secretly posting them off.

“I didn’t want her to be a model, so I supplied photos of Miranda that showed her crooked teeth!” laughs Therese.  “She has gorgeous teeth now after years of wearing braces, but I thought it might put the judges off.”
It didn’t.   Kerr won the 1997 competition and flew to Sydney for the photoshoot, one week before her 14th birthday.  “There was some stiff competition, but Miranda’s photo was stunning. I’ve never forgotten it,” remembers Shonagh Walker, one of the judges and the beauty and lifestyle editor of Dolly.

But the win took a nasty turn when several media pundits declared Kerr too young to appear on a magazine cover, saying the photos might attract pedophiles and that the shoot was “pornographic”.
“I couldn’t understand the fuss.  It was a magazine for young girls, so why shouldn’t young girls be modelling in it?” says Kerr.  After the fuss died down, Kerr decided to finish high school before she started working in modelling seriously.

After receiving tons of commercial exposure through Australian surf clothing chain Billabong, Miranda cycled through agencies, runway and print campaigns for brands like Levi’s, Neiman Marcus, Rock and Republic, Roberto Cavalli, etc.  In 2006, she broke into the US market through a cosmetics contract with Maybelline New York.  That lead to better things as she became the first Australian model to be offered a contract with Victoria’s Secret.  In a short period of time she became the first Australian Victoria’s Secret Angel joining Gisele Bündchen, Alessandra Ambrosio, Karolína Kurková, Adriana Lima, Selita Ebanks, Izabel Goulart, and Heidi Klum.  She gained quite a bit of exposure as she appeared on the 2006, 2007, and 2008 fashion shows.  In addition to that, she’s the new face of Californian fashion retailer Arden B and Australian retailer David Jones.  In 2008, Miranda Kerr earned approximately $3.5 million which puts her on the top 10 highest paid models.


These shorts look hot on Miranda Kerr.

“The US has fallen in love with her,” says leading fashion, beauty and celebrity photographer Russell James from Los Angeles.  “We love her because she has the most incredible girl-next-door look and she’s also insanely beautiful.

“It means women are not intimidated by her looks and guys think they might be able to talk to her.  It’s a fantastic combination.”

There are three things that mark Miranda Kerr as something special in the modelling world.  Unlike some of her beautiful colleagues, she has an effervescent personality. People want to be around her; she’s fun on a shoot.

“And she’s not stupid, which can be a very annoying trait among some models” adds James, who recently shot Kerr for Victoria’s Secret.  “She’s outstandingly professional and she always turns up to the job in a great mood.  I’d place her in my Top 10 alongside Gisele and Heidi Klum.” Secondly, she really sells product.

“It’s all about the bottom line for the clients.  It’s as blunt as that,” says her Sydney agent, Ursula Hufnagl of Chic Management.  “The clients want to sell their product and Miranda has one of those very open personalities that the public relates to.”

Thirdly, she’s a Buddhist. And we’re not talking about that brand of celebrity feel-good Buddhism.  Kerr has rejected the fast-lane lifestyle of many of the top models.


She turns 26 on April 20th, but I easily thought she was younger.  Currently, she’s residing in New York and dating Orlando Bloom.  Her book is due to be released soon.  It’s an inspirational self-esteem self-help book called Treasure Yourself aimed at the female teenage demographic.  Miranda says, “Basically, it’s a whole lot of information that I’ve found, that has helped me.  If I can help one girl by doing this then I’ve completed my purpose.” I couldn’t help but laugh at that quote but I’m not sure I would have the patience to write a book, no matter how dumb or easy it sounds.  I don’t want to take anything away from her though.  Miranda Kerr is easily one of the more educated, humble, and charismatic models to come around in a long time.

Various photos from shows





Magazine photos







Official website of Miranda Kerr

Great fansite of Miranda Kerr


The Victoria’s Secret 2007 Fantasy Bra is 100% BALLER. October 12, 2007

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Victoria’s Secret 2007 Fantasy Bra Selita Ebanks

Every year Victoria’s Secret releases a new version of this excessive and lavishly designed bra.  This year they’re going for a much more Christmas white, red, and green look.  It’s not just a bra, it comes in a full gift set this year with thong, garter, cuff bracelet, and matching barrette.  They’re just missing a crown or a tiara…oh well maybe next year.

It’s designed by jeweler Mouawad and there’s 4.5 million dollars worth of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and apparently yellow sapphires that I can’t see embroidered into the bra.  Oh yeah, and there’s some soft padding now so that the diamonds and wires don’t cut into breasts UNLIKE last year’s bra pictured below.

Victoria’s Secret 2006 Fantasy Bra Karolina Kurkova

How baller is this thing?  Well Selita Ebanks who models it this year claims “I felt completely like a woman and so sexy…your confidence level immediately goes up.”  This is how I would feel if I had a Ferrari or an Aston Martin, and I was so baller that I would rip up money for fun.  I’d roll up in my piece knowing that I’m the shit, and I’d rev my engine excessively to anger people.  While doing that, I’d have my crew roll out a red carpet and sprinkle diamonds on it.  If anyone tried to speak to me, I’d snap my fingers and my bodyguard would be there ready to take people out with a diamond billy club.

So…yeah, I guess balling like that would come close to this fantasy bra and lingerie set.


Megan Fox still looks good without makeup July 17, 2007

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It seems like a lot of people are searching for “Megan Fox no makeup”.  It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to find a picture of Megan Fox without makeup.

However, there are a few pictures of her with very little makeup on, and she looks pretty natural.

Goto the BOTTOM of the post if you want to skip all the bullshit and get to the no makeup pictures.


Megan Fox and Shia Lebouf Photoshoot by Brian Bowen Smith Picture 2

Megan Fox and Shia Lebouf Photoshoot by Brian Bowen Smith Picture 1

Megan Fox with glasses on

Megan Fox really is a Transformer.  Sometimes she doesn’t look good with too much makeup.  Sometimes she looks amazing with makeup and for some reason, when she is all dirty in Transformers, she looks her absolute hottest.

Megan Fox covered in dirt in Transformers

Megan also has great MAXIM and FHM spreads, but that’s not how she looks like on a daily basis.  Luckily when you see her completely without *with a little* makeup out in the real world, you won’t be saying “omg holy shit wtf?”  She still looks good.

Megan Fox With No Makeup

Well…not completely but she doesn’t have much makeup on.  According to some people, she does have some on like the obvious lip gloss.  These are the best that I could find.  If there’s a stalker out there who can get pictures of her as soon as she wakes up, that would be nice.

Megan Fox applying lip gloss

Megan Fox getting nails doneMegan Fox standing prettyMegan Fox no makeup sittingMegan Fox no makeup

Megan Fox With Makeup

Megan Fox at Maxim Party

Megan Fox next to Maxim cakeMegan Fox at Maxim partyMegan Fox at MTV awardsMegan Fox cute at DisneyMegan Fox nice smile

Be on the lookout for more Megan Fox in the future…especially in Transformers 2 and Transformers 3.

Megan Fox and Shia Lebouf on Bumblebee


Emma Watson (Hermione) is pretty popular July 10, 2007

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Harry Potter cast in Teen Vogue left sideHarry Potter cast in Teen Vogue right side

Emma Watson who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films is more popular than Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry Potter.  You’d think it would be the other way around.

What do I mean by more popular?  Well, for starters she has more Google hits than her sidekick and more Youtube hits as well.  Those are the only sites that matter.  This is not just in the USA either, UK searches are also unsurprisingly soaring.  And to be honest, no one cares about Daniel Radcliffe.  He had a spike in fame when he decided to go nude in that Equus play and do a three way with a horse and a blonde girl but other than that, he’s not as cool or as funny as someone like…Shia Lebouf or Charles Barkley.

Emma is also popular because of the jailbait factorTHAT MEANS SHE’S 17 AT THE MOMENT EVERYBODY.  You can call her pretty and that’s about it.  She kind of has the same appeal as Hayden Panetierre who plays Claire Bennet in HEROES except she doesn’t go around licking thingsThey were both on FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2007 List.

Emma Watson is pretty

Emma Watson is cute

Emma Watson at HP Order of the Phoenix France Premiere

Hayden got 6th place and Emma got 98th place in FHM’s 100 List.  That’s a really big gap but lets face it, everyone on that list is a winner.  I don’t know…but wouldn’t you have to NOT be a teenager to be certified as a “Sexy Woman“?  FHM apparently doesn’t think so.  Then again, they are a UK mag so everything that doesn’t seem ok in the states is pretty chill there.  Those crazy Brits, what will they do next?

The 17-year-old actress has made about $23.4 million mostly from the Harry Potter franchise.

Daniel Radcliffe is slightly ahead in the bank but that’s because he’s Harry Potter.  He’s also signed a $58 million dollar deal to appear in the next two films.  I don’t know about you but that’s a significant jump in salary.  However, I wouldn’t know how it’s like to spend nearly my entire life shooting one Harry Potter movie after another.,23663,22054737-5013179,00.html

By the time they finish off the series, they’ll be like 21.  Well I guess they could pull it off if they still look really young but English people aren’t Asian people.  You won’t mistaken a 21 year old for a teenager or a teenager for a baby… or a baby for a fetus.  Yeah, they still look kind of young sometimes but as you can see in the pictures below, they’re not kids anymore.

Emma Watson shocked at Daniel Radcliffe’s Details magazine photos

Harry Potter cast in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

Emma Watson with Harry Potter cast

Oh, and anyone who hangs out with Maria Menounos is cool in my book.

Emma Watson shopping with Maria Menounos in Hollywood

Emma Watson Official Website – (If you need to know more, try the official site.  It’s by Lightmaker which is my 2nd favorite web production house out there, they have some really nice stuff.)

Check them out too.